Antifa Apologists

The United States is veering towards a social authoritarian regime, an entity that looks to rule every portion of our life from cradle to grave. The progressive socialist Democrats, the media, and the bastions of academia are working towards this bureaucratic domination. President Trump is not a part of this tyranny, but the Deep State and the adherents of the agenda they have worked on through the Obama administration are those who are confronting President Trump on everything he does or says or thinks.


President Trump won because of his promise to drain the swamp. Those citizens who are outside the Washington D.C. Beltway or progressive enclaves on the coasts and in our higher education continue to prevail over the progressives in their refusal to allow the country into a Big Government debacle.

The RINOs continue to ignore the will of the people. From healthcare, and now moving on to tax reform and  building the wall, RINOS continue to deceive the citizens by claiming to adhere to conservative values. They now claim they want to work with Democrats on healthcare. Does anyone think there willo be nothing more than cosmetic changes, and the government will be left to destroy the healthcare of the American people.

RINOS, who during the election spoke glowingly of tax reform, and the advantages that it would give to small businesses. The Progressive/socialist Democrats talk of “tax breaks to the rich” and it is interesting that the RINOS also embody these opinions in accordance with the corporate donors that keep them in office.

Not a politician, but a propagandist, Chuck Todd used his Meet The Press on August 20th to discuss with Michael Bray how violence and the domestic terrorism of antifa was necessary because Nazism and fascism must be stopped by force. Also on the panel was someone just a little less left Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC has been caught putting Christian groups on their “Hate List”.


I have written about the hypocrisy of the SPLC before.


And it has now been questioned on why the SPLC is moving millions of dollars into offshore accounts.



Joy-Ann Reid the host of AM Joy on MSNBC refused to acknowledge the violenc epertuated by the leftists of antifa, BLM, Black Block and others. Jonathon Capehart the socialist opinion writer of the Washington Post accused President Trump of allowing the rise of the “alt-right”. This is the same man who was silent when Obama allowed radical Islamic hate to fester in this country putting all citizens at risk. The New York Times claimed President Trump was placating and standing with the white supremacists.





And then, there are the RINOS

RINOS are anathema to the citizens of this country. They have become nothing more than Democrat shills, lining the pockets of themselves and their friends.

One of the worst is 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  His word, for some unaccountable reason still carries wieght when he can find a reason to attack Trump. The first time President Trump mentioned Charlottesville he claimed the violence was on both sides. Mitt Romney called on the President to apologize for stating what was true. Once again, the established RINOS gives the country “virtue signaling”  and dishonesty instead of conservative values.

The RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, was on good Morning America and stated “In Charlottesville, the blame lays squarely on the KKK and White supremacists” totally ignoring the anarchists that attacked a lawful permitted meeting to cause the violence.

RINO House Speaker Paul Ryan another RINO establishment Republican, with the intention of derailing the Trump Presidency since his election twittered:

“We must be clear. White supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is repulsive to all this country stands for. There can be no moral ambiguity

And of course, Sen. John McCain, supported by Soros and the RINO establishment has to get his two cents in:

“There’s no moral between racists and Americans standing up to Hate and bigotry. The President of the United States should say so.”

And then there is little Marco Rubio.  Who in his wisdom assigned 100% 0f the blame on white supremacists and refused to even acknowledge the violence of the leftists who came armed for violence. Perhaps even more important, Rubio appeared to justify the violence of the left is saying

“When entire movement built on anger and hatred towards people different than you it justifies and ultimately leads to violence.”

It appears that the Establishment RINOS have not learned that the conservatives in this country are no loner gullible to what they say, the lies they declare far and wide during elections. No loner will the American people sagely nod their heads and go along with the edicts from our politicians. No one of any intelligence agree that leftists aremed with baseball bats, pepper spray, jars of urine can do the damage they do because it is a fight against white supremacists who do not represent the conservatives or anyone but the small minority of their members ( about.003% of the total population )that are objectionable to all people of good moral standards.

Antifa, notwithstanding the celebrities in their little worlds sheltered from real life, is not to be looked up to for righteousness. In their own words:

Emily Goldstein:

“Whiteness is racism. Period. Whiteness is the source of all oppression in the world. Whiteness is rcism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and hetero-patriarchal  capitalism. Eliminate whiteness and you eliminate every single form of oppression that the world currently faces. White people are like a cancer and oppression is the symptom of the cancer. Despite what white supremacists often claim, white people do not have a culture.

Laws against “hate speech” will serve tp prevent whites from complaining as any white person who complains will be arrested, given along prison sentence and made an example for the rest of the white population.”

Patrisse Cullors from Black Lives Matter:

“In order for a better world to be created, white people need to be exterminated.  Period.It is as simple as that. The only way to eliminate white privilege, white oppression and the oppressive white power structure is to eliminate the white people altogether. Diversity is indeed white genocide, and white genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.”

This what the leftists including the Progressive socialist Democrats, the media, academia and even RINOS like Ryan, Romney, McCain and others are pushing for. They want the American people to be sheep that will follow the orders from on high. It’s not going to happen.

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