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Actors Without Scripts
by Paul Walfield
8 March 2003

The liberals of Hollywood believe that this is their time to speak up, even if speaking up runs the risk of showing the world that they lack a good point.

Iraq has chemical and biological weapons, North Korea has nukes, Iran is mining uranium, and the Libyans are heading the UN's Human Rights Commission. The Syrians and Saudis seem closer than ever to being terrorist states and the UN is impotent. What's a sole superpower to do?

Some Hollywood types, among others, have decided to try speaking using their own thoughts for a change rather than reading a script. Taking on self-chosen roles, the elite of the Left display their ideas on what it takes to have a peaceful world:

Spokespersons for the "peace movement" headed by foreign policy specialist Sheryl Crow believe we need to stop having enemies. The head of the Democratic Party's peace wing, Ben Cohen (famous for his Ben and Jerry's ice cream), has determined that fighting the bad guys is not the solution.

Brigadier General Norman Solomon, president of the Institute for Public Accuracy, back from his recent fact finding mission in Iraq with fellow geopolitical strategist Sean Penn, has determined that the best way to confront the evil that the world now faces is to understand that when the United States defends itself militarily, it is no better than the terrorists or evil regimes we attack.

After all, dead is dead. You can't separate a dead innocent from collateral damage done by an American bomb from the dead as a result of 9-11. For the Left, thinking deeper makes them woozy. When asked about the obvious differences between accidental deaths as a result of defending yourself to the intended deaths by terrorists, Norman simply shouted louder, "dead is dead." We certainly can't argue with that now, can we?

Speaking from the Democratic Party nerve center at her home in Beverly Hills, political activist and international affairs minister Barbra Streisand calls on all Americans to follow her lead and resist any effort by America to defend itself from annihilation. Speaking about "Iranian" president Saddam Hussein, and a possible attack on Iraq, Barbra says, "We can't let this issue become a distraction from the country's domestic problems." Of course we should not let a madman with weapons of mass destruction distract us from our goal of saving musk oxen breeding grounds in northern Alaska. However, Barbra could be heard buying up some more shares in Halliburton, just in case we win. Ah, the priorities of the Left.

Undaunted, and while claiming that their voices are being stifled by the warmongers, the Left voices their opposition to America's plans to seek out and destroy the evil doers. When confronted with the "plan" to kill terrorists, Democratic Ambassador to the third world, Phil Donahue (Marlo Thomas' husband) responded, "Kill the terrorists?" That was it. Actually, he went on to say something, but seemed to get lightheaded, and just drifted off during the interview on MSNBC.

Again pronouncing their voices were being stifled; Democratic spokesperson and American patriot Susan Sarandon demanded to know, "what did Iraq ever do to us?" After a number of pictures were drawn and shown to Susan, she too became woozy but could be heard saying, I am not un-American, I just don't like the place is all. Please don't hate me.

The Left realizing that their voices have been squished into meaningless drivel by forces beyond their control let loose their big guns, namely, Europeans. If American's who hate America can't get their message across to Americans who love their country, Europeans surely can.

John Le Carre, whose real name is David John Moore Cornwell, and a British novelist, claims that America has gone "mad" in its war against people who have declared war on America, and against a country that wants us destroyed. Saying those things in an English accent certainly bowled over the Democrats, but didn't seem to have the same effect on others.

Martin Sheen, political consultant, make believe president, and guest lecturer at universities across the country said before a huge audience and covered by the major networks and news organizations, "Would there not be countless innocent civilians killed in Iraq by a preventive strike?" Shouts could be heard saying, "We demand that our voices be not stifled." Moreover, "The debate about American imperialism must be allowed." Strangely, there were no shouts asking, "Would there not be countless Americans killed if we don't strike the evil doers?"

In other "peace" rallies around the country, antiwar demonstrators shouted down and refused to allow speeches by conservative speakers, protested the presence of military recruiters on their campuses and in San Francisco, demanded that parents refuse to allow any information be given about their students to the Feds.

All in America have a right to speak their mind, all have the right to criticize as they see fit, and Americans even have the right to be political satirists. Sadly, the Left has so forgotten how and by whom that right was achieved, they can't even fathom the notion that it still needs to be fought for.

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Paul Walfield is a freelance writer and member of the State Bar of California with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and post-graduate study in behavioral and analytical psychology. He resided for a number of years in the small town of Houlton, Maine and is now a California attorney.