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News You Can Distrust
by Sartre
9 April 2003

The day of news believability has ended.  For now, the only sensible rule is total disbelief in ALL reported news.

The Thinker

That old prudent man standard once implied that one should be a skeptic towards all news reporting. As events proved that measure wanting, the evolution to outright cynicism became the most valid gauge. Today, developments in reporting surpass even that criterion. For now, the only sensible rule is total disbelief in ALL reported news. We have entered an age of designer reality, based upon a message that best fits the emotional needs of the viewer and the desired objectives of the journalist. The role of the editor is to protect the agenda of the publisher, as the publisher serves the interests of his benefactors.

The day of news believability has ended. Many proficient viewers and readers can detect raw propaganda. However, most observers of world affairs are no longer founded in the practice of requiring facts to correspond with actual events. Facts have become relative to the desired conclusion. The same report, appears quite different to people of varied or opposing viewpoints. Maybe, it was inevitable, and surely it isn’t surprising. The era of pluralism in shared values and basis in facts, has been supplanted with perception and image.

The need to cite examples of news reporting that conflicts with authenticity of What Really Happened, would be so redundant that they are unnecessary to list. Boring is the kiss of death, and truth is the enemy of the entertainer. Montage is the popular substitute for reason. Avoiding unpleasant questions that may conflict with your instructed world view is the mission of the news channels. Reinforcement in the correct attitude for proper acceptance in the emerging and highly fluid ‘correct think’, now labeled as “clear think”, IS the underlying purpose in all the media consolidation and homogenization. Fitting the circumstance to the favored conclusion, wins an Emmy, Peabody or a Pulitzer Prize.

BREAKING ALL THE RULES writes on current events, but consciously avoids any news reporting. Why? The candid answer, is that we won’t trust our own ability to report accurately on happenings that are fed off the news wire, sources that may be suspect, images that are often faked (see LA Times photographer Brian Walski), planted disinformation or personal objectivity. The role of commentary is quite different from the function of reporting. Analysis, when done well; brings and highlights valid conclusions into focus. The honest pundit, never apologies for their own bias; but has a responsibility to express what those bents are and any agenda that drives the critique. Commentary doesn’t present itself as objective factual reporting, but always needs to conform to the principles of logic and sound reasoning. What is the meaning of events, the consequences of ideology and policy, the nature of institutions, and the moral dimensions of particular actions and outcomes; are the major themes for conscientious commentary.

In the present journalist environment the who, what, when, where, why, and how have become proportionate to suit the situation. Embedded reporting is inherently agenda driven. The distortions coming out of the Hussein regime are often matched with the newspeak, twisting and spinning from the mainstream tightly knit ownership empires that presents our own daily news, as a fair and true reflection of factual reality. The foreign press see the very same events in ways that most Americans would judge to be inaccurate if not, out right hostile. Who is right? What should one believe?

The reliable answer is to accept none of the reporting as truth or even plausible, without serious reflection upon the long view of its historical context. Since most citizens are sorely lacking in a basic knowledge of history and have a wholly inadequate understanding in domestic politics, much less in world affairs; the influence of the sound bite shapes perceptions that appeals to emotional conditioning. Ask yourself the most rudimentary question. Are you basing your political decisions upon information that is a total lie?

If personal interest is intrinsic to our universal human nature, why is it necessary to be told what is best for us, from talking heads or editors posing as journalists? They claim to be reporting events accurately; but are they? Subsequently, most people believe the propaganda because their indoctrination has become embedded, implanted and comfortable. Critical thinking is seen as far too hard or unpleasant to make the effort, let alone mastering its performance.

The reason that intelligent discourse is virtually impossible within this post-modern society, is that former common bonds have become so fragmented and now, have all but disappeared.  Most will defend the version of reality that they believe is the correct, based upon the current popular cultural view, defined by the media. The commentator serves the useful function of poking holes in the satisfied complacency of the useful idiot. When done well, commentary will not only force you to think, but will make you uncomfortable with your plight, and the desperate circumstance of our society. Sheeple hate this assault upon their apathy. They resent anyone who dares upset their blind obedience to causes that have official ‘PC’ approval.

So, you have “nothing to lose but your chains” - and that is the main reason that genuine conservative commentary is so feared. Most folks are in dire fear of being free and accept the personal responsibility to achieve Liberty, for themselves and for their own communities. Reporters of the news, are peddlers of designed distraction, masked in the happy face of brain dead presenters. Why do you believe or accept any of the intellectual dishonesty that passes for factual events?

Read those columnists who offer and present perspective, based upon a sound and sincere interruption of the historic heritage and tradition on our unique experience - called America. The valid approach is the context of the long view. The lessons of numerous years and scores of decades provide the scale for relevance and meaning. Insight is found within your own ability to ask the correct questions and avoid the pitfalls of diversion that often deviates from the long and winding road, called authentic knowledge. Wisdom is achieved when current events are judged within the accompaniment of ethics, morality and virtue. News is simply reports about events. Analysis asks what do those events really mean? Sometimes, commentary may reach the level that bares the human condition and offers hope of the spirit. For in the end, it all comes down to what you believe to be true. Reject propaganda of all kinds, and commit yourselves to the more difficult path - look for the truth - fulfill your rational nature and your moral purpose. Start thinking for yourselves . .

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