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Laci Peterson and Abortion
by Doug Hagin
24 April 2003

Despite their claims to defend women’s rights, the National Organization for Women is really only concerned with defending abortion.

One might think the National Organization of Women would be horrified at the death of Laci Peterson. One would likely assume this self-proclaimed women’s rights group would be doing everything in its power to assure the murderer of Laci and her unborn son was brought to justice.

One might indeed think NOW would be leading the charge to ensure justice was served for not only Laci but her child as well. But this is not the case. In fact, the only horror NOW seems capable of showing over the deaths of Laci and her infant son is over the possibility the murderer might be charged with two murders.
Yes, the true face of the pro-choice movement rears its ugly head once more. Simply put, NOW is very upset because the person who killed this mother and soon to be born son might actually be forced to pay for both of these crimes. They are trembling in fear because personhood might possibly be bestowed on the unborn children. They can see the big business of abortion being threatened and they do not like that at all.

Seems like a fairly easy case doesn’t it? Laci Peterson is dead. Her unborn son, who Laci had already named, is dead as well. Clearly they were both very much alive late last year when Laci disappeared. Yet the wonderful gals at NOW do not think both deserve protection from murder.

Apparently the “choice” NOW claims to be so supportive of only applies when a woman “chooses” to hire a doctor to eliminate her unborn child. Because Laci Peterson had definitely chosen to have her baby. This baby was planned. This baby was wanted. This baby was loved. So Laci Peterson had made her choice. So where are the pro-choice zealots and their support?

They are, instead of supporting the choice of this woman, leading the charge to hold back justice for her beloved son, and of course Laci as well.

What if Laci had survived? What if only her unborn son had lost his life? Where would NOW and the rest of the pro-abortion jackals be? Would they actively oppose murder charges against the killer? Of course not! They would be fighting against any murder charges being brought.

They, despite their claims to defend women’s rights, are really only concerned with defending abortion.
Yes they claim to defend choice. We all know their catch phrases by heart by now. It’s a woman’s body, Pro-Choice, Pro-Family, Pro-Woman, yeah right! Yet their alleged support of women and their reproductive freedoms surely end when a woman dares to keep her child.

Every woman should look very long and very hard at this ugly hypocrisy by the entire pro-abortion camp.
The message being sent is crystal clear. If a woman chooses to kill her unborn child they will get full support and encouragement. But, should the same woman make the choice to carry her baby to term then she should expect no support from the pro-abortion gang.

If her child become the victim of murder by some criminal -- other than the criminals posing as doctors who abort babies of course -- then she should definitely not expect any support from NOW or the rest. In fact she should expect a protracted legal battle it seems.

Imagine being a woman who has lost her child through an act of violence. Imagine the pain and sense of loss. Now imagine the killer is arrested and charged by the police. Now imagine being denied the justice for your child. Imagine the very group, which claims to defend the rights of women everywhere, becoming your enemy. Imagine them seeking to shield your child’s killer from murder charges. Imagine them siding with the person who attacked you and caused your child to die.

If you are a woman reading this imagine this scenario. If you truly believe groups like NOW are concerned with women’s rights think again. They care about their far left-wing agenda and nothing more. They care about the very lucrative abortion industry and the big money it brings. They care nothing about the millions of sweet, innocent human beings they have helped to be slaughtered in the womb. And if you dare to make the wrong choice, they care nothing for you either.

This case should have never been about abortion or its defenders. It is really about two murder victims and the hunt for their killer. It should be about mourning Laci, and her baby, not about defending her killer. But when you threaten in any way the big business of killing babies you incur the wrath of the radical feminists who reap its benefits.

I asked earlier what these miscreants would be doing if only Laci’s child had been killed. Given their unflagging support for abortionists and the blood money they bring in perhaps we could entertain a gruesome thought. Since Laci’s child was unborn, perhaps NOW and their ilk would be honoring the killer as a hero? Don’t dare hold it past them.

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