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Here comes another round of Israel Bashing sessions from the UN and Europe-including Britain
by Jeffrey Rubinoff
23 December 2002 

Israel has no real support in this world from any nation except for the support of the United States. Unfortunately, the Europeans are bending over backwards at every opportunity to appease Arab desires. 

Israel is in a constant losing battle for positive PR. On any given day the unified world agenda is to denigrate Israel for defending herself in the wake of constant terrorist attacks. The UN Security Council, of which Syria is a seat holder and also a supporter of terrorism, consistently lambaste Israel for any actions in defense of her citizens or in retaliation for terrorist attacks.

Israel has no real support in this world from any nation except for the support of the United States. It is quite obvious that the Europeans are bending over backwards at every opportunity to appease the Arab desires. Britain, a partner in the war against terrorism, has revealed her true colors by warmly receiving the Dictator of Syria “supporter of world terrorism against Israel and the United States and sitting member on the United Nations Security council,” Bashar al-Assad.

Britain has stooped to an all time low welcoming Bashar with a meeting with Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth. However, when Syria drafted a resolution this week in the United Nations, condemning Israel for the deaths of three U.N. workers in two separate incidents was killed by an American veto over the weekend; Britain supported the resolution, stooping to an even lower low. In further humiliation to Israel when Netanyahu requested a meeting with Blair, it was flatly rejected and a lower level official was appointed to meet with the Israeli Foreign Minister.

Britain is giving a strong indication that they are diverting their foreign policy to support Muslim nations, such as Syria who directly fuel the fire of terrorism against Israel, America and the World. Unfortunately Britain is not the only European country to ignore the plight of Israel, but the entire European Union has chosen to show support for Muslim terrorism.

The United Nations Security Council approved the Syrian resolution, with one exception from U.S. ambassador John Negroponte, who vetoed it. Another clear indication, that the only true support for Israel’s existence and security is the United States. Mutually Israel and the United States share the common bond of battling Muslim terrorism, within their own borders and world wide.

One does not have to be truly cognizant of world affairs to realize that there are very few partners in our war against Muslim terrorism, there are only two dedicated partners and again those countries are the United States and Israel. However, if we are not careful we can lose the support and initiatives of the United States, as we witness an escalation in Muslim immigrants becoming more involved in the political process here in the U.S. This involvement becomes obvious when our government here in the U.S. shows any signs of bending to Muslim pressure here or abroad. One clear sign of the U.S. bending to Muslim pressure will include U.S. condemnation of Israel for her actions of Self Defense against Muslim terrorism, and following this condemnation through by agreeing to crazy Security Council resolutions, drafted by terrorist supporting members promoting anti-Israel bias.

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