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Treason and Common Sense
by Bruce Walker
03 July 2003 Anne Coulter's Treason

Ann Coulter's Treason is as indispensable a reference to understanding the mad modern world as is Orwell’s 1984 or Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.

Ann Coulter’s latest book, Treason, uses logic, facts, guts and wit to unmask that mix of lies, arrogance and sloth which is the soul of modern Leftism. Treason is as indispensable a reference to understanding the mad modern world as is Orwell’s 1984 or Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.

Particularly delightful is her exposure ignorance of those Leftist marquises and archbishops who have lectured to us for fifty years without ever having listened to us. It may be exaggeration to say that Leftists never use truth or reason to advance their agenda, but it is only exaggeration. The knowledge gap between Leftist religious dogma and fact is breathtaking.

Precisely as Ann Coulter noted in her book, I have visited with educated Leftists who absurdly assume that Senator McCarthy served on the House Un-American Activities Committee. The ignorance of Leftists about this presumed bogeyman is breathtaking.

Leftists know nothing about the life of Joe McCarthy. They do not know or care about his strong support for civil rights when that cause was not popular or his genuine nobility and heroism in the Second World War. He is a cartoon figure, denied the same understanding which Leftists demand we give to baby-rapers or terrorists.

What do Leftists know about Joe McCarthy? They know just as much as the subjects of Oceania knew about Emanuel Goldstein in Orwell’s classic 1984. They know that they hate him and that hating him is expected of them.

My small contribution to the rehabilitation of Joe McCarthy may be found in January 6, 2002 article in Conservative Truth entitled "Belated Obituary for an Imperfect Patriot" (I happily concede that Ann Coulter does a much better job of telling the truth about Senator McCarthy in Treason than I did eighteen months ago).

If Leftists know nothing about Senator McCarthy, they also know nothing about the history of Communism and anti-Communism. Why, I wonder, has no one made a major motion picture about the most odious political agreement in human history, the 1939 agreements between Hitler and Stalin?

Why are there no films about the two greatest holocausts in human history - the Soviet holocaust and the Maoist holocaust? Why have there been no films exposing the routine blacklisting of conservatives in academia, in media or in entertainment during the last half of a century? Why nothing about the treatment of conservatives on campuses today?

Leftists may be simply ignorant, but this is the willful ignorance of Germans living near Dachau or French nobles in pre-Revolutionary Paris. Combined with such willful ignorance is dumbfounding irrationality. The betrayal of Americans to the Soviet empire is a perfect example of this illogic.

The Bolsheviks, after their counter-revolution against the democratic revolution of the Russian people and then established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, quickly decided that the United States was the "main enemy," and this continued until the collapse of the Evil Empire in 1991.

Why? America was neutral and militarily weak during the 1920s and 1930s. It posed no threat to Russia, as did Germany, which formed an de facto military understanding with the Soviets before Hitler came to power.

America posed two mortal problems for Communism. America showed that tolerance and prosperity were the natural consequences of liberty. America debunked the hokum of Marx. The antidote to poverty and class hatred is America, and the Kremlin knew it.

Even worse, America showed that fidelity to a living God made men decent, happy and charitable. Unlike the stale and bigoted religions of Europe, America had a robust and vibrant faith which supported many different streams of moral theism and many different branches of Christian faith as well.

Communism, in whatever disguises it may wear, cannot tolerate a society that places the Blessed Creator of the Universe at its center and which provides abundance, opportunity and freedom to all. The Soviet Union, long the center of Communism, had to destroy America or it would inevitably collapse before the profound goodness of America.

How could Moscow defeat America? Military conquest was unthinkable, at least until the advent of fission and fusion weapons and the intercontinental delivery systems. Even then, nuclear weapons created a military gridlock.

Subversion made much more sense. Why would Moscow not launch a well funded, organized, sustained effort to undermine America from within? Why would anyone doubt that Communists, who pointedly rejected ethics, honor and fidelity as bourgeois delusions, would infiltrate American society? The betrayal of America is not simply history. It is the only history that makes any sense.

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