An Open Letter to my Twitter Suspension

Dear Twitter,


Let’s state for the record that you have countlessly banned people for the even minor offenses ever created. Somehow, Anti-Fa can threaten to kill Republicans, but you are okay with that. I understand you are a computer, so let’s *beep-boop recharge. What Twitter is now is a disrespectful platform, which is currently run by dictators who whip their employees and force them to ban conservatives or they won’t pay them. But also, they believe in blackmailing their co-workers, so it’s easier for them to run Twitter like a gulag and not a corporation. What leads us to this open letter and discourse is that you will think I have probably broken the rules. Saying a statement is not a thought crime. If I said something disturbing, that’s not my problem. Twitter has confused an opinion for a threat, and now, I really don’t know how to respond except tis open letter. You will claim that I am saying violent things and it breaks your rules. Freedom of Speech, you know, the 1st Amendment, that lets you protect liberals, is not being given to Conservatives. You protect Anti-Fa accounts, but you punish my freedom of speech because of what I say. What I say is not so bad. Here’s an example:


Clearly, this person is white and is not going to get banned because he is expressing his white guilt, and somehow when I get banned, you somehow don’t see these tweets. I know you see these tweets that are so self-righteous that they think they can make African Americans like them, but really, you are creating a victim culture that is only going to infringe upon society’s freedoms. But you will claim, “this isn’t racist” and it clearly is. But somehow Mike Drucker will be able to have a profile, and not be harassed. This is just one example of what makes Twitter undeniably irrepressible. This post doesn’t make African Americans like white people, but you are creating a victim culture where Bill Maher on his show on HBO, “you want black people to apologize to you” for the crime of being white. Being forgiven does not take this type of stupid banter on Twitter to make yourself feel better about being white. If you hate yourself, maybe work on yourself. But you can’t expect someone like me to change when Mike Drucker won’t change his opinion at all. And in some cases, maybe it’s not me, it’s you. But here’s another one:


This is another reason why Twitter is allowed to exist. If you take away people’s right to be individuals, like Kanye West, and vote how he wants, say what he wants to say, you are not promoting freedom of speech, but censorship. It’s your pose that you take in order to make yourselves feel better about your short comings. It’s a running joke. The person you accuse of being racist is not clearing up your racism. But to blatantly attack someone and label Kanye West with mental disorders, you are not seeing the whole picture. This is targeted harassment but you won’t protect Kanye West or his family. It’s un-constitutional and it reminds me that people will say, “It’s a private company it can do what it wants.” Tell that to people you ban who make a living online and they commit suicide because of how you ban people from making a living. You are the aggressor, not the victim. You want to be the Guardians of Thought, but you are the demons of a new age. Treating a celebrity, like Kanye West, with such degradation and anger, is the reason why no one wants to be on Twitter. And you expect people to apologize for how they feel. Making anyone apologize for invisible crimes is a reason why mass shootings exist. You think you are creating a better person when you are creating a body count that you cannot control. You are sowing mass chaos when you have no other reason to do it. You want the poor, blacks, whites, Latinos, to argue with each other and you sit back smoking crack, staring at the ceiling saying, “It will be all right.”

What happens in such a scenario is that you are merely controlling what people say, and disrespecting Kanye West or anyone else wo doesn’t feel that way. I hope you hear this Jack that apologizing for an invisible crime is not your job. You are not therapists. Your “private company” nonsense is why it belongs to liberals, not Conservatives. But you have to argue that people are going to say things that they will regret, but that doesn’t mean people won’t change. That’s third grade level thinking. If you really want people to change, you can’t tell them how to think. It’s your job to let people speak, not be the overly annoying grandmother who tells people what and what not to say. If putting Twitter on blast like this helps people feel better, this is a good thing.

There are people who insult Milo Yiannopolous all the time, and you let them get away with murder. Here’s some evidence that twitter users said about it:


What makes the world less easier to live in is knowing what people think. If people returned to tolerating each other and staying off the Internet, people might learn to get along again, but what makes me feel for Milo Yiannopolous is that he is gay, married to a black man, but he’s Republican and he hates radical Islam. Gay people should love that idea of a gay man who voted for Trump and was bold and said what he said without thinking about it. PC culture has turned revolutionaries from the 60’s, like Martin Luther King, into corporate icons where society, and people didn’t like Martin Luther King until they died. There are lies in the gaps of history that make the discussion further complicated in nature. Not only does this mean that you have no right to say what you want, but the lack of responsibility in seeing what the culture really felt like during the 60’s. Most of the southerners in the 40’s to the 60’s who were spraying water at black people were democrats, but mostly it was turned into Republicans just for the sake of washing over history. What made the sequel to Kill a Mockingbird so repulsive to people is that a lawyer, Atticus Finch, who once defended black people, became a bigot who dressed in clan hoods, is what makes history a bitter pill to swallow. What the lies being told about the time of the pre-civil rights era is that democrats were the ones to blame, not Republicans. Abraham Lincoln, my ancestor, a President of the United States, started a war to free black people from slavery, and died for them. It’s what makes this article more bitter for me is that I am silenced for my opinion, and greater men have died for humanity to start over again. The problem with history is that liberals will hide behind their PC guidelines and punish others for thinking away from what they believe. Hardly the realm of compassion they look for. It’s what makes them undatable, unloveable, and truly repulsive to talk to. It’s not like this isn’t common knowledge. What makes the problem of looking at this is that what if the rules that liberals have made now just doesn’t work for reality. Human beings were not made to be censored by the wisdom of the elites who really do not have the best interests at heart. Telling people it’s illegal to say “illegal immigrant” and fining them 250 thousand dollars, in New York, is turning the Mecca of art into a prison cell of ideology and group think. If we could build a wall, this is why New York City deserves a wall around them. They are the political police of today and they deserve no respect from me or anyone else. What makes them apart of Twitter is that Twitter would sanction this law if they could govern the world. The realization that Twitter is now vulture central for PC groupthink and blatant anti-Semitism, is what makes the world less revolting to be on it. Congresswoman Illhan Ohmar, proves that every day, anti-Semitic behavior is condoned by the left with each new tweet:


