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Whatever it Takes
by Raymond Green, SupportNoSpin.com
16 February 2003

How the Democratic Party has left its prior ideology for new beliefs and now espouses the opposite of everything they've ever supported.

Democratic voters have to feel betrayed – if they really understand and believe in the Democrat’s agenda that is. The supposed Party for minorities, humanity, moral conscious, and global democracy (as they would say anyway) has abandoned all their prior ideologue for new beliefs – the opposite of everything they’ve ever supported.

Democrats have always been the cohorts of Affirmative Action. When Republicans denounce Affirmative Action as a set of quotas, or an ineffective way to achieve equal opportunity, Democrats have pulled the race card. Senator Trent Lott was so paranoid of being seen as a Klansman by minorities, he even dodged elaborating on his stance concerning Affirmative Action (and in some ways even went as far as to endorse it) during a BET television interview. But now liberals are tossing this belief for what could be the first Hispanic judge on the Court of Appeals. Why? A conservative president has appointed him. But what should it matter? Affirmative Action has never relied on credentials. No Hispanic judges currently sit on the Court of Appeals and that is all that matters – according to Affirmative Action.

In addition to ditching their Affirmative Action agenda, this means Democrats have also ignored the confidence that the largest minority in the US – Hispanics – has faithfully vested in them every election cycle. Keeping what would be the first Hispanic from sitting on the Court of Appeals leads one to wonder whether the interest of the Hispanics is really at heart. One with intelligence, however, need not wonder.

Similarly, Democrats have, in a sense, abandoned their beloved United Nations in two ways. First, Democrats that currently support a war in Iraq based on evidence produced by US or UK authorities have inadvertently admitted the UN’s irrelevance. Secondly, the Democrats that will not support a war until the UN has approved military action are helping the UN self-destruct by ignoring resolutions they themselves created. In either case, the UN is irrelevant with the help of their strongest supporters – Democrats.

With an overwhelming majority of Americans supporting forced disarmament of Saddam if he will not disarm himself, Democrats have even abandoned much of their own voter block in an attempt to appease the anti-war radicals. Though the media would have you believe these anti-American protests are in abundance and anti-war sentiment is steadily growing, it is simply not true – quite the contrary. As the days go by and the threat of a terrorist attack builds, more and more Americans are growing impatient to pursue disarmament if anything.

One thing I never thought I’d have the pleasure to witness though is the flip-flop on taxes. When President Bush unveiled his initial tax cut proposal, most Democrats stood strong and denounced any cut in government growth. Democrats have repeatedly made a point to declare tax cuts ineffective in generating economic growth and warned of severe side affects. Now, Democrats – yes, the same Democrats that convulse at any mention of giving money back to the people that paid taxes – are proposing income tax rebates. Yes, the same kind of tax rebates that most of them voted against at the beginning of the Bush presidency.

But who’s surprised? This comes from the same Party that had both a President and Vice President change their stance on key issues like abortion and tobacco just prior to accepting office. Democrats don’t really know what their agenda is. They wait for Republicans to lead an agenda to the floor and know they are against whatever that agenda may be. If Republicans are for tax cuts, Democrats are against it. But if Republicans are for big tax cuts, Democrats are for small ones. When Republicans nominate minorities to office, Democrats oppose the nomination concurrently aborting their historic stance on Affirmative Action and special aid for minorities. But as the saying goes, “It all comes out in the wash”. Truth has a way of revealing itself and as it reveals itself to the American public, Democrats have witnessed their long held power diminish. On talk radio, cable news, and on the Internet, monopolies are been broken and choice has prospered. With the help of the free market – a system protected by Republicans – Americans have begun to see through lies, deception, and deceit that Democrats will do whatever it takes – rewriting state constitutions in New Jersey and filibustering a Hispanic judge nominee – to get that power back.

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