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Girls Gone Wild
Arizona Republic Staff Editorial
4 February 2003

This well-written staff editorial points out how the mastermind behind the Girls Gone Wild home videos raked in $90 million last year, while the silly girls who strip and behave sexually for his camera make zero (which is duly noted as probably equaling their I.Q.). But hey, they're "in control" of their own bodies. Too bad none of them will ever be able to have a serious public career in 20 years, because nudie pictures always follow you around. You can just "google" someone and poof! There's their pictures!

Gone stupid
'Real girls' in raunchy videos suffer from more than just acting dumb

Last year, Joe Francis sold $90 million worth of Girls Gone Wild videos, in which "real girls" take their clothes off and act raunchy.

The girls got zero, which probably equals their IQ.

This belongs in a Jay Leno skit called "Just how stupid are women?"

But we're not laughing. And we're not talking just about the stupidity of young women who get liquored up and strip for some guy who made a fortune with the idea that nothing was beneath a woman's dignity.

We're talking mothers here.

Every one of those girls had a mother. A mother who was apparently incapable of teaching her daughter the many reasons not to take dares or jump off cliffs.

Fathers don't get off the hook, either.

Somebody raised these girls to be dumber than duh.

After all, there's nothing remarkable about a guy named Joe asking a pretty girl to take off her clothes off and act naughty. It's a theme as old as Adam.

What's different is that this generation of supposedly liberated, empowered females didn't deck Joe Francis when he made his proposal.

Instead, they bought into another age-old lie, which is: You are your body, Honey.

They line up to get drunk and degrade themselves for the lecherous amusement of others. They think they are hip and in control of their bodies.

In a pig's eye.

They are silly little girls whose bodies matured before their brains did. Can any of them imagine how they'd feel seeing their mothers doing similar things in a 20-year-old film? Talk about embarrassing.

Now fast forward to the explanations they'll come up with in 20 years when one of their sons downloads a Golden Oldie and recognizes Mom. Proud moment, eh?

Which brings us back to Mom - and Dad.

In a culture that preaches instant gratification and conspicuous consumption, it's up to you, Mom and Dad, to teach your children - sons and daughters - to respect their sexuality, know the difference between right and wrong, and understand what alcohol does to judgment.

Joe Francis is one rich fella because too many parents didn't do their job and too few kids were smart enough to figure it out on their own.