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Chaos - The Only Growth Industry
by Sartre

Is society currently functioning properly or are we currently amidst chaos?



The current condition of society can best be summed up - if it is working, chances are it won't be for much longer. It is so easy to find consolation in the notion that progress is real, but even the most optimistic has to relegate, Pollyanna to a former generation. Sure computers can provide functions not even imagined a few short years ago and cars come with gadgets that offer creature comforts that indulge and enhance the traveler, but inventions don't guarantee the eradication of turmoil.

The only way to judge the direction society to moving is to take the long view and make comparisons to the way systems, institutions and organizations functioned in the past. Anyone who is old enough to remember the 1973 oil embargo will recall that most of the industrialized economies suffered a shock to their internal system that has never been overcome. The good old days are but a fond memory out of a fairy tale. But the price of oil is only a symptom of the problem that has emerged. The pungent dilemma we now experience, is not about the cost of energy or the ripple effect to commerce. It rests upon the grand master plan for world economic order; namely, the shifting of meaningful production of manufactured products to the lowest cost producer.

Cheap labor in the Third World drives the exodus of domestic industries. You know this statement is correct because you live with and under the consequences of its reality. The ultimate effect of reduced expectations for achieving financial security, is marginal employment positions at significantly lower real wages.

Here lies the seeds for internal chaos, while resignation to one's fate, becomes the fertilizer that grows the invasive plant. Blaming this unwanted shrub on the Bush that occupies the Presidency, ignores the individual dynamics that have become embedded within our culture. The pandemonium that propagates is the result of an attitude that responsible work performance no longer matters. Why care about being a problem solver, when the tasks you perform are temporary - just like your job. Your pay is slim, and so is your commitment to your employer. What difference does it make, when the only real advancement opportunities exist for those willing to encourage even greater levels of absurdities?

The antagonism that has become inherent in the simplest of transactions, is systemic of a hidden realization that 'nothing works anymore'. Most people hold on to a distorted perspective of reality in order to rationalize that there is some sense of order in their own personal lives. Any thinking and honest person will acknowledge that our educational institutions have succeeded in dumbing down the last several generations in preparation for a forsaken future. As the work environment deteriorates, those with enough resources or those that reached a saturated tolerance, leave the marketplace. The remaining ones are the folks, who have few options or are infected with diminished capacities.

It has become a woman's world in customer service. Such an oxymoron must be the invention of a Harvard MBA. The consumer is above all else a customer. The identity of such an individual, properly proclaims the ultimate force within the economy. He or she should be free to choose and buy from among alternatives that strive to compete to improve their products or services. But in today's climate the service aspect of the transaction has become - take it or leave it.

The resulting frustration seldom exhibits itself in proper rage, since society promotes docile and acquiescent behavior. How else can one control a population that lives within a bubble of chaos, unless they are castigated of their testosterone capacities?

Don't be fooled that chaos, in and of itself, is all bad. The trick is to understand what is healthy upheaval and separate it from destructive turmoil. Actually our entire public community is organized upon the principle of harmful discord. The lawyers manage this disposition through their modeling of the social order. Laws provide cover for their design, while the client is hosed with the end results by substitute pretenders - conflicting with a nourishing natural anarchy.

If our society was functioning properly, you would be able to get your problems solved. Once the popular saying: "you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem", had a ring of truth. Today the 'so called' solutions have become the new problems - and the benefactors of the intended calculated jumble, are the proponents that foster this New World Order culture.

Maybe it will take a total breakdown on the remaining businesses and institutions before the public will admit they are living in an asylum? This issue is most unsettling for people who want to buy into the notion that they are part of the upwardly mobile. The human psyche is a resilient mechanism, but often employs denial as a defence device. Be sincere, ask yourselves if society is working? Are you a cog in the wheel of functional confusion? Usually the reply from an honest person is - but what can I do, I'm only one individual! At the very least, that kind of response recognizes the underlying nature of the enigma.

The first step back from the abyss is the ability to see the ledge before you walk off the cliff. It is the defenders of the status quo, that are leading the pack over the precipice into the realm of lunacy. How much abuse is the average citizen willing to endure? If history is any indicator, its far more than is prudent for any sane person. Your charge is to recognize the difference between beneficial conflict and intended confusion, and your duty is to adopt methods of positive chaos. That was the example set by our American Revolution. Nothing short of that model, will do to save the future.

SARTRE - August 15, 2002