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Irreverent Reverends I
by La Shawn Barber
1 February 2003

When told by an abortion protestor that real Christians don't support abortion rights, Sharpton said, "It is time for the Christian Right to meet the right Christians." The Reverends Sharpton and Jackson have left their Christian ministries behind in their quest for political glory.

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My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret...Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them. Psalm 139:15&16  

King David--Israel's greatest king--wrote these words in awe of how well God knew him, even in his mother's womb. Written 3,000 years ago, these same words are true for every human being who has ever lived.  

Even for those who were never born.   On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a woman had a Fourteenth Amendment right to privacy during her pregnancy to legally kill her fetus. On January 22, 2003, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) "celebrated" the 30th anniversary of the landmark decision, and 42 million babies cried out. Although black women make up only 13% of the female population, 34% of the cries were from black babies.  

In attendance were Al Sharpton--a Pentecostal minister who has yet to promote anything remotely Christian--and five other Democratic presidential candidates, who sat on stage like court jesters ready to entertain the radical feminist queens of the NARAL. When told by one of the abortion protestors that real Christians don't support abortion rights, Sharpton said, "It is time for the Christian Right to meet the right Christians."  

And the show was on.  

Jockeying for political position, "Reverend" Sharpton has long since abandoned his call to share the Gospel with all the world, just as his predecessor "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, when he made a presidential run for it back in 1988. Neither Sharpton nor Jackson will ever be president of these United States, but that's beside the point.  

Al Sharpton should be ashamed for supporting the bloody slaughter of innocence babies. Jesse Jackson should be ashamed for doing a flip-flop on his stand against abortion 26 years ago. They now preach to black Americans, not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that it's acceptable to kill their own babies.  

In 1977, Jesse Jackson wrote an article for Right to Life News where he expounded upon what a man of God should believe--that the connection of sperm and egg in fertilization is not accidental, but providential. "It takes three to make a baby: a man, a woman, and the Holy Spirit...Anything growing is living. Therefore human life begins when the sperm and egg join..."  

To appeal to a liberal white base, Jackson adopted a pro-choice stance, discarding his obligation as a minister of God and to his own community. Jackson and Sharpton have surrendered to the lure of publicity and power. Protecting black women and children just doesn't have the same enticement.  

The Reverends are probably unaware that black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion.   The Reverends are probably unaware that studies show induced abortions increase the risk of breast cancer; black women have a higher breast cancer mortality rate than white women. Women who've had abortions are also at a much greater risk to deliver premature babies because of damage done to the cervix during abortion procedures.  

The Reverends are surely unaware that, under the guise of reproductive planning and supported by the Democratic party, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America operates 70% of its abortion clinics in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. This abortion factory was founded in 1923 by a genocidal racist named Margaret Sanger and two other known racists. She spoke at a KKK rally, supported eugenics (read: Hitler), considered blacks "socially undesirable people" and once said: "More children from the fit, less from the unfit--that is the chief aim of birth control."  

In the late 1930s, Sanger devised a program called the "Negro Project" to use black ministers and doctors to spread her message of contraception, sterilization, and abortion in the black community. Over sixty years later, black "leaders" are still being duped by this genocidal swindle. When 90% of voting black Americans cast the ballot for the Democratic Party, they perpetuate a child-killing agenda.  

And the slaying continues.  

Like King David, Jesse Jackson once feared God. He wrote in 1977: "What happens to the mind of a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of a person, and what kind of a society, will we have 20 years hence if life can be taken so casually?"  

Tell us, Jesse, what kind of society do you think that would be?  

(c)2003 La Shawn Barber

Read Part II here

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La Shawn Barber is a frequent contributor to the Washington Times, and her editorials have also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Dispatch, BlackElectorate, The Black World Today, and other publications.