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Watch My Movie, or You're a Fascist
by Esther Hartstein
17 May 2003

McCarthyists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but some Susan Sarandon movies.

Did you know that if you passed on the opportunity to watch Susan Sarandon 's latest movie for ideological reasons, you are a fascist?

That's what the Screen Actor's Guild, the most powerful screen actor's union in America, apparently thinks. In a statement issued on March 3, 2003, the Guild writes: "We deplore the idea that those in the public eye should suffer professionally for having the courage to give voice to their views. Even a hint of the blacklist must never again be tolerated in this nation." But that is not all that the Glitterati has to say about you, as a consumer and a person: In a 4/30/03 interview with "The Progressive" magazine, comic Janeane Garofalo commented that "They (Americans) are against the first amendment."

Odd winds are blowing from the towers of the upper-echelon Left, whom up till now have glorified boycotts as a progressive means of achieving social good. They have, over the course of the past ten years, boycotted Esquire magazine, Folger's Coffee (in opposition to the rightist regime of El Salvador), Miller Beer (for contributing to Senator Jesse Helm's campaign), Saab (for sponsoring Dr. Laura Schlessinger's talk show), Winn-Dixie stores (for their firing of a transgender employee), Israel (for its security policies), Nepal (for its child labor, although the struggling country couldn't afford schools), and many others. Each boycott affected innocent employees and citizens, people far more vulnerable than these limousine liberals who seem to think that the Bill of Rights affords them alone protection from boycotts.

In the year 2000, radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger faced an ordeal. After vocalizing her Judeo-Christian take on the issue of homosexuality, Dr. Laura, an Orthodox Jew, found herself besieged. Hate mail piled up for days, weeks; her sponsors reported a sharp drop in sales. And who organized these boycotts? GLAAD, a leading gay organization, which itself is heavily affiliated with the Hollywood Left (movie stars attend their award ceremonies each year). When all was said and done, the popular host who had once boasted an audience of over 20 million, was dumped by her syndicate -- all for expressing a religious view. Movie stars, on the other hand, think their antiwar views, which served to vindicate and encourage the bloodthirsty tyrant Saddam Hussein, do not constitute as hate speech while biblical doctrine does.

We have all had failures and disappointments in life. But how many of us badmouth employers who don't give us a better deal, throw darts at NBA posters for not making us sports stars or insult our communities when business is bad? Part of adult life is accepting failure and looking for solutions on our own part. Never do we have the right to blame others for the consequences of our own blunders, and never can we fault those we insult when they avoid us. For Hollywood to blame America because the have made themselves so repulsive that people won't watch their movies is unacceptable. America should not tolerate it.

But the Glitterati doesn't simply think that you are a fascist. In the book of the Gucci crowd, you are a racist and a sexist, too! Literary Great (should I have used quotation marks?) Norman Mailer recently quipped, "We went to war just to boost the white male ego." So, if you're among the three quarters of Americans who supported the war in Iraq, you are either a wife-beater wannabe or a closet Klansman longing to join a lynch mob (if you are nonwhite and/or female, like many war supporters, don't bother getting offended. Just smile and nod). Then again, that is assuming that you actually had a say in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Democratic Senator John Kerry doesn't think that America is a democracy at all: "We need regime change in the United States," he famously quipped.

If these stooges, a small sample of whom were included in this column, had insulted you or a loved one in public by name, you would probably not want to have much to do with them. But such is what we are subjected to when the rich and famous insult our country. And yet, we refrain from smashing the TV screen when these Saddam-supporting offenders whine about "free speech." How much can or will the public take? These stars think that we should cheer for them when they get naked but show no vehemence or pride when they insult us and our country. Let's teach them a lesson.

McCarthyists of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but some Susan Sarandon movies.

A multi-award winning poet, Esther has written a book, "Eros Wins The Battle", about a U.S. immigrant fighting for regime change in her native country. The book, filled with Greek myths and poetry, is available at BN.com (Barnes and Nobel) and Amazon.com.

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