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Works of Fiction
by Timothy Rollins, The American Partisan
8 June 2003

According to Reuters, Hillary's Living History is No. 2 on Amazon.com, second only to the upcoming Harry Potter release. Which makes sense because they're both works of fiction.

According to Reuters, Hillary's Living History is No. 2 on Amazon.com, second only to the upcoming Harry Potter release. Which makes sense because they're both works of fiction. Come on, the Clintons have been married for over 20 years.  For Hillary to claim ignorance over Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky is simply not credible.  In the words of Margaret Wente of Toronto's Globe and Mail, "Either the smartest woman in politics today is phenomenally stupid. Or she's lying."

Besides, from what I've heard she had a team of ghostwriters pen the memoirs for her. After all, with a guaranteed $8 million advance from Simon & Schuster, she can afford to sub out the basics to spin doctors to portray her in the most flattering light possible -- something she's clearly and repeatedly incapable of doing on her own, as her time in the White House and especially the Senate has shown time and again.

As others have stated over the years, the relationship between her and Bill is not a marriage -- it's a business arrangement between two people whose lust for power knows no limits, for these people have no ethics, no honor and no integrity. These words -- ethics, honor, integrity -- are anathema to these two. As I've stated before, these two parasites feed off each other in the most depraved sense of the word. Were it not for his charm and her blind lust for power and ambition, he'd be the most charming gas station attendant in Hope, Arkansas, and she'd be just another mean-spirited hag working in some public advocacy group in Chicago.

Between Hillary's lust for the White House in 2008 and Bubba's hungering for power as the possible next Secretary General of the impotent United Nations, we can see that these two are no different than Pinky and the Brain of Warner Brothers' cartoon fame.

Hillary has no right whatsoever to claim victimhood in all of this, especially when she knew Clinton was having an affair with Gennifer Flowers while he was Governor of Arkansas; it was common knowledge that he would slip out at night and take a car from the guard shack and see Flowers for a midnight rendezvous.  This went on for a number of years. There is even speculation in some quarters that Chelsea is not even his child.  When Clinton allegedly attacked Juanita Broaddrick, he told her afterwards not to fear about pregnancy as he was sterile. That attack occurred in 1978. Chelsea was born in 1980. You do the math.

What makes this account so pathetic is that Hillary (right) is still reinventing herself despite being 55 years of age. Most folks I know have a good idea of who they are by age 25 or so, yet this scatterbrain of a politician has no anchor on which to base her life. Why is this? Because she whored her soul -- or what she may have had that at one time passed for one -- all in the name of eagerly absorbing the Marxist, anti-American garbage she learned while attending Wellesley and Yale Law School.

When you get right down to it, in the end there is nothing living, nor is there anything history, about this book.  It's just a rehash of a bad chapter of the American experience that most of us would just as soon forget. It brings to mind the episode best described by this author's younger sister, who described Lewinsky as "the girl who went down on and nearly took down an American president in the process."

Hillary's distinction is in being the sixth most evil person of the millennium, as voted in the New York Post's poll (Bill came in second only to Adolf Hitler). Both beat out Saddam Hussein, Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy -- and to top it off, the Clintons were write-in votes -- they weren't even on the ballot!

The book sells for $28.00. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend $28.00 on a date. It's far more enjoyable, and it leaves a much better feeling inside after the evening is over.

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