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Why Not Let that Liberal Canadian Parliament Member Know how you Feel About Anti-American Hate Speech?
by Murray Soupcoff, The Iconoclast
22 March 2003

A Canadian ridicules Canada's righteous superiority vis a vis America, epitomized recently by a Member of the Canadian Parliament's public comment, "D*** Americans. I hate those b***!"

Just like it has in the halls of power of many other Western democracies, anti-Americanism in Canada's capital is growing into a cancerous plague. First the Prime Minister's press secretary publicly referred to the President of the United States as a "moron." Now Carolyn Parrish, a Member of Parliament of the governing party of Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Chairwoman of the NATO Canadian Parliamentary Association, has publicly declared: "Damn Americans. I hate those bastards!" 

None of these public exclamations of contempt for America are an accident, of course. Like his counterpart in France, Prime Minister Jean Chretien presides over the most corrupt government in the history of Canada, and self-righteous anti-Americanism is the government's prescribed balm for all of Canada's self-inflicted troubles. Canada may be tearing apart at its seams, but Canadians are encouraged to reassure themselves with the comforting thought that "we are morally superior to the Americans."

In the last ten years, Canada's self-appointed Prime Minister For Life has transformed Canada into the political equivalent of a Third World nation. With the opposition divided and weakened, Canada has becoming nothing more than a one-party state ruled by a megalomaniacal despot. Political corruption and graft flourish, all the way into the Prime Minister's office. Bureaucratic self-indulgence and waste thrives, to the point that plush new multi-million-dollar executive jets are purchased every day for government toadies, while Canadian soldiers risk their lives being transported to battlefields in ancient, rusting Sea King military helicopters that crash on a daily basis.

Canada's much-celebrated socialized medical system continues to implode, with queues, waiting lists and medical negligence growing exponentially. And as a cure, the Prime Minister periodically dispenses millions of dollars to cronies to "investigate" the problem and come up with official government reports declaring that everything is just fine thank you, as long as the government spends ten billion more dollars (which it doesn't have) perpetuating the very same broken system.

Under the corrupt and permissive watch of the Chretien government, Canada's political refugee system has become an international joke, and Canada has become a benevolent safe haven for international terrorists and criminals of all stripes. If you're a terrorist or criminal on the lam, just make sure to play the multiculturalism card, complain of political persecution at home, and stow the bombs and guns for later use -- and the Canadian government will welcome you with open arms, free medical care and generous welfare provisions.

Yet, like on the Continent -- amid all the corruption and decay -- a sense of righteousness and self-congratulation predominates in official Ottawa. Jean Chretien and his corrupt minions mouth all the politically correct platitudes about world peace, tolerance, North-South dialogue and international justice, all the while looting the public treasury, corrupting Canada's once thriving democratic political system and inflicting a daily regimen of official wrongoing, lying, and Orwellian double-speak on the nation.

And guess what's the driving force behind this overwhelming sense of righteous superiority and self-congratulation? Why the official rallying cry of Canada's ruling elite, of course: "Look at how much more progressive and enlightened we are than the Americans!"

After all, when was the last time that George W. Bush engaged in North-South dialogue by pandering to such paragons of progress and enlightenment as Robert Mugabe, Fidel Castro or Saddam Hussein? And since 9/11, when was the last time the United States showed genuine compassion by opening its borders to the oppressed terrorists and criminal element of the world? And indeed when was the last time that the American government demonstrated its post-colonial penance by generously lining the pockets of one of the Third World's "progressive" liberators (sic one-man despots)?

Indeed, this kind of righteous superiority, vis a vis America, is the one healing salve for Canada's ruling elite -- the perfect remedy for suppressing those occasional pangs of guilt and moments of self-doubt that emanate from years of self-serving misgovernment, managerial ineptness and graft. Canada may be a fading military and diplomatic presence on the world stage, but Canadians can still reassure themselves that they are better than those awful Americans.

And so we come full circle from Ottawa's official culture of "America hating" to the recent remarks by big-mouthed Liberal Member of Parliament, Carolyn Parrish: "DAMN AMERICANS, I HATE THOSE BASTARDS!"

Under pressure from the Canadian media, Ms. Parrish has officially apologized for her remarks by insisting they weren't meant for public consumption. Unofficially, on a national TV show, she has made it very clear that she has no real regrets about her comments, and that she might make similar comments again. And the Prime Minister of Canada still has shown no inclination to criticize her for ill-chosen words.

Perhaps it's time for Americans to express the same right of freedom of expression utilized by Carolyn Parrish to publically disseminate the latest government hate speak. Perhaps it's time for them to let this Canadian politician know what they think of her nasty remarks about Canada's closest ally, trading partner, and partner in freedom. Perhaps Americans might like to communicate something along the lines of: "Damn corrupt, big-mouthed, anti-American members of Canada's ruling political party, we hate those bastards!"

Anyways, here's Ms. Big Mouth's official address. Why not let her know how you feel, whether you're an American, or a Canadian friend of the United States.

Here's the basic information you need, in order to contact 'Loose Lips' Carolyn:

E-mail address: [email protected]
Phone: (613) 995-7321 or (905) 897-1952
Fax: (905) 897-6117

Let's tell Ms. Parrish what she can do with all her misguided hate for America. And let's encourage her to keep her anti-American feelings to herself in the future.

If nothing else, there are still many Canadians who are offended that Carolyn Parrish has ended up the government-sanctioned spokesperson for their nation.

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Murray Soupcoff is the author of 'Canada 1984' and a former radio and television producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also was Executive Editor of We Compute Magazine for many years, and is now the Managing Editor of the popular conservative Web site,
The Iconoclast.