What we and the rest of the culture with a brain can’t understand is that Twitter allows anti-Semitism to run, but they do nothing in response. It’s a possible failure of judgement ont heir part. Somehow being a communist (as the new left is now) is hating Jewish people. And they say the Right are Nazi’s. Hitler was a socialist at heart, and the history books won’t talk about that. It will describe Hitler as an evil menace who was a brazen conservative. The Nazi party was originally called “National Socialist German Worker Party” ( but it made sense that most of what was born out of the Nazi party grew from socialism, and no matter what the implications of knowing such a thing can do, it begs the question, why are there are so many account that are leftists that preach of socialism, but don’t the other piece of history concerning Hitler and the Nazi party. What was born out of socialism quickly became fascism. What is wrong with the view of the modern left is that they embrace Socialism is that it’s a good thing. When it became the ”Jew hating” party is when I quickly exited left. The problem of knowing such people can’t take this kind of information is what is wrong with the modern left and Twitter in general. They would suspend me, who was a member before, but really didn’t make much of a presence known, it reminds us that we are now no longer in a technologically free society. People will claim it’s so great, but when you can’t speak your opinion, you are ostracized or ignored when you do. It’s a problem concerning society in general. The more we know what people are thinking, the less we are inclined to care or accept. It’s a problem when most liberals have lost “empathy” for their fellow man, but now, these individuals are running corporations, and this is the reason why most modern leftist companies support freedom of speech. It’s a reason why most censor what I say, since I came out as a middle right leaning person, (very middle, and not even concerned with taking a side) makes me wonder if there is a reason why most other people would allow such a festering notion to collect, and even permeate within companies. Sometimes, it’s easier to pretend than it is to actually take a stance on things. Twitter is the opposite of freedom of speech, and retains the title as the most repulsive site that no matter what happens, they believe they are always right.

This is a leftist problem, definitely. It says, “we are compassionate” but they don’t care if you think differently. It’s a prison with no ability to leave. The Communist Party, that says it cares about African Americans, only call for them when they need their vote. It’s a possibility that while there is a reason why no other party in America has turned against the people. Taking away people’s guns and right to bear arms is against everyone, right, left, middle, and anyone who wants to own more than one gun. It’s a result of people who think they know better for society when they need to listen to the people before their own wallets. But Twitter doesn’t’ follow this rule anymore. It’s a problem that has one solution: respect the people who pay your bills. But mostly, it’s a responsibility of the people to govern themselves when tyranny has happened and rise up. For me, it’s just moving over to Gab, where I can speak more freely. I wouldn’t “apologize” nor make one in my own appeal. It’s this absurd idea of “apologizing” to a company just to have a Twitter account is what concerns most people today. It’s a decision to destroy people’s lives when they are clearly stating an opinion. It’s the destruction of words that Twitter enjoys, not the idea of making sure that individuals have their own opinions. This “private company” idea is only good for people who enjoy corporate censorship when they are busy censoring and turning people into twitter jail when people say something offensive. It’s a crime when the world wants you to give up, but corporations now are working harder than ever to destroy people who make their living online. It’s the destruction of human lives Twitter is interested in, and the sycophants who turn in people for offensive comments are the reason why Twitter has turned into a cesspool of blackmail and destruction. It’s an impressive feat to be destroyed for wrong think, but when it’s an opinion, it’s doubly indemnity. It’s turning people against each other, and however one might concern the details over it, there is no other choice but to stand firm and not apologize. Apologizing is for liberals who think they can get away with everything and they do with “apologizing” and going back to thinking what they usually do. It’s what humans do. Twitter isn’t going to change my mind or make others think the same as well. It’s not like we haven’t seen this type of censorship before. They came for books, movies, games, all of Art to censor it and make the world a “safer” place but it only creates a nullifying world where culture is diluted and no one is actually thinking for themselves or thinking differently. It’s a different animal once you write something in a journal, but the problem of saying something on Twitter can destroy people’s lives. It’s a problem with all censorship is that it wishes to destroy Art, and all freedom of expression before it’s even said. A possibility of knowing such dilemma in life is that we can now return to something we once used to have. A journal. It’s time to start writing in journals again, because maybe telling people the truth, if they are a liberal, is like listening to a child teach a symposium on English, but don’t have the ability to speak. It’s a problem when the world will censor people, but never since the days of Joseph McCarthy have we found a cultural backlash to censorship and no one is allowed to think or speak. If Twitter wants me to apologize, they better ask all the Lame Stream Media to do it first, but we all know their apologies don’t mean a thing. They have no other recourse but to “apologize” and go back to staying quiet. If the problem with Twitter is that it represents freedom of speech, saying nice things does not represent freedom of speech. Nice things are pleasantries. It’s a problem when we really can’t say what we are thinking. Twitter is not the safeguard to society, and nor should it be. Walk outside and smell the fresh air. Get online for a while and then go back into reality. Go listen to some foul music or read a risqué book. It’s what freedom of speech means. Twitter doesn’t’ know what it means, but we all know that.



Louis Bruno

Someone who refuses to apologize


Louis Bruno is an author of 14 books, and 1 book of poetry, and his newest book, the God of Curiosity is available in hardcover on, and available on digital everywhere, including Amazon, today.



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