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  There is an Evil Growing in this Country, Part II
by Jeffrey Rubinoff, MichNews.com
12 October 2002

We live in a free society, and should not be encouraging radical Muslim beliefs in our country that would destroy those freedoms.

This weekend on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a Pro-terrorist Palestinian supporting group will be meeting for three days, October 12th-14th. The focus will be on discrediting Israel’s defensive actions against terrorism. According to this pro-terrorist rally Israel is an apartheid state committing human rights atrocities against the Arab population that lives within Israel’s borders. I for one will not allow such a mockery of democracy to take place without a word. Fortunately today October 10th there is a pro-Israel rally taking place on the campus of the University of Michigan. But is it enough?
There needs to be an outpouring a condemnation from Jewish Academia, and all others who support the very foundation that this democracy was built on. We cannot allow groups to denigrate a fellow democratic country, defending herself against a terrorist onslaught. While these pro-terrorist demonstrators turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against their own brethren by the very dictatorial regimes they hail from and are rallying for.

America, it is time to wake up!

There is an evil growing in this country and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Islam is beginning to wrap its tentacles around the very root of our freedom, impacting our children through our education system. This rally in Ann Arbor is just one of many warning signs. These demonstrators supporting Islamic tyranny are NOT acting independently; they are being helped by Liberal Americans who for some unknown reason believe that the Muslims of the world are some sort of "under dog" and need additional help in spreading the word of Islam and in criticizing democracies from defending themselves in the wake of continued terrorist attacks.

America, it is time to wake up!

We must turn our attention to what has been lurking in the shadows for many years. Imam's (Muslim religious leaders) are spreading the word of the Quran. The Quran depicts a world where Muslims inherit the earth only after the world is cleansed of all Jews and Christians. There is one unified goal of every Imam and every anti-Israel pro-terrorist Muslim rally, and that is to bring about the destruction of western ideology, which we term FREEDOM, and to replace this freedom with the shackles of Islam.

If you are in doubt, and do not believe that Islam is an imprisoning religion, allow me then to defer you to briefly study the Muslim/Arab world. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Libya, Uganda, Indonesia, Pakistan, and even the Palestinian Authority, where are the freedoms of the people of these nations? Freedom in these Muslim dictatorial nations is non-existent because these people are ruled with the heavy hand of the Quran and by the guns of their tyrannical dictator’s. If a “citizen” of one of these countries attempts to live his life outside the constraints of Islam or outside the rules of their dictator they are shunned from society and killed as a heretic or a collaborator of western freedom. In such an environment when a person’s life is dictated by the whims of their countries dictator, they will never know the sweetness of freedom; and when a person’s life is dictated by the whims of a dictator who falsely rules with the heavy hand of their Muslim religion, these people will have no life they can call their own.

As Americans we must show support for our free way of life here in the United States and in Israel. We cannot allow Islam to infiltrate our society to a level where it begins to impact the very premise of which this society has been built on.

When a Muslim elementary teacher in Syracuse New York is teaching her impressionable elementary school class about Islam, we must stand up and say NO MORE!

When the University of North Carolina, a State School, decides to make it mandatory that their incoming freshmen read a book about the Quran, we must support the group suing the school, and along with them say NO MORE!

When a demonstration on the campus of the University of Michigan is organized with the specific purpose to lies and distort reality, by denigrating Israel in an effort to boost their own immoral agenda, then we must say NO MORE! We will not sit idly by and allow such a mockery of our freedoms to take place.

And when suicide bombers attempt to get on buses or enter café’s in Israel to murder innocent Israeli civilians, then we must say NO MORE!

Arab-Americans, Arab-Israeli’s and Islam as a religion have a place in our free societies, just as many other ethnicities and religions do. However, at the moment one ethnicity or religion begins to impact our freedoms and influence our children, these people and their religion shall no longer have a place within our society.

We live in a free society, with freedoms very few countries in the world can comprehend. We as Americans and Israelis are a very accepting people, as the United States and now Israel are the true melting pots of the world. We must always diligently remember the millions of people in the Arab world who live under the scrutiny of dictators who keep them oppressed through the words of the Quran. And at the moment these individuals see the light of day and choose to truly abide by our way of life, and then yes we will welcome them with open arms. However, if they choose to condemn and threaten our way of life and continue to support and practice their terrorist ways then we will meet them on the battle field and we will be victorious.

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