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A Free-Market Solution To War in the Middle East
by Ron Holland, Asheville, NC
21 August 2002

How Only Saudi Arabia Can Stop the Coming Bush Attack in the Middle East.



How To Silence the War Drums on the Potomac!
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by Ron Holland, Asheville, NC

The Bush Administration plans to topple the government's of Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia (in that order) to establish an American controlled oil cartel of Middle Eastern puppet states. Maybe a win-win opportunity for Bush's "oil buddies" & Israel but it could spark Armageddon in the Middle East, again all for oil! How to stop the war?

The irony is neither public pressure in the US, foreign government mediation or the military of Iraq or Iran can halt the attack, surprisingly, it all depends on Saudi Arabia. To stop the outbreak of war, the Saudi's must publicly warn they will transfer Saudi government reserves out of dollars & switch their substantial world investment holdings out of US stocks and bonds if America begins an invasion of Iraq and the Middle East. The threat of a US dollar & stock market collapse is the only card left to play to stop the coming war and maybe Armageddon in the Middle East.