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The Regular Joes
by Jonathan Clark, BloodHoundDaily.com
26 January 2003 

Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman - just a bunch of regular millionaires.

Another week and another Democrat joins the ever-growing field of those who would be president. In launching his campaign this week, Joe Lieberman actually got excited. I was sitting at my desk, sort of half–listening to his announcement on TV when all of a sudden I heard him yell:

"I am a candidate for president of the United States," Mr. Lieberman said, "and I intend to win."

It was enough to grab my attention so I listened to what he had to say.

"The American Dream is in jeopardy," he said, "threatened by hateful terrorists and tyrants from abroad and a weak economy that makes it harder for Americans to live a better life." President Bush promised a better America when he took office two years ago, but Mr. Lieberman said, "that promise has not been kept."

He continued:

"We must rise above partisan politics and put our country first to fix our economy and restore economic growth, because a strong middle class means a strong America," Mr. Lieberman said. "We must rise above partisan politics and unite to defeat the threat of terrorism and make America safe again."

There was nothing in Mr. Lieberman’s announcement speech that made me want to even research his background or go to his web site to learn more about this candidate. Putting aside his dry monotone voice, there was nothing that motivated me. It’s just more of the same worn out rhetoric; the economy is bad, America is bad, blah, blah, blah.

Note to Lieberman: since September 11, 2001 there has been no successful terrorist attacks on the United States. Zero, none, nada. There have been attacks planned and even attempted, but none to this date carried out. Sure, there is still a lot of work to be done to shore up the security of this country, but do you honestly think that had Joe Lieberman been running things we would be better off than we are now? When you listen to him talk, does he instill a sense of security and confidence?

When Lieberman hooked up on the Gore campaign in 2000, he moved a little more to the left on social issues to align himself with Al Gore. Now it seems he had moved back a little to the center. All the while stressing how he is just being ‘himself’.

Seems like a lot of Democrats are making a point about just ‘being themselves’. Most Democrats couldn’t be themselves if they wanted to. Half of them don’t have a soul and therefore don’t know who they are. The other half could never tell the American public what they really want to do once elected.

Senator John Edwards for example, continues to talk about how he has been a “champion of the people” and how he wants to continue to ‘champion’ causes for us little people that can’t fight for ourselves because we are just to ignorant. Edwards has been less than forthcoming in giving details on just who he has been a champion for and how he continues to be a champion.

Listen to him speak sometime – he sure likes that word ‘champion’.

As we pointed out recently, (news story), Edwards fails to mention on either his Senatorial or Political Action Committee’s web sites that he has spent the last twenty years as a trial lawyer. He has made a nice little fortune chasing ambulances.

John Kerry, another presidential wannabe recently advised the media that he from now on be know as ‘John F. Kerry’. Just being himself I guess. One wonders if his parents only recently made him aware of his middle initial or if he along with the majority of the Democratic hopefuls are reading the polls again. The polls that say that the reason George W. Bush connects so well with the American public is that we see him as a ‘regular guy’. What these Democrats don’t understand is how to become a ‘regular guy’.

They will never understand because they don’t realize that this is not something you can become. You either are or you are not. President Bush says what he means and means what he says. And what he says and means doesn’t change with every new poll. This is what confuses them into thinking that they can ‘become’ a regular Joe.

All you have to do is listen to how they talk about us.

When Lieberman spoke of putting our country first, to fight for what's right for the American people, why did he say,"I'm ready to protect their security, to revive their economy, to uphold their values. Is he not an American citizen, is his security not threatened, are his values not in challenge? Does he not think of himself as one of us? Or is he different? Is he smarter than we are? Does he know best how we should spend our money and live our lives?

These Democrats are all wealthy people. And they all think they are better than you and me.

They can't say that they're wealthy people who have achieved and succeeded in life, lived the American Dream, because that goes against their whole message of class warfare. They've put themselves into a box where they have made those who are successful the enemy, rather than inspiring all Americans so that they too can succeed.

Kerry, Edwards, Lieberman - just a bunch of regular millionaires.

Sermons over, pass the plate.

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