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Mr. Livingstone I Presume?
by David Vance, A Tangled Web
12 May 2003

Anglo-American alliance?  Here are London Mayor Ken Livingstone's thoughts: “I think George Bush is the most corrupt American President since Harding in the Twenties. He is not the legitimate President.”

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is a man with a messianic mission. He has come to believe it is his task to explain to the Great British public that that US President George W. Bush is “corrupt.”
Speaking to an audience of schoolchildren (it is always best to ensure that your audience offers little intellectual threat) at City Hall London, Mr. Livingstone carefully put forward his cultivated view that he will get as much pleasure from seeing Mr. Bush forced from office as he has done from the downfall of Saddam Hussein.
Mr. Livingstone, of course, opposed the US-led liberation of Iraq, but like all good leftists, his ability to rapidly revise history is as elastic as his political morality.
Just in case Americans might be unsure as to what he meant, the Lord Mayor of London spelled out his feelings for the leader of the free world. “I think George Bush is the most corrupt American President since Harding in the Twenties. He is not the legitimate President.”
Warming to his venomous anti-Bush theme, Livingstone concluded by stating that, “This US Government is completely unsupportable and I look forward to it being overthrown as much as I look forward to Saddam being overthrown.”
Ari Fleischer came out with a good putdown line when he said, “First of all I’ve never heard of the fellow. Second, I’m not going to dignify it with a response.” The trouble is that Ken Livingstone is a much loved icon of the British left, he is a former member of Tony Blair’s Government, and he is the Lord Mayor of the capital city of the United Kingdom. Maybe Ari should have heard of him?
Livingstone came to power in London in May 2000 with a stupendous 13% share of the electorate voting for him.  Oops! Such is the apathy of most Londoners to the Mayoral competition that this miserable level of popular support was sufficient to get him into power. On this platform of minimal support, the historic traditions of the UK’s capital city are being ruthlessly rewritten.
Livingstone’s political pedigree is typical of the British extreme left. He was prominent in offering support to the IRA even as it bombed the city of which he is now Mayor.  This would be the equivalent of the Mayor of New York supporting the Taliban! He has fawned over the United Nations whilst castigating the United States. He has impeccable credentials opposing US military action around the world whilst earning himself the sobriquet “Red Ken.”
Livingstone represents the very worst of Britain. With his anti-UK agenda now institutionalised through his election, his current obsession is to force Londoners into accepting the erection in Trafalgar Square -- that world famous celebration of Nelson'ss victory at the eponymous Battle in 1805 -- a statue of, yes, Nelson Mandela.
The Lord Mayor of London has chosen to express his contempt for the US President and therefore for all those who voted for and support George W, Bush. Yet each day, London bustles with free spending American tourists. Perhaps it is time they decided that the best lesson they can teach this contemptible Lord Mayor is that they will be going elsewhere until he publicly apologises.
Why not email Red Ken and let him know what you think of him? Ken Livingstone can be contacted at [email protected]
Should the London tourist trade decline, even the most docile Londoners may be encouraged to pack Livingstone in, I presume.
David Vance is a UK based political commentator. Having previously been the Deputy Leader of the UK Unionist Party he decided it is better to be outside the tent peering in! His web site is A TANGLED WEB.

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