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Where is the 1964 GOP?
by David Bell

Today's GOP is giving up our freedoms. Whatever happened to the 1964 GOP that stood strong for our rights?

Where is the 1964 GOP?
David Bell
March 21, 2002

I wrote in September that American's should keep America in their heart, in their every act. I saw fine American's become heroes. I witnessed a rebirth of the respect for our Republic.

It was short-lived. As I knew it would be. Sunshine Patriots aren't we all?

What troubles me most is the party which has promoted itself as the protector of the faith so to speak, has been leading the charge in the abrogation of our most sacred bible, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the "Novus Ordos" of our founding fathers, issued in behalf of a willing flock.

It has become readily apparent to me that the burgeoning police state has removed via the legislature, another impediment to the dismantling of individual freedom in favor of institutionalizing authority which will tell us which rights we have and which will save us like a new age Messiah, keeping us from harming ourselves. I imagine this is an acquiescence by our New Pope on Highway One.

And to think I was born in the latter half of the last century in a time and place where NAZIS were reviled. I was really born of the century prior to the last, my body emerging after the Frontier closed...My parents more tied more to 1890 than 1990, at least in their attitude about "good government".

I am ashamed to say today that I have voted Republican for most of the last three decades. I am turning in my card and heading for the hills. In 1968, our illustrious legislators began the dismantling of the second amendment with GCA 68, an atrocious bit of work modeled on the NAZI Weapons Law--some of it verbatim after translation. It was stolen into this country at the time of the Nuremburg trials. (1)

If GCA 68 was the progenitor of future action by our elite rulers who wish to dismantle the concept of "inalienable rights granted men by God, it did so with relish, using 1984 newspeak to create a special category for the RKBA based in the definition of "Sporting use". (2)

Since this was the case, It is only fitting that since September 11th, we have seen massively created state intrusion into our travel arrangements, including federalization of acres of airport facilities where even parking lot incidents where tempers are frequently lost induce attention of Federales. In fact these protectors of the public, our sheriffs, are all bent on arguing over whether you might be charged with a federal crime. And while they are doing so, they are making themselves a general nuissance. I have my first 100 dollar fine for taking umbrage at this new Federal power and territory.

It is fitting that the 2nd Amendment was first. After all it is the protector of all others. The insurance policy against King George's, General Gages and so on. It goes hand in hand with the intrusion upon the First Amendment. And I have not even begun to address recent court cases and other amendments which are pilloried when an innocent person can be held in a drugged state, having never been convicted of a crime.

It is sporting therefore according to these new rules, to shoot Bill of Rights(recognition of the "inalienable") as if each article were a duck on the pond. Or should I, observe with equal horror, we are shooting the sacred carrion eater, the bald eagle? Why, this is what we "Sportsmen are doing isn't it?

Symbols are symbols for those who need symbols.

The House of Representatives previously approved campaign finance reform, now followed by the Senate. George Bush says he will sign it. And we citizens are again carrying that ancient Spanish weapon (our own pitard) and have by voting enabled ourselves the unenviable task of hoisting ourselves upon this ancient, pointed Spanish weapon.

What was it Brutus said as his colleagues were about to make Caesar God....? Romans, if indeed I can still call you that(Americans, if indeed I can still call you this):

beware the forging of the links in the chain which Caesar(King George, General Gage, A pope in exile, the Pope of Highway One), will make you yourselves one day wear? (3).

You cannot save freedom by destroying it. You can not maintain a constitutional Republic nor can you maintain the rule of law and the integrity of individual freedom when everyone cries to be saved from themselves, becoming modern techno-peasants who allow rights to be abrogated at the whim of some politician or jurist.

Peasants we are become, clamoring to place a crown on a new sort of monarch, artificial government, which is so intent upon saving us from ourselves.

America? Far from the reverence and respect which I saw emerging this past fall so briefly, I now am becoming sick at my stomach as you American's give up daily, your rights and freedoms for a bit of safety, real or imagined. And I am more than sick in this regards at the so-called conservative party which supposed reveres the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the foundation legal document of our Republic.

What Republicans are doing to aid this is Repugnant to me.

I recall a quote of a musician used by Claire Wolfe a year or two ago, where she alluded to the what has become almost a universal chant across our land, this "cry for shorter chains and smaller cages." (4).

Both Brutus and Claire made appropriate illustration in this regard. Hence we indeed have fulfilled the sad observation noted by Benjamin Franklin on the last day of the Convention at Philadelphia. We have inherited a despotic government at our own bequest. (5)

If the GOP does these things with relish, think of the joy over as members of the party of national socialism call each other in congratulations their aim being foresworn by the party of the "Right"?Ted Nugent's observation is thus outdated already and I for the life of me cannot ascertain a difference between party philosophies. In fact, it would appear to me that we have only one party now. One ideology.

It would seem to me that the enemy in the camp is as much a danger as the enemy outside the walls: Both Parties are selling us out and using September 11th as an excuse to usurp the intent of the founding fathers that we have a government of self-governing people.

Essentially, within my limited political involvement in politics, I have attempted to be a voice of Liberty within the party, conceptualizing myself as a Republican Liberty Caucus follower, and exhorting Congressman Ron Paul to Presidency. Now I am sure the honorable congressman is doubting his wisdom of moving into the GOP from the Libertarian Party.

I as well.

Did I just become an "Anarchist"? Is even the Libertarianism enough? The GOP has certainly away from 1964 when Goldwater and limited government were the truth of the party spoken into American minds.

If George Bush is our king "George", our new age Pope of highway one, then may I observe that we are truly in a sedevacant state with no authorized leader, and no authorizing articles, it having been trampled under the feet of tyrants.

written this day in Texas, March 21, 2002 - by David Bell

(1) Incremental abrogation of rights was the methodology used by the Hitler and his henchmen to attain power and then rule with impunity. A new book is available authored by Aaron Zelman, Founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, and Claire Wolfe, heroine of the last vestige of the free. The State vs. The People The Rise of the American Police State. The Introduction is supurbly written by James Bovard. His book Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (1994) details what we are doing to ourselves in assisting in the destruction of the Republic.

(2)For an illuminating evaluation of GCA 68 and how the Nazi Weapons Law was introduced into Legislation by a U.S. Congressman, read Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny, by Jay Simkin and Aaron Zelman.

(3)Paraphrasing Brutus Famous Speech against the "coronation of Caesar".

(4)Claire Wrote this among many other tidbits, waiting for the Revolution. This was originally found in one of the many "Hardyville" essays which were published at the WorldNetDaily.Com Website.

(5)Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 Constitutional Convention Notes by James Madison. Benjamin Franklin's final speech, Sept 17th, 1787 as noted in Madison's Notes on the Federal Convention at Philadelphia.