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Queer Nation
by Timothy Rollins, The American Partisan
30 June 2003Ontario Flag

The Ontario Court of Appeals recently ruled that the definition of traditional marriage is "unconstitutional."  In doing so, they ruled against the laws of God and nature, not to mention common sense, as well as propagation and continuation of the species.

With the Ontario (Canada) Court of Appeals having ruled the definition of marriage unconstitutional, one has to wonder what on earth was put in their corn flakes, for it was definitely a flaky ruling. This is the kind of decision one expects out in California. Then again, in the socialist nation of Canada, all bets are off. With British Columbia on the left coast and Quebec, France's satellite nation on the North American continent, having already set the pace, Ontario's move really comes as no surprise. To make matters worse, the man regarded by many as Canada's village idiot - Prime Minister Jean Chretien - is seeking to legalize same-sex marriage all in the name of pandering to an electorate rather than exercise true leadership.

Do not get me wrong here: by no means do I advocate nor do I condone violence or harassment of those who describe themselves as homosexual or lesbian. On the other hand, I do not believe people are born that way, but rather it's an acquired behavior or lifestyle in much the same way as one who voluntarily takes up the habit of smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. However, this move by Canada is but one step along the slippery slope towards a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah as prophesied in Scripture.

Those who read my columns know that I, like many in and out of America, am a man of faith; I am also one who was taught by his father that unless you speak out against that which is wrong and morally reprehensible, then you are by your silence supporting it. As such, in my view and in that of millions of others, same-sex marriage is about as wrong and morally repugnant as it gets. It is a blatant and open repudiation of the traditional family - the bedrock and foundation on which societies throughout the ages have been founded, and without which society will disintegrate and eventually implode.

One has to wonder - not so much about these jurists who made this wacky ruling, but rather about the populace who is letting this happen without a comparative peep. It seems in the ten years of observing the large number of Canadian people I've seen, they were more than accurately personified by Jim Carrey's character Fletcher Reede in the movie "Liar Liar."  All too often, the Canadian people have taken it up the proverbial tailpipe from both their elected as well as their appointed officials, yet there has been no organized cry going up against this latest outrage. Which sadly comes as no real surprise. You can bet in the United States, there would be a HUGE stink over this issue.

Why is this? Because the Left (Liberal Party) has a supermajority in Parliament with no change in the foreseeable future. The Progressive Conservative Party (Tories) at the federal level is as ethically and morally bankrupt as the Liberals, and the Canadian Alliance (the other Conservative Party) has no real reach outside the Western and Prairie Provinces.

Yet the federal Tories refuse to talk to the Alliance -- the Official Opposition in the House of Commons -- and work towards uniting the right, all because of gigantic egos on the part of the Tories and the usual "mine's bigger than yours" mentality.  And we all know where that mentality leads. As long as these two feuding children refuse to shake hands and make up, the Liberals will have virtually unchecked power forever more.

It was this unchecked power that allowed the Liberals to stack the courts with many sympathetic judges that allowed this court to unleash an artillery barrage on the traditional family by obliterating the definition of marriage. Most people will never recognize homosexual couples as such - they just won't, regardless of what the law says. It goes against the laws of God and nature, not to mention common sense, as well as propagation and continuation of the species.

The homosexual lobby will argue that people are born that way, to which I counter with two points: (1) If that were so, we'd have rendered ourselves extinct long ago; and (2) have you ever seen two male animals in the zoo going wildly passionate with each other when a female was around?

No? I didn't think so. Case closed.

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