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How The Anti-War Left Evades Reality
by Esther Hartstein
6 February 2003

Oblivious to the numbers showing women to be more pro-war than men, the anti-war Left accuses Bush of waging “war on women."

We have all seen them, standing proud and haughty under their “no war!” banners, condemning the United States for planning war against Iraq’s dictatorial regime. Oblivious to the numbers showing women to be more pro-war than men, they accuse Bush of waging “war on women”. Oblivious to the ongoing enslavement of Negro Christians in the Sudan, the “peaceniks” decry a war on primarily Arab terrorists as a “racist war”, watering down complex foreign policy issues to alleged racial motives in an example of the stunning cognitive dissonance of the Left.

Cognitive dissonance, in fact, seems to loom as the root of anti-war hysteria in the Leftist camp. On one hand, they are convinced that no war is worth fighting. On the other hand, they are helplessly being confronted with the reality of war as a deterrent to people who want to nuke us out. The loud conflict threatens to jar the leftist out of his well-fortified intellectual comfort zone, where everything can be seamlessly summed up to evil on behalf of the United States, leaving him desperate to stay inside. His defense mechanism? Denial. Pure, unadulterated denial.

To the ignorant mind, the Left may appear to present some decent arguments: “It’s not a war of defense if we strike before they do”, “No weapons have been found in the enemy’s hands yet”, ( I suppose those empty warheads were intended for the long-range distribution of food to the needy, eh?) “Civilians will be killed”, etc., etc. However, these excuses seem to take no heed of the present reality: There is a mass murderer running Iraq with an air force and nuclear capacity, capable and willing to destroy every last citizen of the United States. With proven connections to Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers responsible for the World Trade Center’s destruction, this mass murderer cannot be bargained with or bought off. He will give everything, including his life and the lives of his followers, to see you and your loved ones killed. With today’s technology, he can do that in a nanosecond. The only thing standing between the world as you know it and a total nuke- out is a pre-emptive strike (and warmongers like President Bush who want you to know it). But the liberal does not want to hear it. It is easier for him to scream “no war!” than to filthy his utopian psyche with the notion of himself as a target.

Given the dangers we face as a nation, our strong, brave, and noble leader George W Bush has devoted much of his busy schedule toward alerting the public about the state of their safety. The man has been a humanitarian in every way: planning the creation of a democratic state, spending U.S. dollars on protecting the civilians of Iraq, diplomatically laying out his reasoned ideas before the world. So why are the liberals so furious at him? Why are their attacks so vehement, their anger so fiery? Why do they want the President’s head on a platter?

Let’s start by exploring why people hate in the first place. Hatred of people springs from a hatred of something which the targeted person appears to represent. In order to hate that “something” in the first place, you have to find it threatening to you in some way. In other words, the liberals hate Bush because he appears to stand for something they find threatening. What would that be? Why, the irking reality of a possible nuke-out. The liberal wants to believe that such a thing can never happen. He clings to this belief. He want to do away with any exceptions to his absolutist, “no war” philosophy. And President Bush, with his unwavering belief that we have to fight Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is a threat to Heaven’s Truth as the leftist knows it.

Thus, the Left is not merely inflamed by President Bush. If that were the case, then their hatred would simply be a matter of them disagreeing with his policies. But no. Fox News Channel also inflames the Left. Pundits inflame the Left. Scholars inflame the Left. The American people inflame the Left. All of this militancy over a few potential casualties in Iraq? I don’t think so.

Another facilitator of delusional Leftist thought is France. That’s right, France. As one of only a couple of European countries to oppose war in Iraq, France is a hotbed of anti- American sentiment. Over 80% of French people oppose this war, seeing it as an “imperial war over oil”. Though such numbers are rampant in Europe and not restricted to France, this country is the worst of the pack. Though they decry a U.S. war as “oil motivated”, it is common knowledge that France has some extensive oil deals with Saddam’s regime. These hypocrites would see the whole world nuked just for their own oil profit, and in their fanaticism fail to realize that democratic countries (like the one Bush wants to create) make better trading partners than kookocracies like Iraq. War over oil, indeed.

As for the “U.S. is imperialist!” school of French criticism, let me tell you, this is all hogwash at best. For starters, French troops have been busy of late in its not-so-former colony in Western Africa, the Ivory Coast. Obstructing the popular government of that region, the French have been confiscating Ivorian land and handing it over to fanatics in the North. If that's not imperialism, tell me what is. What we Americans are doing is just a mainstream war.

The Left is so full of itself that it is heading for explosion. And it is exploding already, on the streets of our cities, waving their stupid signs and chanting cheesy slogans. While the Right is out defending its country, the Left is out defending something that is far more important to them- the safety of their minds from unpleasant truths. And they would see you nuked in the process.

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A multi-award winning poet, Esther has written a book, "Eros Wins The Battle", about a U.S. immigrant fighting for regime change in her native country. The book, filled with Greek myths and poetry, is available at BN.com (Barnes and Nobel) and Amazon.com.