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  The MFTBA and Kicking the Queen ‘till It Hurts
by Patrick Bryson
December 2002

On Artists United to Win Without War, which might be more accurately labeled as "The More Fame than Brain Alliance."

Last week group calling itself Artists United to Win Without War gathered to strut their moral superiority in front of the press, while demonstrating to the rest of us that they are morally superior to the fools who advocate a pre-emptive war with Iraq. It was the same tired cast -- Mike Farrell, Martin Sheen, Ed Asner. All these artists are charter member of a group I call the More Fame Than Brains Alliance, the parent organization for AUWWW.
Being famous provides MFTBA members with widespread coverage when they speak on sensitive political and guarantees then no responsibility for the words they utter.

It’s one of the club’s greatest perks.

At the meeting of AUWWW Mike Farrell said, “The media tends to pay attention to our community.”

True! Of course the media pays great attention to two headed sheep, but that doesn’t mean it’s an intelligent occurrence.

The question that arises is this: What would we do without these morally superior being letting us know how morally bankrupt the rest of us are?
There is, however, a paradox here. Oddly enough, the policies of MFTBA members are a threat to the peace, even though the actors themselves remain relatively benign.

There are two ways to avoid war – deterrence or disarmament.
Deterrence is a straightforward concept. A nation builds arms and an army of sufficient size and ferocity to frighten a prospective conqueror.
Disarmament is when you throw all the weapons away, equip the army with flowers and copies of the book “My Core Beliefs,” by Mike Farrell, and hope prospective aggressors will weep openly and be inspired to goodness.

In the history the world, there is not a single documented case where disarmament in the face of aggression prevented a war.

Apparently one of two things are happening in the minds of MFTBS members. Either MFTBA members are too naive to understand history, or they are so arrogant that they are willing to risk our national security, not to mention the millions of lives in countries bordering the aggressor, to feed their own egos.
There is no third alternative.

There is a story told about Winston Churchill just after he was appointed prime minister in May 1940. Pacifist who had advocated disarmament in the face of the Nazi build up had ruled England, at that time. After Churchill took the helm he got into his limousine and accepted his chauffeur’s congratulation. With eyes red from strain and emotion, Churchill replied, “I hope it’s not to late. I am very much afraid that it is.”

It almost was.

Saddam Hussein may not pose the same threat Hitler did in 1940, but unchecked Hussein still has the ability to kill, perhaps, millions if left to export terrorism and to develop nuclear capabilities.

During this meeting of AUWWW the always tiresome Martin Sheen said, “George Bush cannot turn back without losing face. This ought not be about this nation losing face.”

Is it possibly to be any more naïve or emotionally simple? Has Sheen been breathing in too much makeup remover?

Face and perception means everything in foreign policy. Before World War II Neville Chamberlain let it be understood by Hitler that he would stand on his head and have water poured down his nostrils, while singing “Kick the Queen ‘till She Bleeds” if it would get Hitler to the negotiating table. Hitler never went to England, but Chamberlain went to Europe on a moment’s notice. Hitler sometimes kept him waiting for hours in humiliating circumstances.

Contempt for timid leaders, even those commanding impressive armies, is always a factor in war.

The policies of MFTBA members are, without a doubt, a threat to peace if widely embraced, but it’s hard to believe they garner a big enough following to be effective.

What type of person, meaning a non-actor you see on the street, actually listens when a Martin Sheen or Mike Farrell speaks?

Is there actually, say, an accountant who goes home to his wife one night and says, “Mike Farrell thinks war is bad? Where’s my knife. I’m going to scrap the ‘Bush for President’ bumper sticker off our car.”

Is there a mechanic somewhere who will break into tears this week and thank Martin Sheen for showing him the light? Will he sob out the words “I’ll never watch the movie ‘Patton’ again.”

MFTBA members sway no one with an I.Q. above 30. They only satisfy themselves, their arrogance and their ego. Their policies might be the most perfect recipe for selling the security of this country and the world down the toilet, but they only become a threat if the rest of us regard them with anything more than slight amusement.

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