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The “Road Map” Blew up on Bus 14
by Scott Shore
14 June 2003 

How can a Road Map to peace work when Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas has stated publicly that he refuses to crack down on terrorist groups? And what about the fact that a majority of Palestinians say they favor total destruction of the Jewish state as well as the eradication of the Jewish people? As many predicted from the start, the Road Map to peace was dead on arrival.

On the afternoon of June 11 Israeli men, women and children boarded Jerusalem’s Bus 14 to return home from work, shopping or school. Suddenly a bomb ripped through the bus killing 17 civilians instantly and injuring over 70 more. Hamas proudly took “credit” for the heinous deed and declared the beginning of a war of liberation to rid the Middle East of all Jews and conquer every “centimeter” of Israel for the Arab world. This took place 24 hours after “Prime Minister” Abbas of the Palestinian Authority made public his unwillingness to crack down on terrorist groups forcibly. It turns out Saudi Arabia continues to finance Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa Brigades. The latter group is under the direct control of Yasser Arafat, Israel’s would-be peace partner. As I have written earlier, it was clear from the start that the “Road Map” was dead on arrival. The entire process is immoral in its conception and against the direct teachings of the Bible. In spite of this, the State Department has somehow convinced the President to jump aboard this ill-fated scheme.

Recent polls indicate that the majority of Palestinians favor the total destruction of the Jewish State and the eradication of the Jewish people. This is not a population for which “democracy” is the answer. In perverse, even obscene, reaction the State Department initially slapped Israel on the wrist for targeting Hamas leaders in Gaza. Can we possibly be serious? The surgical targeting of terrorist leaders is the very same policy as the US throughout the world. The American administration understands in pursuit of its own strategy that there will be the tragic loss of civilian life since it is the practice of the Muslims to launch military operations from mosques (note Fallujah in Iraq), densely populated civilian neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. Apparently literally nothing is sacred in the Muslim pursuit of killing Americans or Jews. It is time that America realizes that the Israel and US are fighting THE SAME WAR!

Based on US policy in Iraq and in Homeland defense, Israel should immediately implement the following steps:

1. Round up and deport all members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aksa brigades and their families from both the Palestinian areas and Israel. Either send them to Guantanamo Bay or find a similar holding place.

2. Assassinate all the leaders of the aforementioned terror groups.

3. Destroy the financial and logistical infrastructure of all terror groups.

4. Deport any resident who has given financial or material support to terror groups.

5. Establish a strict border shut down between Gaza, Judea and Samaria and the Israeli heartland.

6. Kill or destroy all overseas sources of support for these terror organizations.

7. Establish collective punishment in all neighborhoods that harbor terrorists in the form of a shutdown of electricity, water…etc.

8. Monitor all Palestinians with a record of past support for terror groups and withhold all work permits to families that harbor terrorist members.

These eight steps are preliminary steps in Israel’s fight against terrorism and for its own survival. These steps are fully in keeping with America’s own fight against terrorism. I believe these steps are insufficient to put a halt to the political agenda of the MAJORITY of Palestinians—namely the destruction of Israel.

Israel should divide the liberated territories of Gaza, Judea and Samaria into ten districts. If a future terror incident takes place under the auspices or from the Palestinian Authority jurisdictions, a new area would be annexed as a sovereign, permanent part of Israel. No reversals and no future negotiations. After ten incidents, there would be nothing to talk about. This gives the PA a powerful incentive to crack down on its terrorists. If the PA can’t stop terrorists under these conditions, than by definition they are an irrelevant group. Since the under Palestinian groups are all annihilationists of Israel, there is no point in trying to negotiate with them. Moreover it is perfectly right and moral that Israel should attack terror bases—even if they are in civilian areas. Was this not precisely the policy of the US when under attack from Pancho Villa of Mexico? Is this not our policy of directed, surgical bombing in Iraq? Will innocent civilians be killed in the pursuit of terrorists? Yes, but this is something that we, the US, accepted as a tragic part of the fight against Iraq. Why should we tell Israel to ignore our own example and “turn the other cheek” when attacked by terrorists? America correctly understands that terrorists live outside the boundaries of normal moral constraints and we act accordingly. Israel, whose very existence is at stake, should not be expected to live up to a far higher standard than that set by the United States itself!

Even the about outlined plan is not sufficient. Any student of the Bible OR modern history would know that Judea, Samaria and Gaza are rightfully part of Israel. It simply will not fly that Hebron is an “Arab city” because the Arabs massacred all the Jews in the city in 1929 after millennia of Jewish settlement in the area. Since the Arabs in Hebron have been unbending in their acts of murder and mayhem against the Jewish inhabitants in the area, the Arabs must go. It is a totally false issue to say that Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria or Gaza are “incitements” or “provocations.” Jewish existence in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem are just as provocative and viewed as every bit as “illegal” to the Arabs. Has the world not learned that there is simply no satisfying Arab demand? The only answer in the long run is the transfer of the Arab population to one of the twenty-three Arab states in the region. The most logical place for transfer is to Jordan. Jordan already is a majority Palestinian State. This policy is entirely consistent with post World War 2 American policy in Europe. The only difference is that the number of Arabs to be transferred is a tiny fraction of the displaced persons after the Second World War.

The whole notion of a Palestinian state within the legitimate borders of Israel was a Panglossian fantasy from the start. Israel’s “playing along” with the idea makes the Israeli government complicit in this ridiculous charade. It is time for the Palestinians to find a home for themselves. Jordan is the natural and just site for such a home. What right does the Hashemite royalty have to the land other than as a gift from the British Empire? The answer is that the Hashemites have absolutely no claim to that land and should give it to the Palestinians without delay. Let Abu-Mazen and the rest of the Palestinian politicians start the business of creative state building in that huge tract of land that is considerably larger than all of Israel. In the meantime, let Israel settle its historical, Biblical land unfettered with a hostile “fifth column” population. Israel and the Arabs can live in peace side by side only AFTER the Arabs realize that Israel is a permanent part of the region and that Israel’s heartland is not up for negotiations.

Hamas and the other terror groups have declared an all-out war against Israel. It is time that the US let Israel fight its enemy and defeat them once and for all. Only after total victory and the transfer of the Arabs into a state of their own can true peace come to the region. In the meantime, the US should not pursue an unrealistic and hypocritical policy toward Israel.

Scott Shore is a political commentator and management consultant in Providence, RI.

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