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Clear for All to See, Face Facts
by Sartre



During the 60's the term "The Establishment", was the phrase that represented the entire system. The political and economic order became suspect, not because its core foundation principles were invalid, but because the hypocrisy of deceit and betrayal was the practice of the day. Then during the 90's the name "New World Order" was finally spoken openly and preached as the inevitable wave of the future. Today, all we need to do is fuse the meaning of the two, its simple "The Established Order".

Even the most illiterate or those committed to the refusal of reality culture, must be able to see the 'TEO' in all its splendor and glory. No captain of industry or CEO has ever assembled an armada that can rival the omnipresence of this central evil oppressor. Yes Mr President you asked the question that deserves a definitive answer. Are you with us or against us? WE Stand Against the "TEO".

Why imprison Jim and not Bob?

All one has to do is examine the message and lesson of the Traficant - Torricelli maxim. You already know the details, they have been reported long and wide. It is not just the glaring example of a double standard that bears on the sickened condition of national political practices and politicians. It goes much deeper than just blaming this band of power hungry seekers. It's corruption resides in the very roots of "TEO" oligarchy.

The cardinal sin for Traficant is that he fought the system, while the saving grace for Torricelli is that he is that system. It is reducible to this simple and undeniable conclusion. The penalty for waging war against the sinister cabal of cultural perversion is harsh. The reward for playing the game and devoted service is a pass on your own transgressions. If you doubt this reality, your own credentials as a loyal "TEO" worshiper are not in danger. You probably will be entrusted to do a hatchet job on anyone who dissents from total obedience.

The system continues in its ultimate purpose - people control. The Toricelli's of the world are the overseers and those in the media are the enablers, while the masses are the village idiots. The Traficant's, being few and seldom, are a modern day William Wallace fighting the corruption of the crown. The Established Order is a diseased organism that grows like a malignant cancer that drains the strength and, more importantly, the spirit of anyone who strives to achieve Liberty.

It defies common sense for this universal record to be denied. But most will spend their entire lives and exhaust all their energies defending the Toricelli’s and condemning the infrequent Tarficicant's. Sensible people must have the courage to confront the central problems that have afflicted all of mankind and every civilization. Namely, "TEO" of their day, always opposed individual freedom and Liberty as the standard for society.

How could you accept being with US, if that means you are one of THEM?

The triumphs of the human spirit have been achieved over the objections of the status quo. Traditional conservatives need to side with the rebellion of the Traficant's and demand the imprisonment of the Torricelli's. But we all know that under most circumstances the vast majority side with the devil. That is the insidious nature of the "TEO". It causes the self centered and conceit of the ordinary, to pursue the blessing and favors of the evil elites.

The real crooks avoid jail.

This is the true meaning in the way of politics. Protect one of your own, and pillage anyone who opposes the fraud. The list that illustrates this practice is endless. But Robert Novak brought to light the smoking gun on the Clinton's, and their use of Internal Revenue Service tax audits against their enemies. How ironic that Traficant's most notable Congressional achievement was fighting the IRS. Now who among us would envision that the Bill and Hill team would share adjoining quarters in the same facility as James Traficant? Never will happen - now will it? You know all too well, that they will gladly appear at a fund raiser for Torricelli.

So are you content in being an apologist for The Established Order, and are you willing to advance and protect its rule? In the end, Traficant is the hero and he will remain free while being incarcerated, while most of the public is held hostage by their own cowardice and complicity with the real criminals - "TEO".

SARTRE - August 1, 2002

"Published originally at EtherZone.com; republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."