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Prisoners Being Recruited To Radical Islam
by Esther Hartstein
16 February 2003

Too bad the inmates being converted to Islam are oblivious how the Muslim prisons treat their prisoners. Maybe after a few beatings, maimings, and torture they wouldn't be so eager to convert.

Have you ever heard of a certain Warith Deen Umar? Well, now you will. The man is a Muslim fanatic, black radical and former Louis Farrakhan devotee. He has been spending the past 20 years as a chaplain in the New York prison system, channeling black rage into support for terror. 

Trained by Saudi government programs, Umar found lucrative work in New York prisons, earning about $70,000 a year, according to the New York Post and the U.S. Bureau of prisons. "Prisons are a powder keg", said the cleric, who once declared that Osama bin Laden was a "warrior of Allah". "The question is the ignition."

He got away with this malfeasance for 20 years. But even more puzzling than the U.S. Bureau of Prisons', um, delayed discovery of the matter was the support the Islamist managed to arouse in blacks, of all people. Are the brainwashed blind, as well? Why have these blacks gravitated toward a belief system that has oppressed their brothers on such an enormous scale?

Islam's record with blacks is worse than anything the Western thinker could comprehend, let alone inflict. In modern day Sudan, blacks are routinely killed, kidnapped, raped, tortured, maimed, separated from their families and enslaved. This is is traditionally done for the "crimes" of having dark skin and believing in a faith other than Islam. Throughout Africa's Muslim northeast, teenage girls ritually get their private parts bludgeoned to bloody pulp as a cultural requirement for brides. The rationale for sadism is that pain caused by sex will keep girls from straying from their husbands. In Muslim Nigeria, a black woman named Bariyah Magazu was sentenced to death by stoning for having a child out of wedlock.(She was later rescued by the resulting international outrage.) The fact that other blacks perpetrated this attempted atrocity hardly exonerates Islam for such treatment towards those subjected to it.

Though commonly viewed as a Western practice, the slavery of blacks by whites had its roots in the Muslim cultures of Africa, where it is still practiced today. For centuries, Arab slave traders found lucrative enterprise in the sale of wayward blacks to the Europeans. Despite such abuse and betrayal at Muslim hands, converting to Islam as a protest of slavery is still regarded as a sensible thing to do in black circles.

When the boxer Cassius Clay converted to Islam and changed his name to Mohammed Ali, he gave this explanation: "Christianity is the religion of the white man." Sure, Mohammed, but Islam is the religion of the Arabs. Throughout the 7th and 8th centuries, Muslim forces ravaged North Africa, converting the natives there to Islam by the sword. They conquered the natives' lands and forced their inhabitants to pay jizya, a tax that Muslims impose on nonbelievers. Say what you will about Western religious mores, but at least they were accompanied by religious liberty. In the event that Mohammed Ali was trying to reconnect with his slave ancestors, it is highly dubious that they were Muslim. Islamic law only permits Muslims to enslave non-Muslims, and the African slave trade was and continues to be dominated by Muslims.

One can hypothesize that Islam has a certain appeal to the U.S. criminal. Feeling betrayed by society, he will adapt a different religion just to rebel. The fact that Islam encourages violence against outsiders (according to certain interpretations) makes this belief system even more appealing to his vengeant, hate-filled psyche.One problem, though: the criminal who does this has to be extremely naive. Or extremely stupid.

Do these inmates have any idea what Muslim prisons do to their inmates? British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw released a report on Iraqi prison practices-and out of respect for your stomach, I will not give you the details. In Islamist societies, even minor offenses are punishable by inhuman barbarities, the least of which was when several Saudi girls were thrown into a burning building for not meeting their country's modesty standards. Whereas in the "Great Satan", even the prisoners have education and TV access- things that many free people in Islamic societies can only dream of.

Perhaps we should send Islamist prisoners to Islamist prisons. Perhaps after a couple rounds of the beatings, maimings, and electrical torture they give them there, these ingrates will have nicer things to say about us Infidels when they come back.

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A multi-award winning poet, Esther has written a book, "Eros Wins The Battle", about a U.S. immigrant fighting for regime change in her native country. The book, filled with Greek myths and poetry, is available at BN.com (Barnes and Nobel) and Amazon.com.