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Political Correctness or Patriotism
by Ron Lowrance
, Retired Major, U.S. Army Infantry
13 March 2003

Why are a few getting away with representing the voice of many? Where is the silent majority?

Over the past several weeks like you, I have been watching the news on TV, reading the newspapers, listening to radio, and discussing topical subjects with friends. All of which has been in an effort to better understand and attempt to make sense of it all. The result of all of this seems to always be grounded in the same fundamentals; religion (the apparent war by the Muslin world against the Christian & Jewish world), a general lack of morals/ethics/character/integrity, the news media's attempt to continually broadcast their slanted view of the world in an outrageous and emotional method, silent politicians, and the anti-war groups who refuse to see the truth and condemn the United States without any voice of condemnation against Saddam and his tyranny or terrorism.

I continually struggle with the apparent fact that the few continue to be the voice of the many! Why is that? Are most people just to lazy, complacent, or blind to what is actually going on and are not willing to make themselves be heard? We have many ways in this modern era to be heard and we should take advantage of them all. We have the internet, US Mail, fax, community meetings, religious gatherings, and the telephone just to name a few. So why doesn't this "silent majority" make themselves heard? Is it based in the comfort of our lives, the threat of being considered radical, and the companies who employ us, political correctness, or even possibly not knowing how to be heard? One clear method of communication that is not used by the "silent majority" is the direct communication with the elected representatives and church officials. This clearly in my view is the best and most efficient method of making you heard and having it count. And the best communication is the old fashion hardcopy letter via US Mail. Nothing says more and is louder than a hand written letter.

Having served in Vietnam with the 1/501st Infantry Regiment, 2nd BDE, 101st Airborne/Airmobile Division as an Infantry rifle platoon leader and returning home to a less than enthusiastic home front. I see some of the same unfortunate anti-war turmoil today. It is, in my humble opinion, the duty and responsibility of each and every citizen to support our military and our government in time of war.

To sum this up, I am tired of seeing anti-war demonstrations not openly being condemned, the news media putting on celebrities that openly communicate hateful and hurtful comments about our President and our country, news commentary without counter-commentary, and the fact that so many people do not want to realize the world situation/terrorism is a war that is being waged by the Muslim world against the Christian and Jewish world and our way of life. These people hate Americans. Where is the "silent majority", SILENT?

It's time for all of us to stand up for this great country of ours, back our president, openly support the politicians who support our government, openly support our churches, and support the men and women in military service. The "greatest generation" that has been written about during WWII stood up for what was right and made sacrifices willingly and without hesitation. The sons and daughters of the “greatest generation” honored their fathers and mother’s service to our great country with their service during the Vietnam Era and did so with pride, courage, and sacrifice. We should honor these great Americans with the same strength and courage. We should not stand by meekly and silently while a few condemn our country and way of life after those who have sacrificed and served have paid the price for those to take advantage of these freedoms. This is our country and we should continue to fight to keep it as a sovereign nation and not let this great country become dominated by radicals who hate us.

In closing, freedom and independence were two of the fundamentals that our forefathers sacrificed and fought for. The United States is the greatest nation in the modern world. Its people, churches, government have given freely to others around the world, paid for freedom and civil rights of others with the blood of its citizens, stood proudly when its own citizens cursed its existence, burned its flag, and damned its freedoms and laws. As US citizens we should pause and take a moment to look around and see what we have been given and not to let it slip away through complacency or blindness. We should make ourselves heard in support of our President and our military and be the voice of strength, freedom, independence, and commonsense. As Americans we should not just fly the flag but honor it with our courage, integrity, character, strength and always openly support the men and women of our military who proudly and courageously serve this great country on foreign soil and in support of freedom and democracy.

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