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Smoke and Mirrors
by Timothy Rollins, The American Partisan
27 February 2003

Martin Sheen and his "Win Without War" Hollywood buddies held a "virtual" march on Washington to protest the pending war against Iraq because they knew they couldn't get very many protestors to actually show up to a real protest.

Have you seen the on-air spot of Martin Sheen and his group Win Without War? In it, Sheen and those who are members of his group call for Americans to have a 'virtual march' on Washington through e-mails, faxes and telephone calls to their elected officials.

Ever wonder why they are going 'virtual'? Could it be the lack of numbers at the actual rallies around the country and the exaggerated totals being exposed for the frauds they are? Of course it is. In his relentless pursuit of the truth, Rush Limbaugh pointed out how at a recent rally in San Francisco, the claim was made that 200,000 people had shown up to protest the pending war against Iraq. Independent satellite photography had the number at the 60,000 range - most of whom I suspect were a bunch of aging hippies from the 1960's still hung over in a marijuana cloud. Ever so quick to deny the numbers, they were subsequently backed up by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ridership figures for the day in question.

Then there is the question of fraud that can and will inevitably arise with this so-called virtual march on Washington by this 'Win Without War' crowd. Thinking it through for a moment, it is easy to figure out that anyone in their group can type any name and city on their online petition by harvesting an online telephone directory and keying in the information so as to pad the numbers and make it 'appear' as if they were a legitimate force protesting this pending action against Saddam Hussein in efforts by the United States, Great Britain, Spain and others who are in reality, seeking to free and liberate the Iraqi people from the oppression and bondage that has been so much a part of their landscape and national tapestry for so long, that for many of them, they know no other way.

Actress and Comedienne Janeane Garofalo (FNC)In an appearance on FOX News Sunday, actress and sometime comedienne Janeane Garofalo made an appearance to explain the group. Introduced as a leader of the group, she was quick to distance herself from being in a position of authority, saying, "Oh, I'm not a leader of Win Without War." Such a remark indicates that she wants it both ways. Being a spokesperson by default puts her in the leadership of the group; however, should things fall apart and the group be discredited - which it will, Garofalo can be counted on to do whatever it takes to distance herself from the debacle lest it affect her future employability in a town that is notoriously slow to forgive, however slight the transgression - real or perceived.

Yet as one looks closer at this and other pacifist groups decrying the possibility of going to war against Iraq, there is a common thread that is woven here, and it is not the cries of warring against the Iraqi people, for the intent of removing Saddam Hussein is to liberate these people who have been held under his bondage for so long. Neither is it to being done in the name of oil - unless you are the French, the Germans or the Russians, all of whom oppose combat with Iraq for a host of reasons. It's all about attacking George W. Bush's presidency. Why? Because their boy - Al Gore, failed to win his home state of Tennessee, which if he had, would have put him over the top without Florida and in the White House instead of Bush. Thank God for small favors.

Looking closer at the French and their distinguished record of treachery over the years, a recent STRATFOR report went into detail outlining the close personal relationship between Saddam Hussein and French President Jacques Chirac. There is also mounting evidence that German intelligence has aided and abetted the Iraqis as well - not to mention the under-the-table business deals that have gone on over the years in violation of the UN embargo that has been in place since the end of the first Gulf War way back in 1991.

So despite what either the French or the rest of the losers in the EU community may say - or especially the loony left in the Hollywood community may think, the 'virtual march' on Washington is just that - 'virtual' as in not real. When you get right down to it, it's all smoke and mirrors, and that my friends, is part and parcel of the Hollywood stock and trade.

And that should come as a surprise to none of us.

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