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The Real Reason for the War in Iraq
by David M. Huntwork
19 March 2003

The war against Iraq is about the ultimate weapon of mass destruction -- the nuclear bomb.

I have heard dozens of reasons given for the "Bomb Saddam" war. The airwaves and talking heads are full of propaganda, spin and reasoning for why events are unfolding as they are. Let’s look at what it’s not about.  It is not about oil. Thanks to the Russians and the Saudis we have all that we need and then some. If anything, the Germans and the French have played the politics of petroleum, not the United States.

It is not about UN resolutions. Seventeen have been violated in the last dozen years by Iraq and no one has really cared.

It is not about weapons inspectors. Saddam threw them out years ago and now that they are back it is simply a game of cat and mouse. There have been no thorough searches of the massive presidential complexes or visits to the vast underground bases and secret military facilities disguised as hospitals and mosques that are all known to exist.

It is not about "freeing Iraq" and liberating its oppressed minorities or persecuted peoples. Twenty years of slaughter, torture, rape and pillage has hardly moved the world to come to the rescue. After the first Gulf War both Colin Powell and George Bush the First exhorted the people of Iraq to overthrow their dictator. But no help was given, the tide turned, and vicious revenge and the slaughter of tens of thousands by Saddam happened within sight and sound of American troops.

It is not about the majority of the weapons of mass destruction. Iran, Syria, Libya and many other less-than-friendly nations actively seek or already have the same chemical and biological weapons Iraq has manufactured and used.

What this war is really about is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction -- the nuclear bomb.

More pointedly, the reason for the fevered attempts to acquire or produce one is to fulfill the dream of creating the "Arab bomb" or, in the case of the Iranians, the "Islamic bomb". Each of the leaders of the Middle East seeks to become the leader of that part of the world. From Libya’s Khadafi to the mullahs of Iran to Saddam Hussein of Iraq each of these megalomaniacs seeks to unify the Arab and/or Islamic world behind them politically and militarily. They seek to follow the footsteps of Mohammed by challenging the West and its offspring, the modern nation of Israel.

To reunite the Arab and Islamic world under one banner and one leader has been the dream from the Caliphs to Nasser. For in Islamic terms there is only the world that has been conquered by Islam and the world that has yet to be conquered by Islam. Fueled by their hatred of the Jews and Israel as well as their frustration with the power, prestige and dominance of the Western world, they seek a way to stand up and successfully reclaim the prestige and power that they once had. The acquisition of nuclear weapons is seen as the way to accomplish this goal of Arab/Islamic unity and power and the assertion of their proper place in the modern world.

This scenario is widely feared by the West, and as we can see great strides are being taken to prevent that dream from becoming reality.  Thanks to the policies of the last administration with regard to North Korea, we are facing the ugly potential of nuclear blackmail. It is the nightmare scenario come true. Thankfully, North Korea has no fellow nations to rally or worldwide agenda to wage. But the Arab and Islamic world does.

There are reasons the nations of Iraq, Iran and North Korea are labeled the Axis of Evil by our President. These three nations have funded, trained, equipped, supported and encouraged terrorists of all stripes and ideologies in their shadow war against the West. Each has achieved, or is frantically attempting to achieve, the production of the "great equalizer" against Western civilization, the nuclear bomb. North Korea is believed to actually have at least one or two. Iraq and Iran are both frighteningly close. The United States and its true allies have decided that Iraq is the first to be stopped from achieving a weapon that could actually cause massive destruction in their homelands.

So, despite the rhetoric and protests, this is a war that is both
necessary and important. The events of 9-11 have shown the mettle and hatred possessed by our enemies. Now is the time to show our might with the conviction that we are in the right.
David Huntwork is a long time conservative activist and occasional columnist in Ft. Collins, Colorado where he lives with his wife and two (soon to be three) young daughters. . He strongly believes in the importance of Faith, Family, and Freedom as the formula of success for a good life and a healthy nation. Visit his home page Total Victory for the Homeland at

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