A Liberal Friend Asks: “Aren’t You Tired of Apologizing for Trump?”

It started as a Facebook post, and grew from there into a whole article. I really wanted to answer the question for those who had no idea what is happening this election. The media is full of all the reasons not to vote for Trump, yet confounding that are millions of people who support him and don’t believe the polls, or much of anything else that is said about Trump. So my friend assumed that we who support Trump are merely apologists, and aren’t we tired of defending all the stupid things he says everyday. Disagreeing with the whole premiss, I started to answer. What follows is that answer:

First you should be addressing Trump supporters, not Trump apologists. No supporter thinks of themselves as an apologist. We feel the Left has to apologize for their mistreatment of Trump. And as someone who thought Ted Cruz was the best candidate, because he knows the Constitution better than any candidate, and knows how to operate within the limitations, contrary to the current White House occupant, I still have come to support Trump for a variety of reasons. Let me try to explain why Trump is so popular. If you look at Trump through the usual Leftist media slander of racist, sexist, misogynist, nazi, xenophobe, then you won’t understand a thing I am saying. You have to understand Trump as a Trump supporter does. And we understand that all those labels only came out when Trump declared for President, so they are completely irrelevant. We know those are just part of the demonization by the Leftist media to get Hillary elected and it’s all right out of the playbook. We’ve seen it all before.

On to the first point. Aren’t we tired of having to explain Trump… No, not in the slightest. See, no conservative, constitutionalist, libertarian, or conservative independent, believes a thing the Leftist media says or does. We know the media will take a 60 minute policy speech, find the smallest soundbite with the most potential fo make Trump look bad, blow it out of proportion, make up stuff, and headline that for days, completely neglecting the policy speech. We expect that, so anything said is meaningless to us. No one who supports Trump cares that he said Second Amendment people can do something to stop Clinton from getting elected so she can’t appoint justices and judges who will violate their oath of office and render the Second Amendment moot. We all know he means getting out the vote. But the Leftist media propaganda of talking about this, is only to make yourselves feel good. Trump supporters don’t care.

Trump supporters also know that Hillary can do no wrong for the Leftist media despite decades of corruption, secret dealings and operations, character assassination, lies, scandals, a complete failure of every foreign policy, needless loss of life at Benghazi and then lying about it to this day, and a series of familiar names: bimbo eruptions, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, White House Travel Office, Hillary’s health care task force, cattle futures, and now her current health problems; and these are just the few that come immediately to mind. So to a Trump supporter, until the Leftist media is willing to ask real questions of Clinton, and follow up with real investigations, then the Leftist media has absolutely no credibility, so again, anything said can be just as easily discounted. Cover up for Hillary, lie about Trump. That’s about it for Trump supporters.

Donald Trump is no threat to the nation. He is a threat to the Democrat socialists who are ruining the economy and have no allegiance to this nation. He is a threat to business as usual Republicans who would rather have Hillary and keep their wallowing fat butts in office and their authority unchallenged. But they are the problem with the Republican Party, not the solution. Trump is a leader from the base, not a leader trying to rule the base. If you understand that, you understand Trump supporters. The GOP is a schizophrenic party where the leadership hates it’s own base, and the base has no faith in the leadership, because they break every promise they make. They have never followed through on the long overdue impeachment of Obama, nor have they stood up and passed a proper budget, preferring instead to wimp out with cowardly continuing resolutions with all the dirty spending of the previous CR. That’s not leadership, that’s corruption.

From the Trump supporters perspective, the more people who object to Trump, from people or groups we object to, the more popular Trump becomes, because we know he is not beholden to those groups or people. That would be the usual suspects: the Leftist media, the GOP leadership, any Democrat, current or former military trying to say we need NATO as is even though it’s decades overdue for reform, BLM, any group or person who calls Trump the usual propaganda labels of racist, sexist, blah blah blah, anyone against real borders and doing what it takes to make it impossible for illegals to stay here, anyone who says voter security I.D, laws aren’t essential because I.D.’s that are used for everything else are somehow impossible to get for legal voting, anyone who wants to close down our energy sources for some ridiculous global warming nonsense, and all the talking heads and pundits that are using fudged polls to say that Trump can’t win.

People support Trump for all the reasons they oppose Clinton. Trump is honest. He says what he believes. We know where we stand with Trump. We want secure borders. We want terrorists fought overseas who may hurt us, and fought at home regardless if that means invading a few mosques with probable cause. We want a better economy, and the policies of JFK and Reagan that lowered taxes, got rid of stupid regulations, and got the kind of investment going that created real jobs. We want federal land turned back to the states and opened for energy exploration. We want fracking and fair trade agreements. We want a military that defends the nation and our interests and doesn’t sit for decades nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan. We want Gitmo to interrogate and hold terrorists. We want to feel good about being American and not feel that we have to apologize for who we are. We don’t want to be divided into Black Lives Matter deciding whose lives matter, and all the other segregation brought about by the current President. We don’t want common sense and national interest reversed in a sea of absurd political correctness. We don’t want to be told “that’s not who we are as Americans” by a President who has no idea how we feel as Americans. We don’t want every issue reduced to the simple and incredibly condescending statement that, “people who don’t look like you” is the reason for everything we disagree with. We don’t want everything reduced to race, when there is so much more to consider.

The last thing Trump supporters want or need is Democrats and Democrat media telling Republican’s what they need to do to win. We know it’s all a plot to get us to lose. No Democrat wants the GOP to win anything. We know that. Which is why we immediately discount any and all such recommendations. I think if the Democrats want to win they have to take Hillary off the ticket. She is dragging the party down. She can’t win because no one will ever believe a thing she says. You need to replace her with Joe Biden if you want to have any chance in November. See how this works…

Trump isn’t tearing the GOP apart. The leadership already did that. What he is doing is forcing it to evolve into a party that represents its base. That is the best thing to happen to the party. So, will Trump always say perfect things and never embarrass himself or the party? No. But he won’t ruin the country either. Anyone who can build such a huge business, with such obvious employee loyalty, can run an administration better than a community organizer, or a corrupt lawyer who could only pass the bar exam in Arkansas.

I’m not trying to convince you to vote for Trump, for that is impossible. I’m explaining why millions support Trump to people who can’t understand why anyone would support Trump. So you can disagree with every point I make. But that is futile because the point here is to help you understand something you are having real trouble understanding. Again, look at Trump through the eyes of a supporter, and it will all make perfect sense.

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