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  That Which Deceives, Also Enchants
by Paul Walfield
8 February 2003

The phrase "anti-war" as used by the Left is deceptive rather than truthful.

Plato spoke that phrase thousands of years ago and today the Left's use of the phrase "anti-war" proves his philosophy is as relevant as ever. The phrase anti-war as used in the 21st century is not truthful, rather it is deceptive. It is a notion that conjures up another side that is by logical conclusion, pro-war, and therefore neanderthal in its thinking. What could be more enchanting for all than a premise of peace throughout the world, and more damning to its opponents?  

Anti-war movements today are in reality, unwilling to fight movements. Unwilling to fight for freedom and justice, and unwilling to fight for the maintenance and continuation of what America truly stands for.  

On the other hand, those accused of being pro-war and "hawks," are neither. Rather, they are those in America and throughout the world that are willing to fight for freedom, justice and the values we in America hold dear.  

The Left's so-called anti-war movement, will always accept and recognize the reality of Saddam Hussein's barbarism. They will acknowledge the fact that he has gassed his own people and is the cause of millions of deaths. Yet, they will not acknowledge a need for military force to oust him while at the same time they admit he isn't going anywhere without it. While it may be correct that many in the "peace movement" are in actuality, anti-American, as it is easily gleaned from the many speeches and posters at their rallies, some may not be.  

Although it has been pointed out by FrontPage magazine, that the most prominent "anti-war" group A.N.S.W.E.R., is merely a front for the communist Workers World Party, it is unlikely that all who attend their rallies are aware of that fact or if they were, would excuse that reality. However, it is clear that all are unwilling to put their lifestyles, let alone their lives on the line to end tyranny in the world.  

Purposeful unwillingness to open ones eyes to indisputable facts is only done for fear that the reality will challenge one's beliefs. Accepting the reality of the vile and unrepentant nature of the Iraqi regime on one hand, yet unwilling to accept action that will end it, doesn't necessarily speak to the naiveté of the holder, but it does speak to that individual or groups character.  

Pundits from both ends of the spectrum rationalize the reasons and ideology of both the Left and the Right. Depending upon your perspective and generally speaking, the Left is viewed as either naïve or progressive; the Right is seen as either pro-war or "willing to face reality." Nevertheless, it is clear whatever description is used, The Right is viewed as willing to fight for their beliefs, and the Left is not.  

The Left is generally understood to be a champion of human rights and equality for all, yet none of their spokespersons at any of their rallies chose to demand an end to the despotic and brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. Rather, they are championing his "right" to continue to brutalize the Iraqi people. This can be dismissed by the Left as giving the Iraqi people the "right" to decide who shall lead them, not America. Yet, it all boils down to the consequences of action. The Iraqi people are in no position to overthrow, Saddam. He will remain in power for as long as he continues to eliminate those he deems his enemies. Whether that enemy is some of his own people or all of the United States.  

If America was to take action and eliminate Saddam, the fallout may lead to terrorist attacks in the US. If that does occur, Americans will be affected, and our safety will be diminished. Many may die, and our economy will take a beating. The Left is unwilling to take that chance or pay that price. Whether it is for the oppressed people of Iraq, or to protect our freedoms here in the US, the Left, for all their enchanting slogans and professed ideals; the idea of their lives or lifestyles being put on the line, is more than they will allow.  

The Left in all its hedonistic glory, will sacrifice the lives of their children and children's children so long as they can maintain the status quo. It is not that they don't value the freedoms they have, rather the Left is so enthralled, selfish and self-indulgent, they will do nothing that may jeopardize their lifestyles even to the exclusion of any future generations.  

The depth of the Left's convictions is no greater than the thickness of the ink on one of their poster boards.

Paul Walfield is a freelance writer and member of the State Bar of California with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and post-graduatestudy in behavioral and analytical psychology. He resided for a number ofyears in the small town of Houlton, Maine and is now a California attorney.Paul can be contacted at [email protected]