Are the Liberals Really just Terrorists. Hillary included.

Are the Liberals Really just Terrorists. Hillary included.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


I was laughing listening to Hillary at the last debate, and her rhetoric was pretty much the same. G W Bush was no good. Republicans are no good. Billy Bob Clinton and Obama are the greatest. And so on and so forth.


I am also reading a 2007 book on terrorism. And most of this terrorism blossomed under the Clinton regime. And then it dawned on me. There is little difference between liberal propaganda and jihaddist propaganda. As Judge Judy says over and over: If it doesn’t sound right, it isn’t true.


Lets start with terrorism. The idiots call it freedom of religion. But clearly it is political and has a military component. In simple terms they want to take over an area and control it by all means in the name of Allah. And the religion part is a minor issue. The weapons, bombs, intimidation are much more important. They also promote gangs!


So terrorism is a process to transform a society. They take over intentionally depressed rural areas. Then they subsidize whole communities by becoming the primary source of employment, food, and social services. It doesn’t take long before the entire community (Any US sanctuary city)  is there to support jihadists, whether they want to or not.  (From Chechen Jihad by Bodansky).


Oops now just replace Islam with liberal Democrats like Hillary and the Bern and what do you have?


Hillary mentioned trickle down economics as not working. The liberals have not let it work since the 60’s. The liberals believe in strong unions and strong government. And sprinkle in a little NAFTA known as not so free trade, and you have a problem. But the idiots that vote or the low information voters don’t get it. The upper 1% that the liberals talk about are the Clintons and Obamas. You don’t really think they donate all their money to the US Treasury to pay for all the liberal handouts. But they want you to do so!


Illegal immigration is down according to Hillary. Why would anyone come in as an illegal immigrant. If you come in as a refugee you get free stuff immediately and transported to the city of your choosing. You don’t have to wait in line.


Again if it sounds too good to be true… It isn’t.


One thing the book mentions in places where this terrorism is being fed financially and militarily by several countries.  To name a few: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many more. Today it would include Syria and Libya. So the liberal idiots think it is ok to allow Muslims from these countries into this country! There are billions of people out there, why in the world would you want to let these people in.  The asses will tell you its about religion. It is not about  religion, it is about terrorism. If you don’t want the Muslim Jihadists in this country you are a racist and a bigot! Does that sound right to you?


Finally Hillary talks about climate change. And in fifty years the people in Miami will be under water. Really? Does she actually believe that. New Orleans in part was built under water. But Hillary needs to do her homework. The water level in Venice is getting too low. So maybe it is not so global after all.  Commie Jimmy Carter warned us we would be out of oil by the year 2000!


So at the end of it all, it is about propaganda. If you can get enough dummies to swallow the propaganda you can get a job and benefits for life!


Crazy Obama wants to tax oil at ten dollars a barrel. This guy is so dumb… Who do you think is going to pay this tax. The consumer will pay the tax. More importantly what would Obama do with the new found money? He says fix climate change. More terrorist propaganda. In eight years he hasn’t fixed a darn thing. Except make Hillary a very rich lady!


The more money that Obama and Hillary can take out of your pocket the stronger they become and the weaker you become. You become their slaves. And just like terrorism, if you don’t vote for them, they will cut your benefits. (ObamaCare).


They want to decriminalize drugs. Who do you think ultimately profits from drugs? The terrorist countries. They make money on drugs and take the money and use it to promote more terrorism. And take over more areas of the global world. While Obama plays golf, collects money for his foundation and fund raisers for the liberal terrorists. And who contributes to their foundations?  Could it be other terrorist organizations? Who does the Muslim Brotherhood contribute to?


They will call Trump and others Satan and Hitler. And the pundits start repeating  this as nuts. Trump is not about killing 6 million Jews. This is from the folks that salivate over allowing the killing of 58.7 million innocent children. And they claim 100% of the Blacks vote for liberal Democrats. That is not true. And after Obama this may change drastically.  What they are really saying is that if you don’t agree with the liberal Democrat terrorist agenda, then you are Hitler and or Satan.


In simple terms, if the people are paying attention, Liberals and commies were always considered bad and useless in this country. And if you look at the Animal Farm and Alinsky’s handbook, there isn’t much difference between the liberal agenda and terrorism.


People aren’t angry. If they were 100% would be voting for change. But the pundits like using that word. Trump said he would take care of the illegals and the terrorists being allowed to enter the country. No one else is saying that. Since Obama was elected the electorate has been trying to reverse his policies. And they can’t seem to stop him. So the next election cycle will bring a Republican president. He better make the changes.


Quick note on primaries. The primaries are controlled by the party. So why would the idiots want open primaries and winner take all. Because they want to control the outcome. They never envisioned in their greediness that a Trump may win the nomination with less than 40% of the popular vote. There is a thin line between corruption and greed.


So the next time you listen to a liberal telling you how great this world can be if they were in power. Take a look around you boy and tell me what you see. The world was a much better place to live 40 years ago then it is today. What has changed? You listened to the liberal terrorist propaganda. If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true.


Let me leave you with a passage from Gunsmoke.

Matt comes across a bunch of losers. And they weren’t going to take care of their adult daughter. Episode title: Take Her She is Cheap. (1964)


“What kind of people are you anyway

You couldn’t be born this way

You must have to work at it

You lie around and whimper and whine all the time

Never do a day’s work

Nobody hands you this kind of luck you know

You make it, You love it, You wallow in it.”


If someone said that today they would definitely be a Hitler!


Keep voting for the liberal Democrat propaganda and you will get nothing while the Clintons continue to get richer.

PS.  Do you know who won the CPAC Straw Poll?  Why Not?







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