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The Duty to Dissent
by Sartre
19 March 2003

The War for Iraq has no more to do with liberation than the oligarchy that rules in your name desires to guard your individual freedoms.

Now that President George W. Bush has put into motion the dogs of war, what is the duty of a citizen during this time of conflict? Most will rally around the flag as a knee-jerk flinch of social expectation. Others may reflect about the gravity of the moment and offer reserved support. Then there are those who march to a different drummer. They see their duty and purpose as adhering to the ideals upon which this nation was founded and claims to protect and defend. For those who seek the moral course, profound questions demand an answer.

For well over sixty years the United States government has failed to honor its own supreme law. The requirement for Congress to vote on a declaration of war is a concept that every ordinary man and woman can understand. All the tortured rationalizations why it is not necessary to observe the explicit steps necessary to follow the supreme law of the land cannot be substituted with artificial resolutions, spurious court rulings or manipulated United Nations Security Council pronouncements. Is this war to conquer and colonize Iraq legal? By any measure of historic authority, it is not.

What we have is a coming cloud of combat that will be unleashed with no real idea what events will follow or what twists of counter reactions will ensue. Who among us can answer with confidence that the risk of an emasculated regional tyrant poses an imminent threat to our own country? Do you really think a believable case has been made to marshal the resources of the only superpower to obliterate an entire country just to remove one man and his entourage of goons? Ponder this question well, the future of your own family and nation depends upon your decision. If you are willing to trust that your government leaders know best or are not lying to you, is that not a greater gamble then hoping that the rest of the world will just look away when the thunder of high explosives fill the desert air? Blowback should be expected for good reason.

This war is unnecessary. Only a lamebrain would believe that genuine security of our country is enhanced with imperial adventures. If one is to be convinced that military might can eliminate or subdue various hostile factions that view the projection of arbitrary Yankee power, then you didn’t learn anything from 9-11. In this environment of anti-intellectualism, even pure and passionate arguments to protect and preserve our nation’s purpose go unheeded. Citizens that seek to be true to the original tenets that made America different from any other country in history are ignored and ridiculed.

Within this rancorous hysteria, one real ray of hope shines. The United Nations has been discredited for all times as a serious body for international affairs. The right of the United States to exit that society of globalists should be self evident to any loyal American. Our duty and source for legitimate dissent is to restore the rightful sovereignty back to our elected officials and to formulate a foreign policy that has as its sole purpose to preserve the Liberty of every American citizen. We must hold them all accountable to the principle that the United States was not created to be the policeman for the world or to be an avenging angel.

The foreign policy of internationalism has destroyed the essence of America and the prospect of continuous and endless interventionism has doomed any real chances for a restoration of a Republic. The entire political class invokes a nihilist culture that preaches altruism while enacting bondage and servitude. The War for Iraq has no more to do with liberation than the oligarchy that rules in your name desires to guard your individual freedoms. Dissent is your duty to see through this facade of subterfuge that is called supporting the president. The best way to aid the troops is to demand they stand down and be brought home.

Public opinion does not move policy, since opinion is manufactured as the “wag the dog” script is acted out. When people come to accept that authentic Patriotism is realized when they practice dissent and civil disobedience, America will stand a chance of returning to national sanity. Any official that tells you -- you must pay any price, bear every burden, and share all sacrifices -- is betraying your birth right. The incontrovertible enemy is not a maniacal oppressor holding hostage his own people in an alien desert. No, the irrefutable foe is the psychotic political culture that drives U.S. foreign policy. The public once again has been duped into fighting the wrong war.

President Bush said “we did nothing to deserve this threat.” What world is he living in? The people of America don’t deserve to be put in peril, but who in their right mind can say that the U.S. government is not responsible for creating the strongman Saddam Hussein? Facts are dangerous for the lawless men that rule our country! Are you able to understand that our virtue has been long squandered and is now being completely destroyed by this coterie of madmen that back the total transmutation of our country into a gulag of fear and despair? The dying regime is ours!

Power does not make right. How many more tyrants need to be removed before we admit that our own homegrown despot has devastated our own rights and liberty as the cost to expand the empire? We have a duty to resist this fraud and the insult that is being hyped and so feebly passed off as legitimate national interest. History will not favor the United States in this age of crazed hubris. Armageddon is at your door and its blood will not wash off your hands. The shame of future generations will be forgone only because they will never live. The madness of this King George is a very sick sequel to the movie. Your duty is to stop this deranged emperor. His crown warrants abdication.


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