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  D.C. Turvey
by Michael Aune
9 November 2002

Political poetry.

Lawmakers, tear fakers, friends of bankers, greedy takers,
Media blunders, congressional thunder, a sleepy-eyed public is left in

Airing laundry, spending hobby, Washington bodies looking to lobby,
Spear catchers, cross-dressers, seeking late night discussions with
expert professors.

A shadow's doubt, a President's clout, smiling faces ignore heckling

Grumpy neighbors, costly favors, groping cameras pause to savor.

Power brokers, deal chokers, the Country's future left to backroom

Market cries, weather darkened skies, twisted lies finding foreign spies.

Friendly invite, minority spite, looming surplus spent on sight.

Morning papers, latest caper--final hour's pardon power.

Tomorrow begins the latest spin:
"No, not again!" And so it goes without end . . .

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