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The Left Can't Take it
by Timothy Rollins
06 December 2002 

Gore is back - complaining.

You have to hand it to the Left - especially to America's loser-in-chief wannabe Al Gore. It seems that he is back in the public eye seeking still yet more attention while lamenting his pathetic loss in the 2000 presidential election. This was an election he lost fair and square, regardless of what he may claim in his status as a 'professional victim'.

Gore whines about the count in Florida and wanted a selected recount in four known heavily Democratic counties. Note there is no sense of fairness here, but with Al Gore, there has never been any fairness or honor - only lying, cheating, conniving and underhandedness, all of which seem to have been the family trademark. To make matters worse, Gore brings in Bill Daley of the Chicago Daley Family as well as former Secretary of State William Christopher to head the ballot counting in Florida. Truth be told, the ballots in all 67 Florida counties should have been impounded, transported to Tallahassee, and counted in the presence of U.S. Marshals with officials from both parties present.

However, with the latest backlash from the voters on November 5th - one that saw the party of the incumbent president gain seats in both houses for the first time in 68 years and the only time a Republican has ever done it, Gore is only deepening in bitterness - so much so, that Gore is now lashing out at his pet constituency, his own one-time professional colleagues, the media.

In a lengthy New York Observer interview that ran Wednesday, Gore said that the mainstream press has no mechanism to bring back Americans brainwashed by conservative outlets. The fact is, that Americans aren't brainwashed as much as they've been shown the light by those who have come to realize there is more than one (the Democratic) side to the story.

Specifically criticizing the FOX NEWS Network among others, Gore violates the first rule of journalism and one that FOX NEWS has used as its central theme - that being "fair and balanced" in its coverage. Gore not only chose to ignore it, but as long as he had the mainstream media in his pocket, he was happy.

All of a sudden, he turns on them (the media of all stripes) because they will not bow down before him and lick his boots in his pathetic quest for another run for the Oval Office in 2004. The Democratic Party assumes the sycophantic position of answering his beck and call either because they have no viable candidate of their own, or they are setting him up for a final once-and-for-all fall in order to get rid of him for good, which would suit most of America just fine. After all, most of America can't stand him anyway. Just ask Walter Mondale about his 1984 presidential campaign and his more recent campaign for the late Paul Wellstone's Senate seat.

Yes indeed, Al Gore is a pathetic little man. A professional victim, he fails to either seek or accept responsibility and as such, does not have the right stuff to be the leader of the free world. Clinton may have been a serial adulterer and a traitor to America, but Gore is ten thousand times infinitely worse, and it is through the gift and grace of God that Clinton successfully lived through both terms of office, and that Gore was not at the helm on 9-11. For if he had been, we'd be in a lot worse shape today that we would have been otherwise, and despite what this pathetic professional victim may think, losing the 2000 election is one person's fault and only one person's.


And all because he failed to carry his own home state of Tennessee. Had he done that, he would have not needed Florida, as the count would have been 278 electoral votes for Gore to Bush's 260, giving Gore eight more votes over the required 270 needed to win.

Yes, indeed. It is only one person's fault that Al Gore lost. His and his alone.

Kinda cool, huh? ***


Timothy Rollins is the editor-in-chief of American-Partisan.com
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