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The Foundations of Social Order
by Glenn R. Jackson
24 August 2002

America's churches are the only institution remaining with the moral authority to call into question the abuses of our business and political elites, yet the churches have grown blind to the issues and have become corrupted by secular lure. By allowing the imposition of moral relativism over truth, the churches are now playing the role of societal Prozac.




At the time of our nation's youth early 18th century England was
experiencing growing pains of its own. Elie Halevy, England in 1815, writes
"It (early 18th century England) was a period of general disturbance. A
political was aggravated by an economic crisis. On all sides there were
strikes and riots. Similar conditions a half-century later must have given
rise to a general movement of political and social revolution."
Only one thing saved England from the revolutionary fate of France toward
the end of that same century, for in England "In 1739 the revolt assumed a
different form. The discontented workmen flocked to the sermons of three
clergymen and their disciples. The popular ferment took shape as an outburst
of enthusiastic Christianity."

In early 21st century America, mass immigration advocates have created a
"press one for English" culture within the greatest English speaking nation
in the world. Illegal immigration adds thousands to public support on a
daily basis. Current estimates range from 8 to 11 million migrants in the
U.S. illegally.

Yet the political class panders unashamedly for benefits to make the
illegal's life in America more easy and bearable. The nation continues its
march to Balkanization. Diversity and political correctness are the new
gods to be feared. Violate the commandments of our new gods and the
punishment is a very painful public humiliation.
Who stands for Americans?

The list is long for those who do not. America's business elites gaze
longingly beyond these shores and pad their portfolios with stock options.
While America's political elites gaze longingly upon their careers and look
for the next gambit to retain their grip on power.

However, nowhere is the failure to the American people greater than that
found with America's churches. No other American institution has the moral
authority to call into question the abuses of our business and political
elites in their violation of trust with the American people. Yet America's
churches remain blind to the issues and grow corrupted by the secular lure.
Prior to the Wesleyan revival in 18th century England "Theology was ...
called upon gratefully to salve the conscience of the possessing and to
reconcile the poorer groups to the injustice of their lot. ...where the
argument of providence convinced the unpropertied that their position was
divinely determined, reassured them of their religious worth in spite of
their condition, and bade them look to the distant future for redress, there
would be the strongest assurance of contentment and obedience."
Once again America's churches, by ignoring the loss of American jobs to the
gods of the New World Order, permitting the oppression of political
correctness over moral correctness, and allowing the imposition of moral
relativism over truth are playing the role of societal Prozac.

At the close of the 20th century no major American Christian denomination
drew one breath of anger, criticism, or condemnation for the abuses of the
Clinton administration. Indeed the Churches allowed the President to
conduct an unchallenged moral charade on the American people with his
support group of secularized clergy.

"Why was it that of all the countries of Europe England has been the most
free from revolutions, violent crises, and sudden changes? We have sought in
vain to find the explanation by an analysis of her political institutions
and economic organization..."

America's churches must find their voice. Contention for the sake of God's
truth and moral order is a necessity. Support for the natural inclinations
of the American people to respond with acts of faith must be reinforced and
encouraged by those called to lead in that faith. To whom much is given
much is also expected, and America's churches are not responding in kind.
The leaders of the Wesleyan revival "Uniting their influence with that of
industrialism, ... fashioned the character of the English middle class,
dogmatic in morals, proud of its practical outlook, and sufficiently
powerful to obtain respect for its views.... The ruling classes watched the
growth of this new power, whose nature they could not comprehend..." "Had
they understood the situation better, they would have realized... that the
free organization of the sects was the foundation of social order..."
The "pop" culture has declared war on Christianity, but it is only upon the
strong churches of America and an enthusiastic Christianity that the
American social order will be renewed.

The Church is the caretaker of the soul. Without it what is the future of a
soulless nation?

Glenn Jackson, Chairman
American Reformation Project