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Bring it on!
by Timothy Rollins, Editor, American-Partisan.com
06 January 2003

What we can expect this year.

Bring it on! With the New Year comes new opportunities, choices and yes, blessings - not only in my life, but more importantly, the lives of my children and others I love dearly. Also for those whose lives have made mine better and whose lives hopefully are a little better because I had a part - however large or small.

Bring it on! With the New Year comes with it in the lives of many, resolutions - something that I don't believe in at all per se. My late mother had it right when she didn't make them, but rather resolved to make each day better than the one before. I'm happy to say that has been my philosophy and for the most part, it's been successful.

Bring it on! The New Year also brings with it a lot of new jobs - however temporary they may be in the form of tax professionals helping millions of people preparing for the Internal Revenue Service deadline of April 15th and Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's deadline of April 30th. While most of these folks already have day jobs of their own, many of them are also in the tax preparation business full-time as well, and for them, this will be their busiest time of the year.

Bring it on! With the New Year come the NFL playoffs, and this year, New York has not one, but both teams in the postseason. The Giants got in with help as a wild-card team and the Jets won the always tough AFC East and will host a first round game, despite a 9-7 record. They tied two other teams in their division, but won the tiebreaker that gave them the division and sent the other teams home.

Bring it on! As President Bush observes the halfway mark of his term in office, he will decide if the course of action he is taking in the war on terrorism is sufficient to make a dent in this worldwide plague insofar as American interests are affected. As reported in FOX News, one Bush policy adviser correctly stated over the weekend that terrorism is not a crime, but an act of war and that we must take the offensive in eradicating it. The Israelis have done so, and have had a great deal of success with it.

If you take the defensive you will always be playing catch-up ball, and one day, these scum will use nukes - it's only a matter of time and anybody with an IQ over 40 knows it, unless you take them out first. As I stated last March in "Picking Your Battles", the time has come to either kill or be killed, and we're now at that point. While there are some who may view me as extremist to some measure, the day will well come that non-citizens of Arab/Middle Eastern descent could well be rounded up to internment camps like Americans of Japanese descent were in World War II or even deported outright, regardless of any marriage to an American citizen.

The security of the United States and Canada is at risk; the lily-livered gutless wonders on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, still controlled by the gutless wonder nobody wants - Prime Minister Jean Chretien - doesn't have the stones to give the military the cash infusion it desperately needs to make it capable of defending its shores. Consequently, Ottawa has to ask Washington for protection, while they run off and play peacekeeper for the impotent United Nations, when in this case the money can and should be better spent domestically.

The fact of the matter is there will always be some in the world who will take offense at the United States and Canada for being success stories - for succeeding at free enterprise and allowing people control over their own destinies instead of keeping them under their thumb of oppressive rule. For that, and our refusal to live under a seventh-century way of life, they come after us - they seek to destroy our way of life and symbols of progress. They awoke a sleeping giant, and for this they'll pay with their lives as they embark on a slow train to Hell, where they won't have that meeting with Allah, but rather, head for the subterranean depths from which they'll never return.

If these blasphemers of Islam - these infidel dogs want to take a shot at me by issuing a fatwah, let 'em! To them I say this loud, and I say it clear:


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© 2003 Timothy Rollins