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  Unwitting Treason
by Gary Schneider, TheRealityCheck.org
February 2003

Liberals generally respond to conservative arguments by attacking the conservative personally, e.g. you're a racist. When liberals actually allow themselves to argue the issue on the merits, they tend to take conservative positions.

Many Americans, seemingly in good faith and conscience, confidently proclaim the moral righteousness of their Liberal beliefs in stupefying and meaningless platitudes unsupported by any clear or discernible basis in reality.  These oft heard one liners, and their like, have been chanted and marketed so effectively by the clergy of the Left, that there followers need not … and do not think critically and independently to establish their own political and social positions.  These cultish like chantings have been embedded so effectively into the Liberal mindset that they have been wholly accepted as fact … as though if you say it enough, it must be true.  Then, if you dare question these mantras, you will again be met with more platitudes, equally as meaningless, just more dismissive and condescending. The Left has effectively dumbed itself down. Liberalism has become a near mindless religion that desperately attempts to recreate reality to conform to its preexisting philosophies rather than one that establishes its philosophy from objective observation of fact.  Truth and applied common sense have become irrelevant, having been lost to chants like  “I’m looking out for the underprivileged”…aaaaaoooommmm, “Live and let live …  we should be tolerant and sensitive to all different beliefs and lifestyles” … aaaaoooommmm, “Republicans are Fascists”,  “Republicans are Racist”, “Republicans are Sexist”,  “Republicans are only for big business”… aaaaaooooommmmm.  I can smell the strong aroma of incense now.  This would all be too humorous if it were not so dangerous.  The lack of discernment by those who blindly identify themselves as “a Liberal” has created a large contingent of voters that are effectively complicit in endorsing policies that are dangerous to America and Americans.

A conversation with a devout Liberal typically goes something like this:

Q:  Doesn’t Affirmative Action effectively discriminate on the basis of race, based on the premise that minorities cant succeed on their own?

A:  You’re a racist.

Q:  How is it that President Bush’s tax relief plan will hurt the little guy when they receive, on a percentage basis, a greater tax cut than their wealthier fellow citizens … many of whom are small business owners who file individually and also knowing that small businesses employ the majority of Americans?

A:  You’re just for big business

Q:  Why do Liberals insist on promoting promiscuous behavior as cool and without consequence while seeming to decry traditional moral family values…particularly given the increased burden the results of this behavior has placed on our health care system…among many other ills?

A:  You’re a Fascist.

Q:  Does it not make sense to aggressively and proactively address a potential threat of terrorist attacks on America by all means necessary, including military force.  Particularly after 9/11 and given the current history of Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction and use them against us and our allies?

A:  You’re a war monger…All we are saying is give peace a chance…no blood for oil.

Get the picture?

They then go on to promote economic dependence on government and knowingly divide Americans by exploiting racial sensitivities for political gain … marketing the notion that Conservative policies, and all Americans who support them, are racist.  Recall it was Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) who said, while arguing against the proposed Republican tax cuts, “Its not ‘Spic’ or ‘Nigger’ anymore” its ‘Lets cut taxes.’”… Shameful.

Every day Liberals and Democrats actively attempt to marginalize free speech and open religious expression … particularly that of Christians.  If you go to church, love your family and think abortion is bad - you’re a member of a secret fascist conspiracy known as “The Religious Right”.   They seek to have peaceful abortion protesters treated as racketeers under the law in order to suppress their 1st amendment rights.  Liberal colleges and universities across the country have instituted speech codes that primarily target conservative expression.  The display of Christian symbols have largely become illegal in most schools and government buildings in the name of tolerance and sensitivity … Though it is OK to display symbols of Islam and Judaism, etc., as this falls under the banner of “Multiculturalism”.  Equal access for Christians to assemble in public places is actively being challenged by the ACLU and those of their ilk.  So, Who’s the Fascist?

In 1991, following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, it was discovered that Iraq was within a year of creating a Nuclear bomb. At the same time, in 1991, Liberals were exclaiming the evil of then President George HW Bush (that’s right Bush, not Saddam Hussein) and calling him names again like “war monger”…. those same fools are name calling again.   Decrying GW Bush, not Hussein, despite September 11, despite Iraqi agent attempts to assassinate a sitting U.S. President, despite 12 years of Hussein thumbing his nose at the UN and the world, despite Hussein starving, gassing and killing tens of thousands of his own people, despite active and ongoing attempts by Iraq to acquire and grow its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, despite Iraq’s likely ties to anti-west terrorists, including Al-Qaida. It is commonly understood that Anti-US/West terrorists have the will to kill every man, woman and child in America if they had the means.  Saddam Hussein is seeking to acquire those means.  All the while Liberals continue to blindly complain and decry President Bush for aggressively fighting this evil.  All they have offered are complaints and criticisms…raising a greater ruckus about the rights of Johnny Walker, or the detainees at Guantanimo Bay, than the rights of the citizens in Afghanistan, or Iraq.

This is the absurd reality of Liberals.  Though, on some specific issues when sane discourse is permitted, a strange thing frequently happens, self-proclaimed Liberals take a decidedly Conservative stance.  Then, at the voting booth, these same folks will choose politicians who, in practice, take contrary positions to their own.  From support for the war on terrorism, Iraq, tax relief, parental choice in schools, parental consent to abortions of under age girls, to outlawing partial birth abortions - The Liberal Left is wrongheaded on most issues, yet they often receive considerable voter support on election day.

It defies common sense.


Gary Schneider is the President and founder of TheRealityCheck.Org, Inc., a Conservative policy advocacy group established to promote and defend conservative social, political and economic principles nationally, through the origination and dissemination of commentary, analysis, news and research tools via the public Internet and other channels.  TheRealityCheck.Org, Inc. is located in Shelton CT. 

Schneider received his degree in Government and Russian Studies at Norwich University’s Military College of Vermont, the nations oldest private military academy.  At Norwich he held numerous leadership positions within the Corp of Cadets.  In 1989 Schneider moved to New York, where he initially conducted financial research for various on-line and print publications used by Wall Street investors.  Since that time, he has built and led research teams and oversaw the creation of global financial research and news products for some of the largest media organizations in the world to include Thomson Financial and, for the last 9 years, as a Vice-President for Reuters, the worlds largest news and television agency.  Schneider has also attended executive leadership training at the University of Michigan and received a certificate in e-Commerce from New York University.

During his 14 year career, Schneider has traveled extensively to Europe and throughout the United States.  In addition to Politics and Finance, his hobbies include fitness, mountain-biking and is actively involved in his Church.