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Democrats - Enemy of Working Americans
by Doug Hagin
19 June 2003Donkey

Imagine an entire political party doing everything to protect and help you and yours. Can you feel the love?

Listen to a Democrat, any Democrat will do, and certainly they will tell you that they are your party. They are, according to them anyway, the party of the people. In political campaign after political campaign the Democratic candidate has endlessly characterized himself or herself as the candidate of the working class. 

Really? The Democratic Party may continually make the claims that they are -- stop me if you have heard these Democratic classics -- “fighting for you,” “working for the working man,” and of course “ fighting for working families."

Hey that does sound pretty good doesn’t it? Imagine an entire political party doing everything to protect and help you and yours. Can you feel the love? 

There are some serious problems with this type of rhetoric though. Mainly, the trouble stems from the lack of basis for the Democrats' claims. While they do an incomparable job of talking about being the party of the common man, they certainly fail in putting their words to practice.  In fact, rather than fighting for the working class, as they claim, Democratic ideologies more often are fighting against the average American worker. 

To be certain the average American worker loves his or her family and wishes to protect them and their property. Yet which political party works ceaselessly to restrict these Americans from owning, carrying, and defending their loved ones with guns? If you answered the Democratic Party then go to the head of the class my friend.

Of course any Democrat worthy of their party will tell you that restricting the availability of guns protects the average American. But checking the violent crime rates in States where law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns easily disproves this argument. Violent crime has gone down in each and every one of those States, which has passed such legislation.

Clearly the Democrats are fighting against the average American on the issue of gun rights.

Care to take a look at taxes in America? This is the issue where Democrats tell their most specious lies about fighting for working Americans. Despite their never ending protestations that any real reduction in the income tax burden on Americans is a -- say it with me -- “tax cut for the rich,” Democrats have another reason for fighting tax cuts. Greed!

Yes, greed pure and simple. Democrats are desirous of taxing the paychecks of working Americans as much as they possibly can. They say they want “responsible” tax cuts, or “targeted” tax cuts, but in reality they only want more taxes. Simply put more taxes mean more money in their pockets and less in those of working Americans.

Instead of respecting the paychecks of working Americans, as they claim to, Democrats only think of our wages as fuel to feed their left-wing ideals. The fact is tax cuts benefit working Americans, tax increases do not. Take a good long look at which side Democrats are on and then consider how they really feel about working Americans!

Further, if Democrats really were the party of the working Americans they would be doing everything they could to allow those working Americans to choose where their children go to school. Yet the Democrats fight against school vouchers and school choice for working parents. On the issue of your child’s education the position of the Democratic Party is very easy to see. They want working Americans to have no choice or voice in their children’s education. 

How about the economy? Well everyone knows an economic upturn will greatly benefit all Americans. Yet you can be sure the Democratic Party is not pulling for the economy to start booming anytime soon.

The Democrats know full well if the economy improves their chances of regaining the White House in 2004 are null and void at best. Now if the Democrats were actually fighting for working Americans, they would be doing their level best to aid an economic recovery despite the impact of that recovery on the next election , wouldn’t they?

Yet they know they can gain from a poor economy. In fact their only hope for a win in 2004 is for the economy to absolutely tank. Do you really need to think very hard to see which way they are leaning here? So in spite of their claims of fighting for working Americans, they are surely rooting for an economic downturn that will hurt working Americans.

The list could go on and on my friends. Working Americans are hurt and hindered by bigger government, which, of course, is the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party. Liberal ideology does not respect hard work, or family, or independence, which are the hallmarks of working Americans. Liberal ideology respects more taxes, more government, more control of personal liberties and more dependence on government. In short, despite their hyperbole the Democrats are the working Americans worst enemy, not their friend.

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