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Good Morning, France and Britain!
by Esther Hartstein
1 February 2003

Western Europe Wakes up to the smell of terror.

Ricin is a harmful poison. It can kill within days, and has no known antidote or cure. This horrible substance was recently found in a British apartment, in the possession of a network of Algerian Muslim extremists. Appearing to be no novices to the holy call of Jihad, it is believed that these men are connected to a group of extremists rounded up in France some days ago. These events are just bits of the dark edge delineating a cloud of terror that has formed over Western Europe.

Respectable sources such as AOL News have reported that a "certain

terrorist leader" of the Kurdish terror group Ansar al-Islam, a brutal

gang affiliated with Al-Qaeda, had been arrested in Europe. The Jewish

Press reports that "Western Intelligence" has gleaned that Al-Qaeda has

been recruiting heavily from Dutch prisons. A young Arab named Kamel

Bourgass recently stabbed a man in the Crumpsall district of London. His

victim, Detective Constable Stephen Oake, leaves behind a widow and

three children. Then there was the bomb found in the Sacred Heart

Cathedral in France, a landmark that attracts over eight million

tourists annually. It could have been a French 9/11.


The obscure mention of these acts of terror, and vague nature of their

reports, seems to signal something more frightening than the terror

itself: Western Europe's unbelievable ignorance. Had the Cathedral bomb

not been found in time, disaster would have ensued. People would have

died, the landmark would have been destroyed, and the world would have

held candle light vigils and declared themselves Frenchmen. Yet a brush

with such a cataclysm did nothing to arouse the concern, let alone

worry, of the average Frenchie. He simply goes on with his daily life,

unbothered by the behemoth that awaits him around every corner.


Part of this cult of awe- inspiring ignorance is due to Europe's puff-

chested sense of invincibility. The European simply does not think he

can fall. His heart rests assured that his cathedrals are bomb- proof,

his borders are unbreachable, and his people cannot be out- populated.

His peaceful, liberal ways cannot conceivably ignite any outrage. So he

scorns the United States and Israel as they dutifully protect their own

citizenry, while the sword of Jihad is raised at his own back, so

consumed is he in his criticism for those who are already defending



Deadly poisons. Bombs. Cop killing. The wake- up alarm has been rung,

but Europe refuses to hear it. Osama may bash Western Civilization, blow

up nightclubs in Bali, destroy movie theaters all over the world,

enslave non- Muslim Africans, talk about converting all the world to

Islam and "killing the infidels", and recruit in his own backyard, but

still, to the European, it's all about "U.S. racism". "Imperialism".

Israel's "human rights abuses". Never himself. How in heaven's name

could a group of angry Muslim fundamentalists see him, with his loose

sexual habits and rock and roll as an infidel? How could Osama bin Laden

not be charmed by Europe's support for gun control, abortion rights, and

the Kyoto accord? Why in heaven's name would Europe be a target of

radical Islam?
  Besides, the European has work to attend. Television to watch. Children to think about in the future. No time to worry himself with the
militarist extremism of saving his own neck.


As Europe docilely minds its business, its Muslim community rises up in

the distance. As Europe teaches its children to love and tolerate, the

Muslims develop bombs, relishing the thought of the day when they will

slaughter Europe's best. But still, opposition to U.S. foreign policy

skyrockets. Over 80% of Western Europe decries the pending war on Iraq,

even as 48% of British Muslims swear loyalty to Osama. Europe, I pray

that you are attacked quickly and soon, while you can still respond;

decades of stupidity on your part have abolished any hopes that you will

not be attacked at all.


Act now, Europe: stop immigration. Whatever
distracts you now will not matter when your courts are governed by Sharia, your granddaughters are wearing black body bags and jail will enclose around he who invokes the memory of individual liberty. Now is the time to act. In 20 years, a quarter of your continent will be Muslim, and there will be no turning back.

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A multi-award winning poet, Esther has written a book, "Eros Wins The Battle", about a U.S. immigrant fighting for regime change in her native country. The book, filled with Greek myths and poetry, is available at BN.com (Barnes and Nobel) and Amazon.com.