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SUV Bashing
by Doug Hagin
23 February 2003

Railing against those who bash SUVs.

Have you ever sat and pondered the strangeness of the political left wing in America? Have you ever wondered just how they justify their base hypocrisy on so many issues? Sure we all have from time to time listened to some lefty from say, Hollywood, spouting some nonsense and shaken our heads in amazement.

As I have covered in this column many times in the past there are many issues where the left talks out of one side of their faces and act out the other. And surely the current tantrum those on the left are throwing over sport utility vehicles is ripe with hypocrisy.

Many on the left have in recent times have taken their childish hatred of the SUV to new and sickening lows. Some have compared SUV drivers to terrorists and others have accused anyone daring to drive an SUV of supporting terrorism because their vehicle uses too much fuel.

There have even been instances of wackos from the Earth Liberation Front, a domestic terrorist group, firebombing car dealerships, which sell these vehicles. Others have taken to issuing “tickets” to parked SUVs, basically putting stickers all over the vehicles, ruining the paint job and costing the owners hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Acts such as these are no surprise; many of those who despise SUVs hate private property and capitalism, which are to their twisted minds symbolized by the dreaded SUV. Now to be fair most folks opposing sport utility vehicles are not guilty of acts of terror. They are, however, quite guilty of acts of stupidity and hypocrisy.

Many of those leading this latest charge against anyone driving an SUV are from the entertainment industry. Many actors and actresses have jumped on board the anti-SUV bandwagon. Funny that a tabloid magazine recently showed many of these earth first, no war for oil, don’t dare drive an SUV types driving around in guess what? Sport utility vehicles.

They of course would surely tell us they had good reasons for driving these cars wouldn’t they? After all they never seem to be able to live by the rules they wish to set for the rest of us. Rosie O'Donnell blasts guns and gun owners as evil and dangerous, then she hires armed guards for her children. Sharon Stone supports gun control yet she once fired a shotgun at an intruder on her property to scare them away.

Now these folks on the Left Coast are bashing SUV drivers while driving the very same cars themselves. But this is the pattern with leftists is it not? They consider themselves above the masses, and thus above the socialist rules they would force upon the masses. They are more intelligent; they are better fitted to run not only their lives but ours as well according to them.

And the rich and famous in Hollywood may want to ban guns, and prevent a mother of five from driving an SUV, but they know those rules will never de demanded of them. Not only is this hypocritical it is pathetic as well.
Like some dictator who feasts on fine beef and gets drunk on expensive wine while his people eat stale bread and drink dirty water, these would be socialists support draconian laws which they think will never touch them.

Perhaps the most glaring example of this sort of two-faced behavior is Arianna Huffington, a columnist and political mouthpiece who used to claim to be Conservative. Ms. Huffington has been the loudest and most irritating SUV basher in recent memory. Column after column after column ripping SUV drivers as wasteful, and greedy. Classifying them as not caring about polluting the environment and supporting terrorism by using too much fuel.

Now of course this is the same Arianna Huffington who often flies private jets and lives in a huge mansion. I wonder who uses more fuel? Loud Mouth Huffington in her private jet or the family of six driving to church on Sunday morning?

I am not even going to point out to Ms. Huffington that eight people carpooling in an SUV are saving gas by not driving separately. In fact they are saving more fuel than if they all rode four to a car in the cracker boxes she would likely force on us all.

I will not even point out the fact that many of those SUV Huffington so despises as wasteful have v-6 engines. They are not wasteful; in fact I used much more gas driving my mustang than I do now driving an Explorer Sport.
Yet I do not see this hypocrite blasting drivers of Mustangs or Trans Ams do you? So why the attack on anyone tooling around in an SUV? Is Huffington just misguided? Does she really think her campaign will help anything? Is she truly concerned about wasting fuel? Or is she just another loud-mouthed, elitist, snob who has been educated well beyond her hat size?

Let’s go with the last option. And let’s try to understand why she is demonizing you and I. She is better than we are. She may tell us we do not NEED an SUV. I wonder why she NEEDS that huge home and all those trips in private jets?

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