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The Swastika at the End of the Road Map
by Steven Plaut
20 March 2003

I would like to explain to you why there will not be any Palestinian state at all.

Palestinian Flag

The following is a letter that Ariel Sharon SHOULD be sending to President George Bush but is too pusillanimous to send:

Dear Mister President:

It is with great regret that I must inform you that your "Road Map for Peace in the Middle East" is a complete non-starter, and is hereby rejected in its entirety by me, by my government, and by my nation. I would like to explain to you why.

Your "Road Map" has abandoned any pretense of offering the Palestinians their own independent state in exchange for their complying with their Oslo obligations, or as reward for their taking genuine steps towards reduced violence and tensions and renunciation of war. Indeed, your "Road Map" is itself nothing but a reward for Palestinian violence. It grants them a prize for NOT doing anything at all to move in the direction of peace.

Mister President, I would like to explain to you why there will not be any Palestinian state at all.

First let me tell you what are NOT the reasons for our determination that there will be no Palestinian state nor for our intention to do everything in our power to prevent its creation, no matter how much that upsets the world. It is NOT because the lands in which the Palestinian state would be erected are our ancient heartland and territories promised to us in the Bible. They are of course all those things, but that is not why we are going to throw the "Road Map" into the recycling bin.

It is also NOT because the Palestinians have no legitimate claims to a state, are not a nation at all and are barely a distinct Arab tribe. It is NOT because the Palestinians have absolutely no legitimate basis to demand the right of "self-determination". In fact, they have no legitimate claims to having their own state. They never did, and in any case even if they had, they forfeited such claims long ago through the atrocities and mass murders they committed. But that is not our reason.

And it is NOT because the Arab nation already has achieved far more than its fair share of "self-determination" in the form of the 22 sovereign states it already has. That of course would also be a legitimate reason to take Palestinian statehood off the table forever, but that is NOT our reason.

And it is not even because the Palestinian Authority, run by the PLO, is a Third World corrupt kleptocracy and terrorocracy, although that is also a very good reason why no Palestinian state should arise, even AFTER the Palestinian Authority goes through some motions of make-believe cosmetic "reforms," even if Arafat dies or is replaced.

Mister President, we are determined that no Palestinian state will ever exist between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea for an entirely different reason. It is for this different reason that we reject your "Road Map".

It is very simple. Two generations after the Holocaust under no circumstances will we acquiesce to the creation of a Nazi power smack in the center of our country. A Palestinian state will be nothing other than a modern twenty-first century expression of nazism. It will be as devoted to random murder of Jews as it has been in its present pre-state form. It will be a nazi entity in every way, from the content of its school curriculum to the behavior of its leaders and militias. The current person you are so excited about as a potential "Prime Minister" for the Palestinian state -- the one your "Road Map" seeks -- is in fact a Nazi and a Holocaust Denier. So are the other leaders of the PLO and contenders for cabinet posts in the state you envision.

The Palestinian state you demand and just about every other world leader is demanding will be a Nazi power in everything. Its substance will be Nazi, its style Nazi, and genocide will be its raison d'etre. It will seek to perpetrate Nazi-like atrocities against Jews. The governing principle for all of its actions will be to enflame the region and pull it into a new all-out Arab-Israeli War. If Israel loses that war, its population will be exterminated in a second Holocaust. True, the Palestinian Nazi party, which you call the PLO, has not been able to do any of that to date, but that is because we have not allowed it to, and in any case before Hitler started the mass annihilations he was only a genocide-in-the-waiting Nazi, just like the PLO's leaders.

Mister President, Europe perhaps has forgotten the Holocaust and forgiven its perpetrators in the name of the Jews, and America may have reduced the Holocaust to a Hollywood cliché. But the Jews have a phenomenally long memory. We remember the crimes of ancient dictators and hoodlums, and we recall with gratitude the favors done us by kings from ancient countries most school textbooks cannot even recall. Mister President, there will be no Nazi mini-state erected in our heartland. You will have to annihilate Israel entirely before we let that happen.

It is true that until recently the world consensus in favor of a
Palestinian state even included the Israeli government and its elitist leftist ruling class. But Jews have a history of episodes of psychotic temporary mass insanity and national foolishness, beginning with the Golden Calf in the Bible. History shows that if left alone, they quickly recover, mature, repent, and abandon such nonsense. The Oslo version of the Golden Calf is over. The Jews have regained sobriety.

We strongly regret if this has interfered with your plan to buy Arab support for the coming campaign against Iraq by signaling to them that Israel's very existence is in question. Frankly we do not understand why the United States needs to grovel before such primitive Third-World dictators. But we will do out utmost to make things up to you and assist you in all other ways we can.

With deepest admiration and respect,

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
Eternally-United Israeli Jerusalem

Steven Plaut resides in Haifa, Israel.

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