Anchor Babies: Do You Really Know What it Means?

anchrbbs2Anchor babies is an interesting concept. If you can have a baby in the United States they don’t care what planet you are from, you automatically have a right to become an American citizen. We really don’t know how many people have become American citizens in this fashion and how many actually stayed and lived in this country.

Before the liberals took over, the number probably was negligible. It was mainly diplomats who wanted to get a citizenship for their children and maintain a dual citizenship giving the family the option to move to the United States if necessary.

But when the Clintons came along, they had this notion that if we could get all these folks into the country, they would all vote Democrat. So the Clintons passed NAFTA and opened the borders by way of VISAs and all sorts of nonsense . They opened the door to all these immigrants and their anchor babies.

But the secret about anchor babies is that they call anyone who uses the term a racist. That is purely a liberal junk term. People have been using the anchor baby exception for legal immigration for many decades. Whites, Blacks, Asians and all other made up races.

So my question today for you is the repealing of the anchor baby provision.

Now the liberal judges have interpreted the 14th Amendment to mean that anyone born in the United States can be a citizen. But the intent was only for a child born from an American slave. Now I don’t think the legislatures were this stupid. There were liberals back then who wanted to open the door to all immigrants. So as usual they made the amendment very vague. And all you need is a bunch of liberal judges and viola, open borders for all the folks who are smart enough to figure out how to have a baby in the United States. They don’t have to wait on no stinkin line.

So how come we have not seen a poll to amend the 14th amendment? That should be easy enough. Because if they took that poll, most Americans would agree that the amendment needs to be corrected. That would put a lot of pressure on our corrupt legislators to move on this issue.

And once the poll was taken, it would be easy to force all our paid legislators to start the ball rolling for the amendment.

It should read like this. Anyone born in the United States after 2015, is not automatically born with the right to become an American citizen. This right is only allowed for those whom at least one of the birth parents is an American citizen at the time of the birth. All others need to apply just like all other immigrants that wish to become citizens of the Great United States of America.

Once this amendment was ratified by the states, the illegal immigration problem is solved. And all the commie liberals will be upset because the open borders will have been closed.

No walls need to be made. They don’t need to sneak into the country to have a baby. For those who are in favor of the alternative birthright citizenship, it is only fair that we control the immigrants that seek to enter this country.

For economic reasons, we no longer can afford to have open borders. Thanks to liberals like Obama and Clinton, millions of American jobs have been sent to other countries. They want to send more. ObamaCare is costing millions of jobs. And now Hillary wants free college education for all. Did Cooper ask her where the money would come from. Would all the liberal teachers now work for free to further the notion of free college education? Doesn’t she know all the poor people can get free college education now. Paid for by the high cost of education by the middle class.   Folks are leaving the work force because they can’t find jobs. College educated people can’t find appropriate jobs unless you are from a foreign country or have connections.

For security reasons, we can no longer afford to let potential terrorists have children on American soil. Ask Obama how many members of the Muslim Brotherhood have paying jobs in the United States. Some are actually government jobs paid for by the taxpayer. And these folks have and will have children on American soil.

So let’s get the pollsters to ask a few questions. Are you in favor of appealing the 14th amendment anchor baby provision. And would you ratify and or accept the above language for the words to make up the 28th amendment?

We all want immigration reform, which reform are you in favor of?

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