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Poster Girl Of The New World Order
by Frederick B. Meekins
05 February 2003 

You might be a supporter of terrorism for driving an SUV around town, but Miss Arianna gallivants across the country and around the globe aboard private jets.

Throughout history, social movements have often come to be identified with the individuals most perceived as embodying their expressed values and perspectives. That being the case, one might suggest Arianna Huffington be considered the perfect spokeswoman for the New World Order. For even though she definitely lacks the intelligence required to manifest the cabalistic acumen needed to orchestrate such a comprehensive plot, a number of the viewpoints she expresses are nearly identical to those motivating those allied with this global conspiracy.

At the heart of the New World Order is a radical dichotomy between how the masses would be forced to live by their alleged betters and in the Bacchanalian fashion in which the elites would continue to exist. In other words, those advocating this form of cultural organization endorse a Don’t-Do-As-I-Do-But-Do-As-I-Say approach to social ethics.

Foremost among the plans of the New World Order is to feudalize the population by strictly controlling access of the average person to technologies, resources, and necessities ---- even going so far as to stipulate in what kind of dwelling an individual may live. These policies will, however, in no way infringe upon the ability of bigshots in the overclass from enjoying their own lives though.

For example, media dilettante Arianna Huffington introduced an ad campaign accusing those of driving SUV’s of financing terrorism because of the questionable gas mileage displayed by this mode of transportation. But while the little guy is expected to return to a pre-industrial lifestyle, don’t be fooled into thinking Arianna and her ilk will lead by example by sharing in the intentionally-imposed hardship.

You might be a supporter of terrorism for driving an SUV around town, but Miss Arianna gallivants across the country and around the globe aboard private jets. She also has a 9,000 square foot house and, according to an April 2000 issue of National Review, her wedding dress “cost more than most college grads’ starting salaries” and the reception well over $100,000.

But as she pointed out to Sean Hannity who dared highlight such hypocrisies, she only flies where the planes are going anyway. Have her put on a few pounds and work on her accent, this woman could serve as Anna Nicole Smith’s stunt double.

Unfortunately, these attitudes aren’t the ravings of a lone madwoman in the wilderness. They are in fact quite prevalent among many of those holding positions of cultural influence.

For example, Norman Lear, who bankrolled this propaganda, himself owns a 21 car garage that’s 45 feet tall; most SUV dealer showrooms aren’t that large. Other eco-minded celebrities wanting to tell you what to do while continuing to enjoy their own lives of luxury include Jane Fonda (it figures) who has one of those SUV limousines and Barbara Streisand who, according to WorldNetDaily.com, drives around town in a 45-foot motorhome thinking herself too good for a public toilet out of a fear of germs (but then again, those adorable restroom pathogens can only endure so much trauma). It must be remembered this is the same Barbara Streisand who during the California electricity crisis admonished residents about hanging laundry out to dry rather than tossing it the dryer.

In the eyes of those like Arianna, however, it is not the place of commoners to expose the inconsistencies of the self-important. Our role is simply to obey. According to Lloyd Grove of the Washington Post, Huffington demanded a formal apology from New York Post columnist Richard Jackson, lecturing him about the impropriety of exposing celebrity duplicity.

Some might think this issue one merely of economics or conservation. Yet the matter goes much deeper to embrace components of the ultimate or spiritual in the attempt by those orchestrating this movement to control all facets of existence.

To advocates of the New World Order, religion is not the transcendent source of truth by which even their actions will be judged but rather an implement through which to whip the masses into compliance. Of the “What Would Jesus Drive Campaign” the director of the Religion Action Center of Reform Judaism told the Associated Press, “If you in the auto industry manufacture and market more clean cars, we in the American religious community will not only tell our people about it, we’ll have prepared them to embrace such change. “ Gives a whole new meaning to Huxley’s line in Brave New World, “In the Year of Our Ford.”

To those running with the World Council of Churches crowd, religion has very little to do with the relationship of the individual to the eternal God of the universe; rather it’s about spouting-off sociomanipulative propaganda for the latest politically correct cause. Frankly, I have better things to do Sunday mornings than being told what car to drive.

Arianna is herself no stranger to the bizarre symbiosis that develops between aberrant religion and eccentric politics. Besides being a pundit, Arianna is also a minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, known as “MSIA” and pronounced “messiah” (something extremely creepy in itself).

There’s much more to this group than Sunday sermons, choir practice, and picnics on the church lawn. MSIA is a New Age group that believes we are all a part of God but need the help of the “Mystic Traveler” (the group’s leader of course) to help us in re-embracing the divine within.

As such, some people are higher up the metaphysical ladder than others. Having had a number of out-of-body experiences (one could argue her mind has yet to return), Huffington has ascended to a higher level of consciousness; and, as has been argued since the days of Hegel, those of us trapped on the lower planes of cosmic development can in no way apply our outdated standards to those operating in the next epoch of the Universal Spirit. That is why Arianna and those like her have no problem with flying around in private jets yet chastise you for simply going to work and taking care of your children.

An old adage warns beware of Greeks bearing gifts. It must be remembered that not all Trojan horses are made of wood and hide marauding armies. Many are composed of words and conceal ideas just as threatening to both human liberty and individual well-being.

Copyright 2002 by
Frederick B. Meekins
American WorldView Dispatch

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