Face it, Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

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Now that another Independence Day has come and gone, it is time to go back and engage in our current cold civil war with the progressives and the Democratic Party. Especially with the recent events that took place in Portland, Oregon this last weekend.

But First let us get to know Andy Ngo a little better than before

As you well know, Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa activists who were protesting the rallies of the Proud Boys (who I don’t support), along with the ‘HimToo’ movement (speaking out against false rape allegations), Portland’s Liberation movement (who claim to be advocating for the rights as stated in the First and Second Amendments in the U.S. Constitution), and lesser known patriot groups; all which took place in the downtown area of the city.

Ngo is not your typical “right wing conservative.” Both of his parents were refuges fleeing the then newly founded Socialist Republic of Vietnam which was created out of the victory of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam; the standing army of National Liberation Front (aka the Viet Cong). Ngo was born in America in the year 1986 in all places; Portland, Oregon. Ngo lived and grew up in the city, basically all of his life. After high school, Ngo made his sabbatical outside his hometown by attending college at UCLA after winning a Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship from the namesake fund. Currently he is working on a Masters in political science at Portland State University (PSU).

He would declare himself to be homosexual while visiting relatives that his parents were forced to leave behind, and that very visit only strengthened Ngo’s limited government/anti-communist beliefs, in spite of not only rejecting the faith of his parents (Buddhism), but even Christianity as well (he attended a Christian church for a brief period of time).

Ngo’s current career and the wrath of Antifa he had to take in

Ngo’s pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, National Review, and currently serves as sub-editor and photo journalist for the online magazine Quillette. Ngo has been covering the street protests of his local Antifa group, and he is no stranger to these punks. In fact they have proven to be an arch enemy of Ngo. Ngo has delt with the Portland Antifa not only on the streets, but at PSU were he and a student group which Ngo is a member of, both had their runs in with these local protesters. Antifa Portland were protesting the appearance of former Google employee James Damore, who is best known for writing Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber aka the ‘Google Memo.’ Damore was speaking on behalf of the same student group that Ngo is a part of. He filmed these disruptions with the intent of documenting the actions of Antifa but did not expect to become a celebrity overnight. Ngo also covered the disruptions Antifa committed when Lewis & Clark Law School brought in feminist critic Christina Hoff Sommers to speak.
Ngo also filmed the many violent actions committed by Antifa not just done to himself but other people as well. It all came to a head last weekend when Antifa went for the jugular and brutally assaulted him multiple times in the head, face and the groin coupled with those who threw cement milkshakes at Ngo. His equipment was stolen and was left with brain bleeding and wounds to his face and neck. Ngo might have not have expect this to happen to him personally, but he is not cowering to these bullies nor their political handlers. Yes I said it…political handlers.

Calling Antifa for what they are

Face the facts kids, Antifa is the new Ku Klux Klan and while progressives and Democrats might keep a distance between themselves and claim they don’t support the violence that Antifa commits…they actually do support the movement. Ask CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He said it best; “fighting hate is right,” and in his mind and in the minds of many progressives leftists and/or Democrats; Antifa is a good thing, for it advances the current causes and agendas of the Democratic Party.
The progressive Democrats can call the KKK right-wing all they want, but it was (and is to a lesser degree these days) a monster of their OWN CREATION! They can’t admit this for maybe just maybe, it might finally put a end to the Democratic Party as we know it once and for all. President Woodrow Wilson himself was a fan of the KKK and allowed the screening of the pro KKK movie The Birth of a Nation at the White House. In fact it was the very first movie ever screened their.
With Antifa, the same tactics that the KKK used, can also be used in the 21st Century against those who oppose the agenda of the Democratic Party, other progressive causes, and those who support the above. Those tactics? Violence, Brutality, and Intimation, and for the moment with the approval of Portland mayor Ted Wheeler. The progressives have another para-military group at their disposal that they can use to go after those who oppose the fundamental transformation being imposed on America by the progressive utopians. The greater plus is that Antifa is supported by and involve so many ‘minority groups,’ and these new shock troopers are truly useful idiots for their progressive and Democrat handlers.

The Takeaway

It only goes to show that the Democratic Party was never about liberty and freedom but rather power and control. Now AND Then.
This not about skin pigmentation and/or heritage. This is about how we shall live. Will we live in liberty, or will we live as subjects to those who dream about being the next Pharaoh, Emperor, Caesar, King etc? The elites must continue to have conflict within “the mob” in order for their revolutions to continue.

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