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Homosexual Jesus?
by J. Grant Swank, Jr., Pastor
11 June 2003

When it’s a free world, and dumbbells with academic garb can make fools of themselves as well as fools.

"Here we go again: rewriting the New Testament in order to come up with a politically correct Messiah. So what’s new?

It’s only new to the people under twenty. The rest of us have lived through illusions like this before; so ho-hum. Nevertheless, it is something to review and then forget. Forget? Yes, the theologian weaving such fanfare is not worth keeping in mind. So in quick time frame, forget, please.

That is, after reading this article, of course.

Australian Rollan McCleary was paid $33,000 to do research on a homosexual Jesus.

"Gay spirituality" is the professor's particular interest at this stage in his own life. So out comes the homosexual Jesus bit.

Naturally, Christians are yelling "outlandish," "awful," "sacrilegious" and all that. Of course, they are correct. But then again, it’s a free world, and dumbbells with academic garb can make fools of themselves as well as fools.

Rollan was handed his Ph.D. on Thursday. So that makes for celebration, doesn’t it? Therefore, those at the celebration pitched their glasses in the air for "Hurrah" for homosexuals and Rollan’s defense of same, his even climbing all the way to the top — Jesus the Divine.

He says his research is a "first," which to Christians is at least a partial blessing. The last thing we need is to be royally run over with a raft of homosexual Messiahs.

Next month British-born Rollan will spring forth his book, Signs for a Messiah, according to CNSNews.

How convenient that the author is not only a book speller but also an astrologer, having written about the present Pope’s horoscope as well as the "star in the east" being this-n-that which drew the Wise Men to the manger.

Though Rollan concedes that his Jesus as homosexual write-up stirs debate, he argues tenaciously that it is "accurate." Sure thing. And so is my dog a queen bee.

Anyhow, on with the show.

Rollan says there are clues in the Bible for the homosexuality of Jesus. Well, as anyone who has opened the Good Book a time or two knows, anything whatsoever can be wiggled out of the Holy Scriptures if one sets one’s mouth askew and one’s head on the ground.

Here goes with Rollan’s in-depth biblical research: Jesus called John the "beloved disciple" or the "disciple Jesus loved." Whooppeedo ding ding. Right?

So how many of us compassionate sensitive heterosexual human beings have loved someone else, that is, even having a close endearing relationship with a person of the same gender? Raise your hands out there. Okay, so we’ve voted that that’s normal and kosher and Christian and possible.  But naturally Rollan thinks otherwise.

What Rollan does not do is to reveal that the term "love" in those instances is "agape" and not "eros." The former is a divine love expressed through humans. The latter is a sexual love. So go figure.

Of course new Ph.D. boy can’t seem to figure. But you betcha he’ll make a few sales on his new find. Yet there’s always Judgment Day for those of us who hold to biblical truth. And how we have often flipped off the idiots into that last scenario when they push our emotions to the brink. In other words, let God take care of Rollan. Which in fact He will do quite rightly. Yes.

Further, Rollan reasons that Jesus’ astrological whatevers fall right in line with homosexuality. However in the name of accurate research and biblical data does a person even know how to come upon Jesus’ astrological chart? I wish we could up with the names of his half-sisters, let alone come up with his astro read-out.

But Rollan seems to have a "spirituality" given that leads him into the gnosis of secret idiosyncrasies. Go, Rollan.

Asked if he is Christian, Rollan answers he’s "Anglican." Now that can mean a lot of things these days. So with that answer, Rollan gives away a slippery tongue, not only regarding his being a Christian and what a Christian means to Rollan but also where he fits on the Anglican doctrinal spectrum of things various in the year 2003.

There are those who say that Rollan perhaps is biased because Rollan is homosexual. He allows for that. But then says that the converse could also be true. We heterosexuals make Jesus to be same because we are. So there!

On with the debate: "You maybe have to be gay to read the signals and to see things and research things which other people wouldn't," he states.

Christians who read the Bible as opposing an active homosexual lifestyle turn to such passages as "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination" (Leviticus 18:22).

Paul writes about "men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due" (Romans 1:27).

Rollan flips these off as being misinterpreted. We’re prejudiced against homosexuals and therefore read these passages incorrectly.

Oh well, so much for a sound exchange on that score, Rollan. Closed minds are closed minds to the obvious exegetical truth in biblical interpretation. Has been so for many a year, otherwise we would not have the ongoing liberal versus conservative debates centered on biblical passages.

Now by this point in this article, you are no doubt ready to call it quits and go read the sports page in today’s paper for a brain break. But I just thought you might like to know about all this going on down under in case you might stumble upon the book next month and wonder what it was all about.

At least this post may save you from having to flip through the book. Okay?

And with that, you can send me a Thank You email. Okay?

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., is the Pastor of New Hope Church in Windham, ME.  He is a a graduate of an accredited college (BA) and seminary (M Div) with graduate work at Harvard Divinity School.  Pastor Swank has been married for 41 years and he has 3 adult children.  He is the author of 5 books and over 2000 articles in various Protestant and Catholic magazines, journals and newspapers. He writes a weekly religion column for PORTLAND PRESS HERALD newspaper, Portland ME.  His columns have appeared on,,,,,,,,, among others.

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