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  Gays: Liberals are at it Again
by J. Grant Swank, Pastor
December 2002

The Episcopalians are wrong when they claim there is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

It doesn’t take much to get those pro-gay Episcopalians into one grand snit. And now they are up in arms big time. They are really getting quite evangelistic about the matter—poking their pulpits, ranting and raving, just about to hit the campmeeting sawdust trail.


Because the Catholic Church is making a significant deal about gays in the priesthood, coming down on the logical side that gays in the pulpit can cause sexual abuse and therefore a heterosexual priesthood would be healthier.

Now the liturgical boys and girls in the Catholic and Episcopalian communities have usually buddied up alongside one another because of one aesthetic religious bent or another; but in this rare separation of the ways there is plenty of heat with little light.

That’s what happens when people get bent out of shape over gay agendas that don’t make any sense; in other words, when they go bonkers over being politically correct at all costs. And if there is ever any orthodox ground that is holding sway within liberal Episcopalianism today it is being politically correct. It has become the latest "hold your afternoon tea cup with pinky in the air" correctness. Of course, it is nauseating to those who drink their tea out of mugs and can think straight with brain cells in the reasonable line-up; but for those into dainties, it can really spoil the entire day.

M. Thomas Shaw, bishop of Massachusetts, has set the pace with his broadcast to church and media on December 9. In an interview, his suffragan, or assistant bishop, Roy F. Cederhom, Jr., and a bishop- elect, Gayle Elizabeth Harris, stated that they think the danger to homosexuals is so immense that they are obligated to voice their opinions even if taking the chance of plowing into another denominational controversy. They say they are concerned about hate crimes against gays.

They are out of joint because of Vatican cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estevez’ statement that "a homosexual person. . .is not suitable to receive the sacrament of holy orders."

Like, dah! is the reaction of the sane world. But these Episcopal niceties can’t get with the logical program and so come out in favor of blessing the homosexual lifestyle while endorsing the possibility of Episcopalian homosexual priests for that is what their homosexual audience behind the scenes has been clamoring for for months on end.

So—rather than being true to Scripture and logic—these so-called spiritual leaders go forth with the banners of nonsensical and unbiblical moorings for that is where their heads are lodged these days.

''I'm really concerned about hate crimes and homophobia that comes from supposedly responsible people making statements like this,'' Shaw said in response to Estevez’ statement.

''Suggestions that gays molest children lead to homophobia and create a dangerous atmosphere in which hate crimes flourish,'' Shaw and Cederholm wrote. ''They are irresponsible.''

Yep. That’s what the politically correct homosexual audience has been spouting for months upon months, disregarding the visceral conclusion among the sane population that all that is bunk.

''We have long said that this focus on gay priests as a cause for the sexual abuse scandal is nothing more than a smokescreen to deflect attention away from the complicity of the hierarchy in creating this scandal,'' said Marianne Duddy, executive director of Dignity USA, a stated Catholic homosexual conclave. ''I applaud the Episcopal bishops for speaking out on a matter of justice that is important to the vital ministry of any Christian Church.''

However, Dean Hudson, Crisis magazine editor, a traditional Catholic journal, said ''There is credible research that suggests the homosexuals are three times more likely to be pedophiles than the general population. And given that organizations like NAMBLA have openly advocated sex with boys, the lines between homosexuality and pedophilia are not as clean cut as the bishops would like to make them.''

So there we have it, friends. Make up your minds. Go with the afternoon tea drinkers with their pinkies in the air and their heads out on Mars or stay firmly grounded on the logic terra firma called biblical truth alongside what really make practical sense in this complicated world of ours.

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Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., Pastor, New Hope Church, Windham ME

Graduate of accredited college (BA) and seminary (M Div) with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School.

Married for 41 years with 3 adult children.

Author of 5 books and over 2000 articles in various Protestant and Catholic
magazines, journals and newspapers. Writer of weekly religion column for
PORTLAND PRESS HERALD newspaper, Portland ME.

Hobbies: Traveling to South America, Europe, Middle East, Canada; writing;
watercolor painting; meeting new friends.

Current occupations: Pastor; Teacher at Alternative Learning School for
at-risk youths.

Pastorates: Calgary, Alberta; Indianapolis IN; Akron OH; Fishkill NY;
Manchester CT; Walpole MA; Windham ME.

Winner of First Prize Writing Contest which yielded a three-week guided tour
of the Middle East.

Columnist for websites: MensNewsDaily.com, IntellectualConservative.com, MichNews.com,
Chalcedon.com, rePUNK.com, ConservativeTruth.com, FreeRepublic.com (USO Canteen Chapel link), WoundedShepherds.com (Insights link).