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Hollywood Hypocrisy Exposed
by Jon Alvarez
5 May 2003

Dear Hollywood: Where have you been?  We haven't heard much from you recently.

Dear Hollywood:

Where have you been?  We haven't heard much from you recently.  Prior to the Operation Iraqi Freedom we couldn't watch the news without you sharing your political views with us ordinary Americans, warning us of the dangers that lie ahead.  Your venom for President Bush was summed up and duly noted in the Not In Our Name statement you signed.

Why haven't we seen you on TV celebrating with other Americans over the swiftness and justness of Operation Iraqi Freedom?  Flags have been waving and people have been celebrating.  The war is over, civilian casualties were kept to a minimum, and even the war's harshest critics have admitted it's success.  You've been silent, why?  How many of you joined the USO Tour to entertain our troops abroad?  That is what you do for a living, isn't it?  Have any of you visited Pfc. Jessica Lynch at Walter Reed?

We've not heard from Janeane Garofalo since Iraqis were seen dancing in the streets of Baghdad, rejoicing in their independence from the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.  She promised to apologize to President Bush were that to happen.  We're still waiting, but she has informed us that there will be no apology.  It seems Ms. Garofalo not only lacks political wisdom, she lacks character as well.  I hope ABC is aware that we won't be tuning in to her new sitcom.

The only voice we've heard from Hollywood recently belongs to Tim Robbins.  Seems Mr. Sarandon is confusing consumer backlash with McCarthyism.  Why is it that you feel that your voice should be heard, yet ours cannot?  Patriotic Americans that love our country have every right to shun those that they disagree with.  That's our right.  We live in a capitalistic country, we are free to shop where we please.  Our hard-earned dollars will not be supporting your careeer anymore.

Recently your beloved Fidel Castro began crushing political dissent in Cuba.  Defectors have been executed.  Where's the outrage towards Castro?  Where's Oliver Stone's condemnation?  Where's Mike Farrell and Ed Asner, the spokesmen of the Hollywood left?  You're true colors are showing.  Maybe Joe McCarthy was right to target Hollywood, seems you have a soft spot in your heart for America's enemies.  Your silence only confirms this.

I'm angry with you Hollywood.  I'm a huge movie buff.  Prior to 9-11, my main passion outside of my family was movies.  I loved the escapism of a good movie.  My DVD collection is quite extensive.  However, many Americans like myself have awoken to the reality that our great country is not only under attack from abroad, but from within as well.  Many of you have sided against our country and thus, me.  You will see no more of my money.  Call it blacklisting, call it McCarthyism, call it whatever you want.  I call it "You're Fired!"  Ain't this a great country?  It's too bad you don't think so.

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