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The Case for American Hegemony
by Scott Shore
17 February 2003 

An era of Pax Americana might not be a bad thing, and the "axis of envy" needs to get over the fact that they no longer call the shots. The U.N. itself is only an invention of the U.S., which should be dropped if it no longer serves the cause of freedom and protection of humanity.

A wag once wrote “history is just one damned thing after another.” Those who believe in the role of Providence in human affairs see things differently. Empires and nations rise and fall. In ancient times Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome all ruled colonies and then for a variety of reasons declined and left only relics. China was at one time the most advanced civilization. Since the Middle Ages the Spanish, Russians, the Magyars, the Roman Church or the French reached world power. Later it was the Dutch and until recently the United Kingdom. The English, The French, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Italians and the Germans all created colonies throughout the world. The Russians largely colonized the Asian continent. Of these nations only the British can be said to have truly had a moral as well as economic foundation for the imperialism. One might argue that the ancient Romans also believed that they were creating not only a Pax Romana but also the rule of law, an advance in governance, the spread of the Christian faith and the benefits of advanced engineering and economy. In a similar fashion the British believed they were a civilizing influence in a barbaric world. For the most part the Romans and the British greatly advanced the lot of humanity who fell under their influence. The true history of British rule in India will show that it was not principally rapacious British capitalists who supported the advance of the Empire. To the contrary, the British were invited in to stop the savaging of internecine tribal savaging and to act as mediators on the subcontinent. They created a relatively advanced system of administration and law under the Raj and established a democratic nation. Indeed most ex-British colonies later enjoyed the most flourishing economies and greatest degree of freedom in the Third World. Today the United Kingdom is still proving itself a nation with a moral compass, but it is an exhausted volcano in terms of a great power.

Each felicitous age in human history has had at least one great power to advance the cause of freedom and the advancement of mankind. After the Second World War, that torch of freedom was passed decisively to the United States. Our continuous battle against Soviet totalitarianism kept the world from slipping into another Dark Age. We liberated not only those countries in which our troops fought and died like France and Germany, but we eventually freed the entire European continent through our steadfast opposition to world communism. Our time for world leadership began after the Second World War and has only grown with the decline morally and militarily of old Europe but with the slow but steady rise of Islamofascism which began its birth with Nazi support in the late 1920s. Today Islamofascism and a few atavistic Communist states like North Korea threaten Western civilization and all freedom loving people.

It is not only America’s right to act unilaterally as the only remaining superpower; it is our moral obligation to civilization and to bequeath Freedom to future generations. Isolationism, masquerading as republican virtue, is a selfish impulse and is self-defeating. Patrick Buchanan and his ilk of conservative is as much a moral relativist as any leftist. This does not mean we raid our treasury to fight every cause, but we must be able to distinguish between historic fights for freedom and merely pointless interventionism amongst barbarous nations. Once freedom is the defining feature of a conflict, we can no longer remain neutral. Buchanan should learn from Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or Reagan, fighting on behalf of freedom strengthens American values of liberty and moral clarity. As President Eisenhower said, “We are not good because we are great, we are great because we are good.”

The United Nations is an invention of the United States. When it no longer suits the cause of freedom and protection of humanity against the predatory behavior of nations, it should be ignored or dropped entirely. Arguably, everytime we look to the UN for support we legitimize the majority of dictatorships which constitute that body. When America is sure of its purpose and leads, the world will ultimately follow. The European “axis of envy” of France and Germany should get over the fact that they no longer call the shots. They had their time as world powers and they justly lost all moral and political influence. America must take the initiative, outline a vision to the world and seek like-minded allies. The time for Pax Americana has come and the world can thank Divine Providence.

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