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Jews, the War and anti-Semitism
by Scott Shore
16 March 2003 

Is there any credibility to the argument that the U.S. is attacking Iraq because the Jews want us to? Or is this a straw argument that has arisen because of a wave of subtle anti-Semitism?

One would like to think of an eloquent way to respond to those who say that the impending war against Iraq is really the result of Jewish “powers” and Zionist plotting. The real the reply to those on the Left and the “Paleolithic” Right should simply be “Put a sock in it!” Truly they do not deserve a prolonged and erudite reply any more than someone who cites Nazi propaganda or the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Such people are living in a little delusional world of paranoia and conspiracies and at a certain point are probably more in need of medication than political persuasion.

Having said all the above, the latest canard does require a reply because crazy people can act like a virus on the body politic. First let us get our facts straight. According to all the major, independent and reliable pollsters, Jews’ “pro” and “anti” positions to the war exactly reflect general American opinion. Jewish organizations have pointedly taken a position on the global terrorist threat from Islamofascism but few have taken a position peculiar to Iraq and its need to disarm and cease from harboring terrorists any more than they have spoken about other terror states recognized as such by the State Department.

Anyone who is not a complete ignoramus of history going back to World War 2 and after is quite aware that the State Department is not full of Israel-lovers or pro-Zionists and does not determine if a state is on the terror list based on Israeli interests or Jewish lobbying. If anything the State Department and President Roosevelt were guilty of sending back boatloads of Jews to death camps in Germany rather than break immigration quotas for these true asylum seekers. President Truman may have supported the State of Israel (over the State Department objections) but no material or military support was given to Israel in its life or death struggle in the War for Independence. Weapons came from Czechoslovakia. President Eisenhower turned his back on our NATO allies (how ironic) Britain and France as well as Israel during the Suez Crisis of 1956. In recent years, American policy has foolishly disregarded terrorism against Israel and tried to reward the terrorists by advocating first “Palestinian autonomy” and now a “Palestinian state.” The foolishness of a “second” Palestinian state west of the Jordan River has been advocated by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair just recently. This surrealistic policy “two state” policy is worth discussing, but would lead us astray from our current concern.

It appears that an Iraq war is likely to bring greater pressure on Israel to sacrifice its basic security interests. It is also well established that the Iraqis have a penchant for attacking Israel when America goes to war against them. The fact of the matter is that Syria presents a far more imminent danger to Israel than Iraq. During the first Gulf War, Israel stood silent and took 39 Scud missiles in keeping with America’s wishes. That war was caused by Iraq’s invading Kuwait not because of a desire to protect Israel. Israel’s thanks for “taking it on the chin” was unprecedented pressure to create a Palestinian state and make peace with the PLO and an array of terror groups. American policy of pressuring Israel to make concessions to terrorists is the true basis for our long appeasement of terrorism until now. For years we have looked the other way as Saudis financed terror cells against Israel and against the West. The Saudis paid “protection money” to Al-Quaida and others to keep their rule. For years America has been silent about Saudi and other state sponsored terror against the Jews of Israel in order to keep the oil flowing and maintain peace with our “moderate friends” in the region. What gall for those who say America. which has been complicit in the death of Jews by its benign neglect of terrorism, to say now that America is being led around by the nose by Jews.

The last time I checked neither President Bush, nor Vice President Cheney, nor Secretary Powell, nor Secretary Rumsfeld, nor Condoleeza Rice, nor CIA chief Tenet were Jews. The “Christ-killer” anti-Semites like Buchanan along with the loony conspiracy Right and the radical anti-war Leftists like to mention Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Perle. They don’t mention Noam Chomsky, Barbara Streisand and all the Jews on the Left who are anti-war and anti-Israel.

It is time for Americans to stop the distinction between Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aksa Brigade and the PLO from Al-Quaida and other Islamic terror groups. We can not wage war on terrorists on the one hand and ask Israel to negotiate with them on the other. It is morally disgraceful that a distinction has been made between those who murder thousands of innocent Jews every year and those who murder Americans or Europeans. Is Jewish blood cheap? It is unthinkable that America should even think to ask Israel to remain on the sidelines when, God forbid, the Iraqis and the terror groups are planning another Holocaust. What Americans need to understand is that Israel and America are fighting the same enemy. A strong Israel is an asset to the West. An Israel weakened by international pressures will be a liability to America if we maintain any moral commitment to the survival of the Jewish State.

With all that said, those of you who call this war a “Jewish” war can just put a sock in it.

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