The ‘Arab Spring’ Farce


Brave, beleaguered Egyptian protesters post-Morsi. Beneficiaries of $1billion in US aide granted by the Obama Admin – flying an Al Qaeda flag atop our United States Embassy. How Islamists express gratitude. How rational Americans define foreign policy failure.

Has anyone considered a moment that perhaps our greatest threat to national security, ISIS, are made up of those poor beleaguered “anti-government protesters” our nations leadership saw fit to aid two summers ago?

We were given the narrative that the “Arab Spring” was some sort of noble uprising against totalitarian regimes. That these were student protesters, similar to those students who sparked the French Revolution and the dissolution of the French Monarch.

We provided aid and material support, including combat air support (a game changer for combatants) to these savages. In Libya, they killed Gaddafi, Obama taking credit of course, but there was no shame for the fact these innocent and oppressed people put his decaying body on display for weeks so they could shame him (once they were finished sodomizing his corpse with foreign objects repeatedly). We helped make that happen.

In Syria, Obama drew several red lines that were crossed. It goes beyond logic to believe Assad would have chanced provoking American intervention; American intervention would have spelled certain doom for his regime. It seems far more plausible that those intent on toppling Assad would make martyrs out of civilians to advance their cause. Assad deploying chemical weapons simply goes beyond all reason – it makes no sense.

Obama and the UN concluded Assad was indeed responsible for the Sarin Gas attacks on Syrian civilians – and still continue to use that among other human rights gripes to justify the continued support provided for the unpredictable rebel factions; yet, a common sense critical analysis consisting of who benefits, who would have the most to gain with expending such grave risk? The fighters on the ground in Libya (who were also largely made up of Islamic extremist factions; including, Al Qaeda, ISIS, among others.

Russia led a team of investigators, as well, who concluded and provided extensive scientific research that led to the rebel fighters having been responsible. Not that Russia can be trusted, but at least their conclusions seem plausible; whereas the alternative seems utterly ridiculous. We’d have to assume Assad is so incurably dense and dim-witted, he would have chanced using chemical weapons as the entire world looked on, even after he had already observed the willingness (and desire) of the US and our western allies to intervene militarily in Libya and Egypt, in spite of the questionable characters we now know weren’t simply “protesters for democracy” – we abetted our very own enemies in overthrowing the Libyan regime and we’ve observed how they return favors.

I had seen the aftermath of the chemical weapons attacks in Syria on Arabic YouTube channels weeks before it was mainstream news. The perpetrators of the video seemed to me to obviously filming and publishing propaganda intended to provoke the response Obama himself had promised the world. Understanding by this point that many of these ‘Arab Spring’ “protesters” were, in fact, Islamic extremists, it seemed more plausible to me that they had deployed the Sarin Gas on civilians in order to garner the backing of the U.S. government and other western allies – playing the victim card just as they had in Libya and Egypt (except this time, they had Obama’s promise for intervention in the event chemical weapons were deployed).

Look at how the debt owed to America was paid for the game-changing material and weapons support; the combat close air support we provided that changed the tide of the conflict in Libya, rendering Gaddafi’s forces impotent and propelling extremists to power in the vacuum left behind – by attacking our diplomatic mission and murdering an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans.

Oppressed warriors for democracy – recipients of financial, material and weapons, and combat close air support – courtesy of your tax dollars and our Western Allies. That debt repaid by murdering an American Ambassador and 3 brave American Warriors. The State Department had employed numbers of these rebel victors, in providing security for our American diplomatic mission, who promptly deserted their posts prior to (or participated in) the terrorist act which claimed 4 American lives.

By the way, wasn’t it a demonstration of elementary logic and judgment for Obama to issue such a threat to intervene militarily in the event chemical weapons were used? It would seem any rational human being might have been concerned those who desired Assad’s collapse wouldn’t think twice in martyring civilians in order to obtain the game-changing US military intervention which had already proven so effective in Libya (a fight in which many of the Syrian fighters had previously been involved).

It seemed almost as an invitation to those with extremist motivations to carry out such an act. Let’s remember, we all know by now many of the Syrian Rebels fighting in those towns aren’t even Syrian, and have proven to be much more murderous, unpredictable, and fickle in their ever-changing allegiances; constantly changing banners and the alliances for whom they do their bidding.

Regardless, the mainstream media, the UN, and our own legislators insist Assad was to blame, many hell-bent on repeating the mistakes we made in Libya – removing a dictator only to leave behind a vacuum of power in which extremists of all varieties may flourish. If Assad falls and Syria becomes overrun with “government protesters”, it shouldn’t require an intelligence expert to deduce the probability those “rebels for democracy” wouldn’t wait very long to unveil their true aspirations as non-secular, extremist elements intent on aiding in the return of the caliphate. These rebels cannot be trusted and yet our supposedly intellectual leadership has repeatedly made failed attempts at doing just that.

It baffles the mind to consider how little we’ve learned from the harm caused and the terrorist breeding grounds we helped create in Libya. Wouldn’t the Middle East be better off with a totalitarian, yet secular leader such as Assad than to fall completely to the hands of ISIS and other extremist groups? The resources, weapons, and dominance on the line in Syria have the potential to prove catastrophic to our friends in Israel, the U.S., and ultimately to world peace.

Yet we continue to arm the notoriously fickle, distrustful “good rebels” whose allegiances change like Obama’s stances on social issues. Thankfully, the administration’s brilliant military strategy to “fire a shot across the bow” and start performing limited air strikes (in an attempt to provide some relief to those brave innocents taking a stand against dictatorship) didn’t gain congressional support; which, would have surely empowered ISIS even more than U.S foreign policy has already allowed.

As Syria’s fate continues to hang in the balance, U.S. politicians, republicans included, continue to demonstrate remarkably poor judgment and stewardship in their blind desire to see Assad overthrown. They seem to have no capacity for critical thought or envisioning the repercussions of the regime’s collapse. Huge swaths of Syrian land lies in the grips of the ever-growing and evermore threatening “JV team”… It shouldn’t require a stretch of the imagination to predict who may gain if our foreign policy in Syria continues along its current trajectory. Sometimes prudent stewardship requires those who lead to choose the lesser of two evils; and, in the case of Syria, the prudent choice should be obvious to any rational human being.

Who exactly is ISIS? They’re sort of a terrorist collage made up of the various Syrian rebel groups, Al Qaeda, circus performers, Fedayeen, hand-models, Mujahidin, jihadists, London hip-hop artists, and various other wanna bees from literally every clime and place. They have a gangsta rapper with a British accent in their ranks! Can’t make this stuff up!

These are the very same fellas for whom we tried to congressionally legislate military aid and support! The same guys for whom we went to the brink of war under our astute “leadership”. The same Sherpa’s who did end up receiving off the books support from this country and your tax dollars. They received shoulder fired surface to air missiles and all (very high-tech, made in the US of A).

These same fellas have undergone a few name changes as is the tendency of any fledgling rock band. Their Public Relations Director and conveyor of empty, cowardly threats made through a newly developed weapon of war, Twitter (utilizing a highly skilled military technique called “tweeting”), has decided ISIS is the most catchy thing so far. I made a list of names for the various armies I commanded in 4th grade, I may forward those on to see if I can be of assistance. My favorite was “the army of night, bringers of light”.

Any-who… Yep, that’s the tragically hilarious, hypocritical, and ignorant ways of our world in a nutshell.
Arab Spring. God Help Us.


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